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AEW: Cody Rhodes Media Call Highlights – McAfee to AEW? Paul Wight? Maki Itoh?

During today’s AEW media call, Cody Rhodes was asked about Pat McAfee stating on Twitter that Shaquille O’Neal’s AEW Dynamite match will not top past celebrity performances.

“I didn’t see the comment from Pat, but that’s super bizarre because I’m pretty sure Pat has been trying to get a job with AEW like every other day, but that’s a different conversation.”

Pat McAfee was quick to respond;

Pat has been used on NXT sparingly in the past 2 months, with only a video appearance following up on his excellent performance at NXT War Games.

Other highlights from the call include;

  • NXT possibly moving to Tuesday nights. Cody says he anticipated this question, and says he doesn’t wanna make a sassy “marathon, not a sprint” comment, but that AEW Dark is on Tuesdays and will be opposed now.
  • Sting in AEW. Cody believes Sting can still go, and his dynamic motion is still there. Believes Sting is there for the long haul.
  • Red Velvet get signed full-time. Cody Rhodes is hoping that’s the case, and that she’s stepped up. He says a tier 0 and a retainer contract is still a part of the family, but getting signed full-time and the “All Elite” graphic is carefully done.
  • Paul Wight. Cody says Wight is a big part of his career and thinks he’s motivated and has matches left in him. He’ll be good at keeping people grounded and has a lot more to give.
  • Cody Rhodes speaks highly of Maki Itoh and hopes to see more of her. He loves seeing people like Itoh who connect with the fans, and that’s why you see people like her pop up in AEW. 

You can read the rest of the AEW Media Call on Fightful

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