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AEW: All Out 2021 Results | September 5th 2021 | Changing The Game

Welcome, to one of the most anticipated wrestling shows in modern times! Live from the NOW Arena in Chicago, IL, it’s AEW All Out 2021! Featuring all of the AEW’s Championships on the line, and the in-ring debut of CM Punk… and some other debuts, but we’ll get to that!

10-Man Tag Team Match
Matt Hardy, TH2 and Private Party vs Jurassic Express and The Best Friends

  • Hardy demands Cassidy
  • Luchasaurus throws Jack Evans around then tags Jungle boy.
  • Very entertaining multi man submission until Luchasaurus bowls them over.
  • Luchasaurus starts cleaning house doing an impressive choke-flip-knee strike.
  • Orange does his brutal kicks on Hardy and Private party.
  • Yuta gets a frog splash on Angelico but Evans breaks it up.
  • Private party hit Gin and Juice but OC breaks it up.
  • OC catches fire until hardy hits a Twist of fate.
  • Jungle boy on Luchasaurus shoulders knocks down Evans on Angelico’s shoulders
  • Blade interferes but gets taken out by Marko.
  • Jungle boy eventually wins by submitting Angelico with the Snare trap.

WINNER: Jurassic Express and Best Friends.

Overall a very good pre-show match, with a very hot crowd.

The HFO beat down OC afterwards, The Butcher returns after being gone a while, Matt was about to cut OC’s hair until Jurassic Express, Dark Order’s 10 and John Silver and the Varsity Blonde ran in for the save. Giant group hug afterwards.

Dan Lambert appears and cutes a fiery promo introducing two former UFC champs and BMF Champion Jorge Masvidal, then passes onto Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Ethan is tremendous as a promo, as they warn the roster.

The start of the show is now as we are joined by Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone. It’s a hot crowd in Chicago, as it always is, as we get on the way!

TNT Championship Match
Miro (c) vs Eddie Kingston

  • Fans chant Redeem deez nutz
  • Miro goes for the Camel clutch early but Eddie escapes and Miro rolls out.
  • Eddie starts delivering some hard chops onto Miro, followed by an exploder suplex allowing Miro to roll outside.
  • Miro starts beating Kingston on the outside, but Kingston comes back and delivers a kick.
  • Miro counters a crossbody into a powerslam onto the outside.
  • Miro works over Eddies back, then roll him back in to pin him for a one count.
  • Eddie flips him off, Miro doesn’t like that.
  • Eddie tries to fire up, but Miro cuts him off again.
  • Eddie gets some chops on Miro, but Miro is able to hit a dropkick followed by a corner charge.
  • Eddie finally able to knock Miro down with an Enziguiri.
  • Eddie hits a Saito Suplex to knock Miro down again.
  • Miro and Eddie do a strike exchange before Eddie does two more Saito suplexes for a two count.
  • Eddie attempts a spinning back fist, but Miro goes outside, so Eddie does a dive outside, then hits a Fisherman suplex for another two count.
  • Eddie charges Miro in the corner, but Miro dodges hitting a German suplex, then Machka kick followed by a Game over, but Eddie reaches the ropes with the fans going insane.
  • Eddie hits a spinning back fist followed by a DDT for a Very close near fall, these fans are furious.
  • Eddie tries to throw Miro into the exposed turn buckle, but the ref stops him, Miro hits a low blow that the ref couldn’t see followed by two Machka kicks for the Pin.

WINNER and STILL TNT Champion: Miro

I really enjoyed this match, it was an excellent opener, with the hanging onto Eddies every comeback.

Satoshi Kojima vs Jon Moxley

  • Fans chant GCW, as Mox comes out with the hoodie on. He’s now the GCW World Champion too…
  • Start a strike exchange that the fans love before Satoshi hits a shoulder block.
  • Moxley rolls out but Satoshi dives outside, then Moxley dives outside.
  • Moxley starts working the hand then doing some chops in the corner.
  • Kojima reverses then delivers some Machine gun chops. Then knocks Moxley down to deliver an elbow drop.
  • Moxley tries a brain buster but Kojima counters putting him on the top rope.
  • They both bite each other but Satoshi hits a super-plex.
  • Satoshi then hits a DDT on Moxley onto the apron, then a DDT in the ring for the two-count.
  • Moxley gets a sleeper then a release suplex, followed by a pin and arm bar. But Kojima reaches the ropes.
  • Moxley attempts Paradigm Shift, but Kojima counters into a brain buster for the two, so tries a Lariat but Moxley dodges and gets hit with a German.
  • Both wrestlers try a lariat, but Kojima gets the better. Eventually hitting a Koji-cutter.
  • Moxley gets hit with a rolling Elbow, but Moxley bounces off the ropes with a Lariat followed by a Bulldog choke.
  • Kojima tries to fire up one more time, but Moxley hits two more Paradigm shifts for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley.

