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AEW: Chris Jericho compares Inner Circle to Fozzy

Le Champion Chris Jericho opened up to Brandi Rhodes about the Inner Circle’s chemistry during an appearance on her YouTube show A Shot Of Brandi.

He said: “The reason why Fozzy works, and why we’ve done so well is because we have chemistry as friends, as professionals…and we accentuate the strengths and get rid of the weaknesses.

“The very first night, when Jake (Hager) surprised everyone in Washington DC (on the debut episode of Dynamite) I was just looking at the picture of the five of us and I was like ‘this looks cool’. Everyone has their own gimmick, but it just looks right.

“Then we started getting to know each other as friends, and learning about each other’s strengths and weaknesses in the ring. There was no turning back – we’ve gone from co-workers, to friends, to lifelong brothers. We have this connection now that nobody could ever break.”

To watch the full episode, click here.

Adam Cailler
Head of PR and Talent Relations for The Wrestling Movement.

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