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AEW: Double or Nothing 2022 Results | May 29, 2022

Double or Nothing 2022: May 29, 2022, T-Mobile Arena; Paradise, Nevada

Wardlow vs. MJF (If Wardlow wins, he will be released from his MJF contract; if MJF wins, Wardlow will be permanently barred from signing by AEW )

MJF started by running away from Wardlow and then came to bite and put his fingers in his opponent’s eyes to get some kind of advantage, in front of a completely anti-MJF audience.
When Wardlow finally got his hands on MJF, he hit him with ten consecutive Powerbombs before laying down the victorious foot in a sort of squash match, based off the reports before this match, it was probably changed to a more dominant Wardlow win.

Winner : Wardlow
Rating : 3/10

The Hardys (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Combat between the Hardys and those who for several years have been nicknamed the mini-Hardys . Although the Hardys no longer have the pace and mobility they once had, the feud was of great quality, with alternating periods of dominance and rare periods of deadness.

After Jeff Hardy missed a Swanton Bomb , Nick Jackson hit him with a Twist of Fate and Matt Jackson a Swanton Bomb , but the Charismatic Enigma kicked out . Later, Matt Jackson was laid down by the Hardys on top of the steps and Jeff Hardy jumped onto him via a Swanton Bomb . Back in the ring, Matt Hardy performed a Twist of Fate on Nick Jackson and Jeff Hardy completed the offensive with the victorious Swanton Bomb.

Winners : The Hardys (Matt and Jeff Hardy) | Rating : 9/10

AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) (with Kiera Hogan & Red Velvet) vs. Anna Jay

Divided combat, with good rhythm, well executed blows and some interference. Jade Cargill ended up winning after a Jaded from the top rope.

Winner : Jade Cargill | Rating : 6/10

The House of Black ( Malakai Black , Buddy Matthews and Brody King) vs. Death Triangle (Pac, Penta Oscuro and Rey Fénix) (with Alex Abrahantes)

At a time when there is talk that AEW could have a trios title, this was an excellent appetizer, with two trios wreaking havoc in the ring and beyond. Both teams had situations in which victory was really close, but it ended up being House or Black to emerge victorious, after a Black Mass by Malakai Black in Pac, following interference from Julia Hart.

Winners : The House of Black ( Malakai Black , Buddy Matthews and Brody King)
Rating : 9/10

Men’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament Finals: Samoa Joe vs. Adam Cole

One of the matches I’ve been looking forward to seeing the most on this pay-per-view because Adam Cole has been one of the best performers of the last decade and because Samoa Joe , when he’s fit and motivated, is also capable of the best. It turned out to be a shorter match than I expected, with Cole getting the better of it after a boom, after two interferences from Bobby Fish.

Winner : Adam Cole | Rating : 6/10

Owen Hart Cup Women’s Tournament Finals: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Ruby Soho

Combat dominated mostly by Britt Baker for several minutes, with DMD neutralizing the opponent through submissions and some maneuvers located in certain parts of Ruby Soho’s body. Britt Baker was close to victory after a Curb Stomp , but was also close to defeat when Ruby Soho landed a Sharpshooter on her, and ended up surprising her opponent with a quick set.

Winner : Dr. Britt Baker, DMD | Rating : 5.5/10

American Top Team (Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky and Paige Vanzant) vs. Frankie Kazarian, Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti (if American Top Team wins, neither Kazarian nor Guevara will be able to fight for the TNT Championship as long as Sky is champion)

The fight was marked by the disagreement between Kazarian and the Conti Guevara couple, which almost made the ring a room. Fed up with so much honey, Kazarian even abandoned his teammates before dodging a Sammy Guevara Superkick that hit Tay Conti squarely. Who took advantage of the confusion was the opposing trio, who achieved victory after a TKO of Scorpio Sky in Kazarian.