EXCELLENT MATCH. But that matters not Because… MINORU SUZUKI’s music hits, my heart is racing, he comes out looking very menacing, Jon and Suzuki stare each other down. And begin striking each other, but both are laughing at each other eventually Suzuki chokes out Suzuki and hits a Gotch Style Piledriver.

All Out 2021 | AEW Women’s Championship
Kris Statlander vs Dr Britt Baker D.M.D (C)

  • Britt comes out with Reba and Jamie Hayter, Statlander is joined by Orange Cassidy
  • Britt is completely miscast as a heel, fans only want to cheer her.
  • Start with some classic graps followed by a dirty break.
  • Kris tries to boop Britt, britt doesn’t like that.
  • Britt eventually hits a fisherman’s neck breaker from the top rope.
  • Britt continues getting the heat, hitting a suplex in the ring followed by a rest hold.
  • Kris fires up, delivering strikes in the corner followed by a kick.
  • Britt hits a sling blade but botches a curb stomp.
  • Numerous cradle attempts, but Britt gets the upper hand with a DDT.
  • Britt gets her glove, but Kris kicks her, eventually after some more back and forth, Kris hits a superplex.
  • Kris misses an Area 451, Britt attempts a lockjaw, but can’t apply it.
  • Kris eventually hits a big reverse Alabama slam.
  • Britt curb stomps Kris outside, OC starts shouting a Statlander to get up before the ref counts her out.
  • Statlander gets a spider crab, but Britt escapes.
  • Baker eventually hits a Pittsburgh sunrise for a two, then a curb stomp for the near fall, then finally applies the Lockjaw, Statlander doesn’t reply to the ref, so Britt wins.

WINNER and still AEW Women’s Champion: Britt Baker

This match was very good, I really enjoyed, this, they were fighting an uphill battle. The fans really got into it and another great showing from AEW’s Women Division.

All Out 2021 Steel Cage Match | AEW Tag Team Championships
Lucha Brothers vs The Young Bucks (C)

  • Lucha bros get a special entrance, giving this an immediate big match feel, they were very good.
  • Young Bucks come out to boos.
  • Immediate brawl starts.
  • Lucha bros start hot, Stereo kicks in the corner.
  • Fenix hits a springboard hurricarana onto Nick on the top rope
  • Penta hits a perineum punisher.
  • Eventually The Young Bucks get the heat.
  • Matt powerbombs Fenix into the cage. While Nick Kicks Penta on the apron.
  • Fans chant “Young Bucks Suck”
  • Fenix counters a powerbomb with a hurricarana into the cage on matt.
  • Fenix is insanely great.
  • Both teams start hitting cutters with Fenix getting the final Double cutter.
  • Followed by a pin attempt.
  • Nick gets a German on Fenix on the Apron. While matt applies a sharpshooter.
  • Assisted Senton atomico for the two.
  • Young bucks do the Meltzer driver for another near fall.
  • Bucks miss a BTE Trigger, but Matt hits a low blow on both members.
  • Bucks hit more bang for your buck, but the pin gets stopped by Penta.
  • Bucks eventually start ripping at the mask. Then launch Fenix into the cage.
  • Cutler throws a tacked shoe into the cage, Matt kicks Penta and Fenix with the boot.
  • Eventually hit Penta with the BTE Trigger for the near fall that the fans go nuts for.
  • Fenix eventually fires up, then hits both bucks with the loaded shoe.
  • Stereo piledriver, then Penta hits a top rope Canadian destroyer on Matt, these fans are going insane.
  • Strike exchange leads to all four guys going down.
  • Fenix goes up top for a diving crossbody, followed by an elevated Piledriver to get the LUCHA BROTHERS THE WIN.

WINNER and NEEEEEW AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Brothers

This match was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, I don’t see much being able to follow this match, easily a candidate for Match of the year.

