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AAW Career Rundown: Josh Alexander

Hello hello, it’s been a while since my “Weekly” update.  With my job, chaotic weather, and real-life it’s been tough to do these weekly.  So, this week I’m going to do two.  This one will be about the Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander.  A real kind, down-to-earth guy outside the ring, I had a chance to chat with him briefly at United We Stand, and what a nice guy he was.  Hard to believe considering he’s the total opposite of his ring persona.  The Walking Weapon version of Josh Alexander is not one to mess with.  The, as of 8/10/2021, current X Division Champion, who even put someone in a friggin ankle lock WHILE SUSPENDED from the X Division cables, lives up to his name.  As always, while Josh is in multiple promotions including Impact and NJPW, we’re going to mostly focus on his AAW career.


Let’s start with some interesting things about Alexander.  He’s been called the Canadian Kurt Angle, and he lives up to his name, making many people tap out to his own Ankle Lock.  The first time I ever saw him in a ring was at AAW Crush and Destroy, where he steamrolled over Matt Fitchett, ultimately picking up the W, no question asked there.  I’ve been looking to try to find information on his wins and losses in AAW, however, small promotions don’t have the same upkeep as larger sadly, and understandably.  So let’s go with what I know about him.  

Josh outside the most famous Canadian Wrestling home, the Hart home. Taken from his Twitter page, https://twitter.com/Walking_Weapon/

I was first introduced to him as I said at AAW Crush and Destroy, and I had no idea the man was the X Division Champion, as I had lost all interest in wrestling, especially Impact with the fake crowd noises piped in.  That really bugged me, I understand why it was done, but not really my thing.  The WWE Thunderdome, similarly, was a total farce and joke.  So to hear the man that became my favorite singles wrestler was the X Division champion surprised me.  Plus the fact he took time out of his schedule to reply to a DM of mine floored me.  

Before my dummy self realized just who he actually was.

What got me interested in Josh was the way the man could move in the ring and handle himself.  Not only could he move with the speed of a cruiserweight, but he could also hit hard like a heavyweight.  He also is a master of submission holds, and if you’ve ever seen a submission match, they can get dull at times.  I was irritated when the crowd at Crush and Destroy was chanting “Boring” during his match, but the man did they pick up the speed after some ground wrestling with huge hits, heavyweight style wrestling, mixed with cruiserweight leaps and jumps, Josh did not disappoint at all. One funny moment was when someone in the crowd yelled “YOU’RE NOT KURT ANGLE!” and Josh slapped an ankle lock on, and a big grin, which got a lot of laughs.  

Why would you piss this man off?

So once I found out who he was, I wanted to know more about this Walking Weapon guy.  I saw at United we Stand he was facing off against Jake “WHATS MY NAME?” Something.  Yeah, immediate ticket, front row, I was not going to miss this.  Jake and Josh put on a HELL of a match.  To quote Good Ol JR, “These two men took each other to the woodshed and back!”.  At one point Josh clearly hit Jake a bit too hard, busting his nose.  Jake gave him a hard, hard receipt in the form of a hell of a clothesline.  The guy next to me even said “Jesus Christ, think Jake was giving him a receipt!”

No credit on this, I assume cameraguygimmik took this awesome shot of Josh busting Jake in the nose

So to wrap things up here, The Walking Weapon is a very versatile wrestler, being able to adapt on the fly from “slobberknocker” style, to moving like a cruiserweight, and even a mat wrestler.  So let’s look at the pros and cons of Josh Alexander, and a couple of statistics I’ve found.

In his career, Josh Alexander has wrestled since 2006, 805 matches total, with the most being in 2019 with a whopping 109 matches.  He’s won 429 of his matches, 23 draws.  I won’t include losses because really, who cares about losses.  Who cares about wins really too but I thought it would be a fun stat to throw in.


Ability to switch between styles quick and seamless

Headgear and a mouthpiece, something needed when going against a big man like Jake




When wrestling against a larger opponent, I’ve seen him be reckless at times, trying to match move for move. This could affect him injury wise down the road.

Previous neck injury (2013 and a repeat in 2015).  Now, this is minor, I realize.  But I needed something else to fill this out!

So there you have it.  A rundown of The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander!  Next, we’ll look at the team of SGC!

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