AEW: Blood and Guts Results | May 5th 2021 | The Pinnacle Of The Inner Circle

Which faction will reign supreme tonight at Blood and Guts? We will also see Cody versus QT Marshall and find out the next opponents for The Young Bucks.

After our intro video we were given a rundown of what matches we could see tonight. Then we got right into entrances for our first match! Don Callis and Michael Nakazawa were the first to enter the ring. WELCOME TO BLOOD AND GUTS.

Once Callis got into the ring he gave Nakazawa a “proper” introduction. He gave a list of legends in Japanese wrestling, including Okada and Ibushi. Then Callis said Kenny Omega was unable to attend the event tonight, which Nakazawa seemed to have no idea about, and said Nakazawa would wrestle the match alone.

Then Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston made their way through the crowd to the ring. Shockingly, Kenny Omega came up from behind Mox and Kingston to hit them with the championship! (Not shocked though at all.)

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley defeated Michael Nakazawa and Kenny Omega via Pinfall

Although Omega tried to give his team the advantage with the attack before the bell, Mox and Kingston really took control once the match began. At one point though when the referee’s back was turned, Nakazawa low blowed Kingston to give his team the advantage. Omega was able to take control of the match for a good bit, but Kingston found a way to make a comeback and tag in Mox. With Nakazawa and Mox the legal men, Nakazawa tried to bring the fight right to Mox, but that didn’t work. Although Kingston gave Omega a way to get in the ring and help his friend, Omega decided to leave the match instead.

After the match though The Young Bucks decided to make their way to the ring. While The Bucks, Kingston, and Mox stared each other down, The Good Brothers attacked from behind. Kingston and Mox tried to fight back but the numbers game was too much. As the beat down continued, Omega decided to rejoin the fun. He delivered a One Winged Angel to Kingston.

Commentary then told us that at Double or Nothing, Shida would defend the Women’s Championship against Britt Baker. Then they told us Cody Rhodes would face QT Marshall when we returned from break.

Cody Rhodes defeated QT Marshall via Submission (Figure Four)

Marshall should take note, do not slap Arn Anderson in the face. While Double A was ejected from ringside for his retaliation, Marshall’s slap deserved a response. During a picture in picture break, Marshall was able to gain control of the match but when we returned both men went for cross bodies! Rhodes tried to put the match away with a DDT and moonsault, but Marshall was able to kick out.

The match was pretty good and Marshall gave Rhodes a run for his money. In the end though, once Rhodes locked in the Figure Four Marshall had no choice but to tap out. (Yes Rhodes was busted open pretty good around his eye somehow in the end.)

After the match though Rhodes was attacked by Anthony Ogogo. A punch to the gut by Ogogo and down went Rhodes. Then Ogogo draped the Union Jack flag over Rhodes.

We then took a look back at what happened to Darby Allin last week. Then Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page were interviewed. Sky said that Sting was nothing more than a mosquito. What do you do to a mosquito? You kill it. Sky said Sting has overstayed his welcome and he is the franchise now.

Page then brought up his long history with Allin, matches that apparently no one saw (you should go look them up, they are good). Then he listed off some of Allin’s medical history and the scars and dents that were caused by him. Before Page could continue, Allin jumped him!

Coffin Drop off apart of the upper concourse, but Sky threw a trash can at Allin. Things did not turn out well for Allin. Page threw him down a flight of stairs!

As medics got to Allin, we took a commercial break.

Britt Baker defeated Julia Hart via Submission (Lockjaw)

As Rebel cheered her on at ringside, Dr. Britt Baker hit a sling blade pretty quick. After the sling blade she went to Rebel and got her glove. Hart fought back though with a kick, but it wasn’t near enough.

SCU defeated Varsity Blonds, The Acclaimed, and Jurassic Express via Pinfall to become the Number One Contender to the AEW Tag Team Championships

That Best Moonsault Ever though! While Luchasaurus seemed to been in control of the match for his team, once he got sent to the outside things seemed to not go Jurassic Express’ way. Daniels and Kazarian took advantage of Jungle Boy and got themselves into the match. SCU will face The Young Bucks next week.

After the match we took a look at Jon Moxley versus Yuji Nagata. Nagata said he accepted the challenge and was looking forward to being state side. Moxley said he was looking forward to the challenge, but that Nagata will learn his mouth can get him in trouble. Mox said he will kick a hole through his chest and then squeeze his neck and take the oxygen from Nagata. Once the bell rings, Mox has no respect for anyone.

Tony Schiavone then said he was going to announce a match with Double or Nothing implications. Then he introduced Kenny Omega. Omega, with the help of Nakazawa, brought out all his championship titles (four of them).

Omega hyped the crowd for Blood and Guts, he asked multiple times if they were ready for the main event. He didn’t seem that thrilled for it. Omega has been a busy man collecting gold and now wants to know Schiavone’s announcement.

Schiavone said the two top contenders will go one on one next week in an eliminator match. Those two contenders are PAC and Orange Cassidy! The winner of the match will face Omega at Double or Nothing for the AEW Championship. Omega grabbed the mic and said that wins and losses matter in AEW and the number one ranked wrestler, PAC, has beat him before. Everyone wants to see the rematch, so Schiavone should just announce that.

Omega seemed to not want to acknowledge the possibility of Orange Cassidy. The Freshly Squeezed one walked out, but Omega still didn’t seem to want to care about him. In fact he laughed at the possibility of Orange winning next week.

Omega said he sees many people dressed up as Orange Cassidy all the time, he is a feel good wrestler. People can be like Orange, people can not be like Omega. The only championship material about Orange, which he “clearly” ripped off of Omega, is his sunglasses. Apparently Omega made the shades famous. He then took off Orange’s sunglasses.

Omega told him he would never take the title from him, but he has taken his valuable time. He said he was going to take the sunglasses from Orange and put them on Nakazawa. Don’t count on a match between Omega and Orange. He’ll see him whenever and maybe they can talk about whatever.

Pinnacle defeated The Inner Circle via Surrender

Blood and Guts! The match certainly had blood and the teams showed a lot of guts. Sammy Guevara and Dax Hardwood began the match. Sammy was holding his own for a good while, the two even had a moment where they were both on the top rope hanging onto the cage, but Guevara came out on top.

From there the match got more intense. Shawn Spears introduced a chair. Then a bat and fork were introduced by The Inner Circle! In the end though, MJF and Chris Jericho brought the fight on top of the cage. Walls of Jericho, low blow, armmbar…I mean you name it! While fighting was still going on in the ring, MJF threatened to throw Jericho off the cage! The Inner Circle took noticed and decided to surrender to save Jericho.

In the end, MJF didn’t care. He won the match and still tossed Jericho off the side of the cage! We ended the show with medics checking on Jericho while MJF celebrated on top of the cage. Blood and Guts!

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