AEW Dynamite Results – December 11th, 2019

The Young Bucks face Proud n’ Powerful in a Texas Street Fight Tag Team Match whilst Luchasaurus faces Sammy Guevara and Moxley gets an early Christmas present.

This week’s edition of AEW Dynamite kicks off LIVE inside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas with Jon Moxley’s theme song immediately playing. Moxley makes his way through the crowd to an insanely big reaction from the AEW fans in Garland as he heads to the ring for tonight’s opening bout.

Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds

Already in the ring is his opponent for this evening, Alex Reynolds. The bell sounds and Moxley charges and blasts a big running knee. He follows up with a Paradigm Shift DDT and covers him. 1-2-3. It’s over that quick.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Announcers make a deal out of this being the faster win in AEW history. Much like Jericho being the oldest World Champion. Speaking of which, the Inner Circle makes their way out to the ring. Jericho, Hager, Guevara & Proud n’ Powerful. Respect is shown between Chris & Moxley, no mention of Mitch, Jericho asks Jon to join the Inner Circle. Jon says he’ll think about it.

Promo video for the Bucks Vs PnP Street Fight leads us into a tag match!

Butcher & Blade (w/ Bunny) Vs. Cody (Rhodes) & QT Marshall

Announcers explain who Bunny is, Allie. Cody gets the elaborate entrance with pyro. There is a inset promo with MJF mocking QT being Codys partner. Towards the end, QT is doing well, he has a look of shock on his face, as if he can’t believe he’s doing as good as he is. Now as The Butcher and The Blade try to double-team an isolated QT in the ring, QT does a good job of fighting them off until he cannot any longer. They hit a cool double-team move and cover him before Cody can recover and return to the ring to help.

Winners: Butcher & Blade (w/ Bunny)

MJF comes down to the ring with Warlow and cuts a promo on Cody. MJF mocks Codys lisp, his hair, etc. They’re setting up the big Cody vs MJF match but MJF won’t reveal the stipulation in ‘honkeyville, usa’.

We go to commercial and come back to a Dark Order promo.

Big Swole Vs. Emi Sakura

After the opening part of the match we come back from commercial, Big Swole gets Sakura in a pin attempt, Sakura kicking out at two. Sakura starts a stomp, stomp, clap through the crowd as they sing, “We will, we will, rock you!” as she does a dive to the midsection of Big Swole followed by a Backbreaker. Sakura picks up the mic stand as Big Swole is holding her back. Big Swole with a Waistlock.

Big Swole mocks Sakura back as she grabs the mic stand mimicking James Brown. Sakura captures Big Swole countering her big kick. Sakura makes her way to the second rope for a Twisting Vadarbomb and a two count. Sakura to the top rope for a Moonsault, nobody home. Big Swole with a big boot to the face of Sakura and a two count pin of her own. Big Swole with Waistlock.

Sakura now more focused, tries to finish up the match, Big Swole gets the upperhand, pinning Sakura and getting the three count pin for the win of this match.

Winner: Big Swole

TO THE BACK! Pac is cutting a promo and says he only came to AEW for an Opportunity. He wants Kenny Omega.

Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) & Shawn Spears vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

Towards the end, Sabian and Hangman are the legal men in, Penlope interferes with a cartwheel and a hit into the ropes helping Sabian as the referee is distracted followed by a Fisherman Suplex and a two count pin by Sabian on Hangman. Both men are making their way to their corners, Sabian about to make the tag as the arena goes black. Joey Janela with Tony Blanchard all tied up at the top of the ramp. Spears attacking Janela, untying Blanchard. They continue to fight. Sabian now all alone in the ring.

Omega gets Sabian with a Snap Dragon Suplex. Momentum building as Omega with the V Trigger. Page with Buckshot as he tags himself in quickly as he jumps and pins Sabian. Hangman kinda shrugs it off, a win is a win.

Winner: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

Jericho walks out, kicks Excalibur out of the announcers table and sits down next to JR. Says that he’s sat next to the “only man that matters at this table”.

