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AEW: Dynamite | December 2nd 2020 – Winter Is Coming Special

AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming opens with all the men in the Diamond Battle Royal on the outside, with the final two men facing off for the Dynamite Diamond Ring next week.

MJF and Orange Cassidy win Diamond Dozen Battle Royal

As everyone else enters the ring, Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears eye each other on the outside. After the two men finally entered the ring, Scorpio Sky would eliminate Spears. Spears would then turn to Tully Blanchard to load his glove and knock Sky out, causing his elimination.

Throughout the match, Hangman Adam Page would receive support and protection from the Dark Order, celebrating with him after eliminating Serpentico, helping him eliminate Dr. Luther and catching him on the outside to prevent his elimination. Page would eventually be eliminated by Marq Quen and Matt Hardy.

Miro would dominate the match, attacking Orange Cassidy on the outside after he eliminated Kip Sabian, before eliminating Matt Hardy, Marq Quen and Joey Janela. The Best Man would eventually be thwarted by MJF, Wardlow and Sammy Guevara teaming to take him out, with the three hiding in the corner throughout the early stages of the match.

This leaves the three Inner Circle members and Jungle Boy in the ring. Guevara takes on Jungle Boy on the apron, with the two men climbing the ring post. MJF pushes Jungle Boy from the ring post to the outside which also eliminates Guevara.

MJF thinks he and Wardlow have won the match, but Orange Cassidy has still not been eliminated on the outside. Wardlow brings him into the ring, but a Superman Punch to Wardlow is enough for Cassidy to eliminate him, setting up a match between himself and MJF next week for the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

After the match, the Best Friends join Cassidy in the ring to celebrate, but Miro comes out to confront Trent after the match.

Chris Jericho defeats Frankie Kazarian by pinfall

In the early stages of the match, Frankie Kazarian dominates Chris Jericho with his superior speed, hitting a springboard drop kick to Jericho on the apron before Jake Hager and Ortiz try to get involved.

Kazarian manages to avoid Hager and Ortiz, but the distraction is enough to let Jericho back into the match, hitting the former tag team champion with a Code Breaker.

Jericho then went for a lionsault to Kazarian, but Kazarian got his knees up to block it before hitting him with another Springboard Leg Drop for a two. Kazrian then took Jericho to the top rope, hitting him with the Flux Capacitor for another two count.

Jericho responds as he attempts another Code Breaker, but Kazairan catches him and turns him into the Walls of Jericho. Ortiz threatens to hit Kazrian, but Hager stops him to prevent the disqualification.

MJF and Wardlow run out as Jericho is dragged away from the ropes by Kazrian, threatening to throw in the towel before Guevara runs out and grabs the towel from him arguing. Jericho eventually escapes, but sees Guevara holding the towel.

Kazarian gets two roll ups before he is hit with a Judas Effect from out of nowhere for Jericho to pick up the win.

After the match, Guevara, Hager, MJF and Wardlow are arguing and pushing each other in the ring, before Jericho breaks them up and gets on the microphone, announcing that there will be an ultimatum next week where the Inner Circle will either agree to get along or break up.

We then go backstage to the Young Bucks who announce that they will be facing The Hybrid 2 next week on Dynamite. They are then confronted by the Acclaimed who are holding their book, Max begins to insult their book before TH2 jump Matt and Nick. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian appear to run the two teams off.

Britt Baker defeats Leyla Hersch by submission

Leyla Hersch dominates Britt Baker early on, continually going for the arm breaker and outwrestling her on the mat. Baker eventually manages to escape after turning an arm breaker attempt into a roll up for a two, before planting her with a kick.

Baker then looks for a submission of her own on Hersch with the leg scissors, but Hersch rolls her up for a two count of her own. This allows Hersch to regain control, hitting a running forearm and a running pump knee before Baker rolls to the outside.

Hersch goes for a Suicide Dive, but Baker avoids, and Rebel is wiped out. Baker hits a slingblade on the outside before rolling Hersch into the ring and going for the Lock Jaw, which Hersch escapes and goes straight back for the arm breaker.

Legit Layla Hersch then climbs to the top rope, but she is distracted by Rebel on the apron, allowing Britt Baker to get in the Lock Jaw once again to win the match by the submission.