All Out 2021 | Casino Battle Royal – Women’s #1 Contendership Match

  • Clubs: Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue, Emi Sakura, The Bunny and Abadon
  • Abadon Eliminates Skye blue and Bunny Eliminates Abadon.
  • Standard battle royal stuff.
  • Diamonds: Anna Jay, Kiera Hogan, Kilynn King, Diamante and Nyla Rose.
  • Shida eliminates Emi Sakura. Nyla Rose Eliminates Kiera Hogan, Kilynn King and Hikaru Shida.
  • Hearts: Thunder Rosa, Penelope Ford, Riho, Jamie Hayter and Big Swole.
  • Jamie Hayter eliminates Riho.
  • Big Swole eliminates Diamante only to get eliminated by Hayter.
  • Spades: Tay Conti, Red Velvet, Leyla Hirsch, Jade Cargill and Reba.
  • Red Velvet eliminates Reba.
  • Anna Jay eliminates Bunny, then gets eliminated by Penelope Ford.
  • Jade Cargill eliminates Leyla Hirsch.
  • Fans are chanting for Ruby Soho.
  • Joker: RUBY, RUBY, RUBY, RUBY SOHO and the fans POP BIG.
  • Jade Cargill eliminates Jamie Hayter and Red Velvet, then gets eliminated by Nyla.
  • Tay eliminates Penelope Ford, who then gets eliminated by Nyla.
  • Both Roby and Thunder Rosa double team Nyla, but she dominates them both.
  • Hitting a Samoan drop on Rosa.
  • Thunder Rosa eliminates Nyla Rose.
  • Fans are going insane for Both rosa and Soho.
  • Chop off between the two.
  • Rosa gets the upper hand, tries a fire thunder driver but Ruby escapes and throws Rosa over the top. Rosa drags Soho over the edge.
  • After some time over balancing at the edge, Ruby last eliminates Thunder Rosa and earns a future AEW Women’s Championship match!

WINNER: Ruby Soho.

The Battle Royal was a Battle Royal, it was fine and fans went insane for Ruby appearing then winning. They still haven’t figured out the Battle Royal idea, but there is something here when it works.

MJF vs Chris Jericho
If Jericho loses, he will never wrestle in AEW Again.

  • They do the Jericho countdown from WWE, only for it to be MJF Trolling the fans.
  • Jericho comes out with Billy Gray from Fozzy to play the guitar for Chris, except its keeps peaking the mic’s in the area.
  • MJF Getting huge heat, tearing fans signs apart.
  • Brief back and forth, both reach a stalemate.
  • Both go outside where they brawl into the crowd.
  • MJF wearing Flair like WM Red retirement gear.
  • Eventually MJF gets the heat on Jericho, working on the injured arm of Jericho.
  • MJF Hits a suplex for the two count.
  • MJF tries a second suplex but Jericho reverses into a suplex of his own.
  • Jericho fires up with chops, shoulder block and bulldog. Then a back breaker for a two count.
  • Eventually MJF gets the upper hand again, does a Fargo/flair strut to Monstrous boos from the crowd.
  • MJF wants a countout win, but Jericho gets in at 9, MJF immediately kicks him out then tries a springboard but misses, Jericho then hits a Powerbomb on the apron.
  • Strike exchange in the ring.
  • MJF counters a top rope move into a Code-Breaker for the two count.
  • Jericho finally fires up, hitting a lionsault for the nearfall, then puts MJF up top, tries a top rope Franken-Steiner but MJF Counters into a powerbomb, MJF sells his back.
  • MJF gets desperate, biting Jericho. But Jericho counters hitting a middle rope Codebreaker.
  • Wardlow walks out, but Jake Hager foils him.
  • MJF hits Jericho with the baseball Bat. Then a Judas Effect for the “Three, but Jericho had his foot on the ropes.
  • MJF celebrates, but a ref informs Aubrey Edwards of the Rope-break, So the match is restarted.
  • Jericho rolls up for, MJF dodges a Judas effect, and gets a Salt of the Earth armbar, Jericho escapes, and gets the Walls of Jericho for the Submission victory.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

I loved this match, MJF is a fantastic heel. The fans were HOT. Jericho wins and the Fans were super Happy.

