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AEW Dynamite Results – April 8, 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Tonight we get the first matches in the tournament for the TNT Championship.

We open with a promo from Jake Roberts, who talks about his man Lance Archer, and asks if Cody is a man or a mouse.

We have Chris Jericho joining Tony Schiavone on commentary

Lance Archer defeated Alan Angels via Pinfall via pinfall

Archer runs down his opponent before the bell even rang. Archer hit an overhead chokeslam suplex (yes, that) and then the Blackout for the easy win.

Hikaru Shida defeated Britt Baker via pinfall

Baker was quick to avoid the kicks of Shida, but the pair ended up in a shoving match which led to Baker using the hair to take advantage. Shida went after Baker, but was worked over. Baker was in firm control, but she got cocky by asking Tony Schiavone to tell everyone it was her division, allowing Shida back in with a big knee.

The pair went back and forth, with Shida nearly getting the win with a triangle choke and Baker nearly getting in the Mandible Claw (Baker was hygenic and put on a glove first). However, Shida came out on top with a vicious knee to a bloody Baker. Great match.

Backstage, we see Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa talk about their tag match tonight. They discuss a tag name, and Nakazawa asks to be called ‘Best Friends’. Orange Cassidy appears out of the toilet, and brings in an outrage Chuck Taylor and Trent. They agree to put the name of ‘Best Friends’ on the line.

Excalibur runs down the AEW rankings in the tag team, women’s and men’s division.

We then see a video package hyping up next weeks AEW World Championship Empty Arena match between champion Jon Moxley and Jake Hager. Hager talks about his sacrifice, and how he fights for the money. Moxley talks about the no holds barred stipulation. We also see training montages for both.

We see a hype package for tonight’s TNT Championship tournament main event in the between Shawn Spears and Cody.

Best Friends defeated Michael Nakazawa and Kenny Omega via pinfall

Best Friends worked over Kenny Omega to begin with but when a lubed-up Nakazawa came in, Trent was unable to chop him so he and Omega took control with a host of unique double team moves. Trent hit a big clothesline, which allowed him to get the hot tag to Chuck Taylor who runs wild.

Best Friends go for the hug, but Omega and Nakazawa cut them off but Orange Cassidy ducks out of the way. Nakazawa misses a double clothesline and following a face off between Nakazawa and Cassidy, and Cassidy dives on Omega. We get some more back and forth action, and the Nakazawa/Omega duo came close with a knee/ultimate venom arm combination. Nakazawa was finished off with the Strong Zero. This was ridiculously entertaining.

All five men hug post-match.

We hear from Brodie Lee, who speaks to several of his minions. He berates two of them for not wearing formal dress and brings his chosen minion in for a special assignment.

We hear from Britt Baker, who is furious at Shida busted her nose open. She says she is not a leader like her, and reminds us she is a dentist.

We see another hype package for the Moxley/Hager title match next week.

‘Broken’ Matt Hardy talks about Chris Jericho and ‘The Circle that is Internal’. Hardy runs them all down, and Vanguard One sets fire to The Inner Circle shirt. He vows that he and The Elite will delete The Inner Circle, challenging them to ‘The Elite Deletion’.

Brodie Lee defeated Lee Johnson via pinfall

Lee Johnson went for a dropkick and missed, and that’s all she wrote. Brodie Lee brutalised his opponent, finishing him off with a discus lariat.

TNT Championship Tournament First Round: Cody defeated Shawn Spears via pinfall

Cody and Shawn Spears exchange holds early on, but a knee to the gut puts Spears in control early on. However, Cody nearly locked in the figure four leg lock but Spears bailed to the outside and grabbed a steel chair.

Cody took control, getting several near falls until Cody missed a moonsault and Spears hit a piledriver for a near fall. Spears worked over Cody and grabbed a length of guard rail, suplexing Cody into it.

Shawn Spears went high-risk, but Cody got his knees up on a springboard frogsplash. Cody ran wild, but a distraction led to Spears hitting a C4 through a table set up a ringside. Cody broke the count at nine and rallied hard, getting out of another C4 and hitting a pair of Crossrhodes for a near fall.

He then locked in a figure four leg-lock, and the pain cause Spears to have his shoulders down for the three count.


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