Baker is immediately jumped by Thunder Rosa before the two women are separated by the referees ahead of their match.

Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes defeat Team Taz by pinfall

Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks try to immediately jump Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes, but Rhodes and Allin take control with Rhodes sending Hobbs to the outside whilst Allin controls Starks in the corner.

Allin and Rhodes dominate Starks with quick tags in the corner, but he eventually escapes to the outside. Allin chases after him but is met by a clothesline from Hobbs, allowing Team Taz to take control.

Hobbs tags himself in and suplexes Allin before Mocking Cody with push ups in the ring. Team Taz continue to cut off Allin from Cody, but he counters two suplexes before getting the tag.

Cody takes out Hobbs with a Disaster kick before hitting Starks with the Cody Cutter, Allin gets the tag and immediately hits the Coffin Drop to Starks to pick up the win.

Team Taz start to attack Allin and Cody after the match, with Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes even being dragged into their assault. Hobbs lines up Cody for another belt shot, but the lights go out before he can attack.

The tron shows shots that wouldn’t look out of place on Game of Thrones, with snowfalling and images of crows before Sting emerges to make his AEW debut.

Sting walks around the ring, holding his iconic baseball bat, eyeing Anderson, Cody, Dustin and finally Allin before returning backstage. After the break it is announced Sting has signed a multi-year deal and that he will speak next week on Dynamite.

Kenny Omega wins the AEW World Championship, defeating Jon Moxley by pinfall

Before the match starts, Don Callis joined the commentary team once again as he has been doing for every Omega match in the build up to his World Title match.

Jon Moxley takes control early on in the match, throwing Omega around the outside of the ring, throwing him into the barricade, suplexing him on the outside and throwing him into the seats.

Omega regained control after Moxley turned to appreciate the crowd, allowing Omega time to get up and hit him with a Dragon Screw as he enters the ring before throwing him leg first into the barricade.

Moxley fought back as he re-entered the ring, hitting a running clothesline, but instantly falling under the damage to his right knee. Moxley returns to his feet but Omega immediately rolls him into a knee bar.

After the two men trade submission attempts, Moxley gets Omega wrapped up in the ropes and lights him up with chops. Moxley then looks for a clothesline to Omega against the ropes, but he avoids and sends Moxley to the outside.

Omega instantly hits him with a Terminator Dive, but as he rolls Moxley back into the ring and looks for a dive, Moxley immediately counters it into a Paradigm Shift, but he doesn’t pin Omega, possibly knowing that it will take more to finish him after their Lights Out match last year.

Moxley then heads to the outside and grabs two chairs, setting them up facing each other and inviting Omega to sit opposite him. The two men sit opposite each other and trade strikes, before Omega hits Moxley with a v-trigger whilst still in his chair.

Omega rallies and hits two Snap Dragon Suplexes and two v-triggers, but Moxley avoids a third with a King Kong Lariat before hitting a second Paradigm Shift, which Omega kicks out of at two.

Kenny Omega then rolls to the outside to escape Moxley. Moxley hits a suicide dive but is met with a v-trigger through the ropes before taking him back into the ring to hit a Tiger Driver 98 for a two count.

Omega then heads to the top rope as he looks for the Phoenix Splash, but Moxley pushes him to the outside before hitting him with a Suplex into one of the heaters set up at ringside. The referees and doctors separate the two men as they treat Omega, with Don Callis coming down to ringside to see too Omega.

Moxley pushes the referees aside and rolls Omega into the ring, but Callis gets on the apron with a microphone, saying that Omega is hurt. Moxley pushes Callis and the referee starts to treat him, allowing Omega to attack Moxley with the microphone behind the referee’s back.

Omega rallies, hitting four v-triggers before hitting the Moxley with the One-Winged Angel to become the new AEW World Champion.

Don Callis grabs the title and presents it to Omega before both men scamper backside and towards a black SUV, but before they can get in they are cornered my Alex Marvez.

Marvez asks what happened, to which Callis responds saying that you’ll find out on Tuesday. Marvez informs Callis that Dynamite is on Wednesday, but Callis informs him that all will be revealed next Tuesday on Impact Wrestling.

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