All Out 2021
CM Punk vs Darby Allin

  • Darby comes out to big cheers, as promised, Sting goes to the back
  • Punk comes out to a huge reaction, everyone singing Cult of Personality.
  • Punk is out in long tights.
  • Collar and Elbow tie-up, which Darby rolls out of outwrestling him.
  • Punk gets a shoulder block
  • Darby holds Punk in an Ironclad hammerlock, but is finally able to get out.
  • Bit of back and forth, before Punk gets Darby in the GTS position, Darby quickly flees outside the ring.
  • Darby speeds up, to coffin splashes, but Darby gets whipped into the ring post from in the ring.
  • Punk working Darby’s back. eventually getting an abdominal stretch.
  • Darby trying to fire up, but punk cuts him off with a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker followed by another Abdominal stretch.
  • Darby finally hits a stunner.
  • Darby fires up, with a Coffin splash from the middle rope, followed later with a code red.
  • Darby climbs up top, but punk cuts Darby off, attempting a top rope back suplex, but Darby counters into a crossbody, for the two count.
  • Punk hits a GTS but Darby flies outside the ring
  • Darby gets in at 9.
  • Punk starts brutalising, hitting a big clothesline.
  • Goes for a GTS but Darby elbows Punk repeatedly, punk goes outside and Darby flies like a cruise missile. Then Darby goes up top for a senton to the outside.
  • Darby attempts a coffin drop after bringing punk inside, but Punk sits up dodging the drop.
  • Punk escapes a roll-up, tries a GTS but Darby applies the Last supper for the nearfall.
  • Punk finally pins Darby following another GTS.


Very good match, this crowd was into every moment of this match, duelling chants for both of these guys, Darby in defeat is arguably moreover in defeat. Sting comes out to shake hands with Punk, Darby gets up and then shakes hands with Punk.

Paul Wight vs QT Marshall

  • Match starts with Big show dominating early, two big chops.
  • More chops.
  • QT gets the brief upper hand, kicking the hip.
  • Eventually though Paul wins with chokeslam after taking out QT’s minions.

WINNER: Paul Wight

The match was short and sweet, thank goodness, it was what it needed to be, fans barely cared though.

Announcers run down the card for the Cincinnati Dynamite, whilst Moxley cuts a promo on Suzuki and Malakai Black cuts a promo on Dustin Rhodes too.

All Out 2021 Main Event
AEW World Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Omega (C) vs Christian Cage

  • Christian comes out with the Impact world title
  • Kenny tries ambushing, but Christian counters into a Kill switch, but Kenny escapes.
  • Match goes outside, Christian throws Kenny into the barricade then hits a top rope move afterwards.
  • Callis distracts Christian allowing Kenny to throw Christian Cage into the steps, then jumps on the table that’s on top on Christian.
  • Christian counters a suplex with his own.
  • Numerous chops by Christian.
  • Eventually Kenny gets the upper hand
  • Throws Kenny from the top turnbuckle to the outside.
  • Kenny botches a moonsault from the barricade but does recover to hit another one successfully.
  • Hammer-throw sternum first into the turnbuckle on Christian
  • Bushi-Garoshi for the two count on Christian
  • Christian hits a top rope franken Steiner
  • Strike exchange between the two, eventually leading to punches in the corner, Kenny tries an OWA but Christian escapes.
  • Christian hits a reverse DDT for the 2 count, then tries a spear that’s countered with a V-Trigger.
  • Kenny hits a V-trigger, followed by three Snapdragons then another V-Trigger.
  • Kenny attempts a German suplex on Christian outside the ring to the table. But Christian escapes and he hits Kenny with a spear through the table.
  • Both get in before the two-count
  • Christian hits two spears on Kenny in the ring for the Two.
  • Christians frog splash is countered with the knees up.
  • Kenny hits two V-triggers but Christians blocks the third, but finally hits one, followed by the rip cord knee.
  • Christian locks in the cloverleaf, but Callis calls in the good brothers to interfere, Christian dispatches them. Then hits Kenny with the Kill switch for the Nearfall.
  • Kenny escapes a top-rope Kill switch and hits the top-rope One winged Angel for the pin.

WINNER and Still AEW World Champion: Kenny Omega

Fantastic match, though I’m getting sick of the countless interference finishes.

HOLY HELL ADAM COLE DEBUTS, The crowd is overjoyed.

Adam Cole immediately kicks Jungle Boy, aligning with The Elite

Adam Cole cuts a promo, stating The Elite is the most dominant faction in AEW. No one can stop them.

BRYAN DANIELSON DEBUTS to a remix of Flight of the Valkyries, HOLY SHIT this crowd loses its mind again.

Bryan and the faces Rally, kicking the Heels out of the Ring, Bryan is as over as ever.

Verdict: All Out 2021 will go down in history as the greatest AEW Show in history, with the match of the year as well, with tons of incredible surprises and returns, A HOT crowd through 90% of the show and the greatest comeback ever.

I recommend everyone buy this show, it’s absolutely worth your money to see this show.

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