Winners : Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky and Paige Vanzant | Rating : 6.5/10

Darby Allin vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly took Darby Allin to school and dominated him during the opening minutes through extremely technical wrestling, but also with some strikes such as a well-aimed knee that made Darby Allin bleed from his lip. Even so, one of the highlights of the match belonged to Darby Allin, a Coffin Drop applied to an O’Reilly lying on the edge of the ring. However, O’Reilly really got the better of him after a string of kicks and a Diving Knee Drop.

Winner : Kyle O’Reilly | Rating : 6.5/10

AEW Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rose (c) vs. Serena Deeb

A fight that started out very technical, with chain wrestling sequences and quick settling attempts on both sides, but then ended up losing some rhythm. Serena Deeb applied multiple submissions, but it was Thunder Rosa to achieve triumph after a Fire Thunder Driver.

Winner : Thunder Rose | Rating : 5/10

Double or Nothing 2022 | Anarchy in the Arena match:
The Jericho Appreciation Society Vs. Blackpool Combat Club

Chris Jericho, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager vs. Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz and Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley

Authentic pitched battle. There’s always one at AEW pay-per-views. In my opinion, it’s a waste to see Bryan Danielson in such a context. As you would expect, we didn’t have to wait long before we started to see blood running down the faces of some fighters.

At one point, when only Jericho, Hager, Danielson and Moxley were in the ring, Eddie Kingston appeared with a jerrycan of gasoline and dumped it on Jericho and Danielson, which infuriated Kingston’s teammate Danielson. Danielson and Kingston had a falling out and Jericho and Hager took the opportunity to take care of operations.

Bryan Danielson still did a good job, staying close to the winning settlement in Jericho after a Running Knee , but ended up suffering the defeat of his team, passing out with a Walls of Jericho and a hanging by Hager using the ropes of the ring.

Winners : The Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager) | Rating : 7/10

Double or Nothing 2022 | AEW World Tag Team Championship:
Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) (c) vs. Team Taz (Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs) vs. Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland

It is ironic that, with several of the best tag teams in the world on the roster, two duos that are not exactly tag teams full-time were fighting for the title . Chaotic contention, no timeouts, with each team featuring a more physically powerful fighter and a more agile one. And there was a moment between the three heavyweights , with Keith Lee and Powerhouse Hobbs giving Luchasaurus a Double Chokeslam before Lee executed a Summersault out of the ring.

Meanwhile the heaviest gave way to the lighter and Ricky Starks was three times on the verge of giving his team victory through settlements in Jungle Boy, but on each occasion something happened to stop the settlement.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland were also on the verge of triumph following a joint Powerbomb , but it was the Jurassic Express who prevailed after a double team .
Winners : Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus)
Rating : 9/10

Double or Nothing 2022
AEW World Championship: “Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. CM Punk

The audience red-hot, screaming for the two fighters. “Let’s go Hangman! CM Punk ! ”, could be heard. Very balanced, one-on-one combat, with each fighter attacking in turn. However, at one point Adam Page was mostly on top for a while, but CM Punk made a comeback after a Superplex .

Shortly after, CM Punk twice attempted the Buckshot Lariat, but both times botched, failing to land on the mat. Shortly after, Adam Page was within milliseconds of victory, after a Dead Eye. Who didn’t botch, was Adam Page in the execution of the GTS , but CM Punk kicked out in the last instant of the settlement that followed. Frustrated, Adam Page threw CM Punk onto a table and then attempted the Buckshot Lariat on his way back to the ring, but was intercepted by Punk’s GTS attempt. However, Page’s legs hit the referee, Page escaped the manoeuvre and threw a Lariat.

Even more frustrated, Adam Page came to take the belt to hit Punk, but regretted it and preferred to try to end the match with a Buckshot Lariat. However, Punk reversed and performed the GTS that earned him the AEW World Champion title.

Absolutely fantastic combat, with two very high-quality performers, both technically and in storytelling. For me, the best AEW pay-per-view match ever.

Winner : CM Punk (New Champion) | Rating : 10/10

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