“Spanish God” Sammy Guevara vs. Luchasaurus (with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt)

Luchasaurus goes for a Chokeslam, Guevara flips over and out of the hold followed by a counter kick. Guevara knocks Luchasaurus to the mat, trying to get back to his feet. Guevara makes his way to the top rope, missing Luchasaurus, flipping over him and once again trying to land a move, Luchasaurus once again moving out of the way, then grabbing Guevara, slamming him on the mat. Luchasaurus pins Guevara with one hand and gets the three count pin.

Jericho runs down to the ring post match with Hager behind him but it was too later. Jericho tried to clear the ring but missed Jungle Boy who flipped back into the ring and rolls up Jericho and unofficially pins him..

Winner: Luchasaurus (with Jungle Boy (Who pinned Jericho afterwards) & Marko Stunt)

Back from commercial, Excalibur is back with JR. They run down next weeks card with Jungle Boy & Jericho. Jericho screams from god knows where “THAT DOESN’T COUNT!!” as we go to Justin Roberts for the Main Event.

Texas Street Fight Match; Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz

No count outs, no disqualification, falls count anywhere and they make sure to acknowledge this match is sanctioned.

As The Bucks were making their entrance, PNP attack them on the ramp alongside Sammy Guevara. Brandon Cutler runs out to help his buddies but gets Powerbombed off the stage for his troubles! PNP throws Matt Jackson off the stage and then set up a table on the stage.

Santana climbs up the tunnel but Matt pulls him off and then lays out Ortiz. The Bucks hit an Indy Taker on Guevara on the ramp! They lay Ortiz out on the table as Nick Jackson climbs up to the top of the entrance tunnel and dives off with a Swanton Bomb through the table!

Nick Jackson hits an Elevated Dropkick on Santana at ringside as Matt flung him in the air. The SCU is shown watching at ringside. Santana lays Nick out from behind and then gets in SCU’s faces.

Nick and Santana finally spill into the ring for the first time and then The Bucks attempt a Double Outsider’s Edge but Santana blocks it and Superkicks Nick and hits Matt with the flapjack that Ortiz tossed to him.

Ortiz starts tossing more weapons in the ring as Santana chokes Nick. They put a trashcan over Nick’s head and start swinging weapons at it. Matt puts a Cowboys helmet on and Spears PNP after they tried to hit him with the flapjack.

Santana hits Matt with the helmet and then spits on it as he was celebrating. Matt hits a series of Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes and caps it off by suplexing Santana over the top and through a table. Ortiz backdrops Matt over the top and through another table and then hits a Tope con Giro onto Nick through yet another table!

Back from the break, the Bucks lay out PNP with trashcans. They put a trash can on top of Santana and then Matt hits a Plancha over the back of his brother onto Ortiz on the floor! Nick hits a 450-Splash onto the trash can on top of Santana! Hager runs out and stops a pin from happening and Nick accidentally kicks the referee. Hager lays Nick out but then Dustin Rhodes hits the ring and starts brawling with Hager! They brawl to the back.

The Bucks hit Ortiz with a Powerbomb/Enziguri and then lay out Santana with a cookie sheet. The Bucks hit the More Bang for Your Buck on Ortiz but there is no referee! Another referee runs down but Ortiz kicks out at two!

The Bucks attempt a Melter Driver but Santana knocks Nick through a table at ringside. PNP kick Matt in the nuts and then they hit the Street Sweeper onto a trashcan! Matt desperately pulls the referee out of the ring!

Ortiz gets in the referee’s face as she returns to the ring and Ortiz pulls out some chairs. Ortiz starts hitting Nick with the flapjack over and over as Santana sets up a table at ringside. Ortiz sets two chairs up in the ring and then attempt a Street Sweeper onto the chairs. Nick fights it off and Matt knocks Santana off the top and through a table.

Nick hits as series of strikes on Ortiz followed by a Bulldog onto the chairs! Superkick Party to Ortiz! Matt holds a chair against Ortiz’s head and then Nick Superkicks it into his face! The Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver onto the chair on Ortiz! 1…2…3!

Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall (Meltzer Driver)

Bucks & PnP face each down as we fade to black…

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