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AEW: Dynamite Results – January 13th 2021 | New Year’s Smash 2

Night two of “New Year’s Smash” opens with a video package highlighting the drama between the Death Triangle and Eddie Kingston’s crew.

“The Bastard” PAC w/The Lucha Brothers vs. “The Mad King” Eddie Kingston w/The Butcher, The Blade & Allie

Earlier today, Eddie Kingston a cut promo on PAC. He says he’s going to bust him up and after that PAC will “go home” and never come back. Kingston attempted a DDT but PAC holds on to the top rope and hits a Sliding Dropkick. PAC goes up top for the Black Arrow and gets the pin.

Winner: PAC via pinfall (Black Arrow)

After the match, PAC puts Kingston in the Brutalizer but Butcher and Blade hit the ring. The Death Triangle and Kingston’s crew look like they are about to fight when Lance Archer runs out and chases Kingston’s Crew off.

PAC gets in Archer’s face and argues with him getting involved in their business.

If Chucky T loses to Miro he has to be his “servant” until Sabian’s wedding.

“The Best Man” Miro w/Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford vs. “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor w/Orange Cassidy

Miro hits a Leaping Thrust Kick and locks in the Accolade. Taylor fights for a second but taps.

Winner: Miro via submission (Accolade)

Matt Hardy and Private Party is backstage with Dasha and Private Party complain about Hardy taking 30 percent of their contract and lying about the third party deal. Matt says it was in the fine print and it’s their faults for not listening. Marq Quen calls him a “money grubbing carny.” Matt gets pissed and tells them to shut up and do as he says.

The Inner Circle comes down to the ring to reveal their New Year’s resolutions. Jake Hager’s resolution is simple: championships. MJF says his resolution is to “continue strengthen the bonds” of the Inner Circle and “fat guys need to go.” Ortiz wants to perfect one of his grandmother’s recipes.

Jericho says this is the year that he and MJF are going to win the tag team championships. Santana gets a little irritated about that and says that Jericho handpicked he and Ortiz to be THE tag team in the Inner Circle. Guevara interrupts and calls Jericho a little “tag team slut.”

Guevara gets mad because Jericho used to team with him and now he’s teaming with MJF and he used to team with Hager too. Guevara asks what he’s going to do next team with Snoop Dogg and Jericho says maybe. MJF tells Guevara to calm down but Guevara tells him to shut up and Hager tells Guevara to let MJF talk.

Jericho tries to calm every one down and says any one of them could team together and win the titles. He says like Wardlow and Hager blew off some steam in their match they should do the same thing next week with a 3-Way Tag Team Match to decide who the official tag team of the Inner Circle. So, it will be PNP vs. MJF/Jericho and Guevara/Hager.

The Dark Order backstage says that they do everything in honor of Brodie Lee and they will team with Adam Page next week. The Beaver Boys ask Page to join the group again and he says that he will give them an answer next week.

A video package highlights Team Taz’s beef with Darby Allin.

The Elite is backstage with Don Callis and are going to make their Elite entrance together but Callis says the Bucks are stars on their own and should get their own separate entrance. After Omega makes his entrance, Callis says that the band is back together and then introduces Omega’s “best friends” but introduces The Good Brothers instead of the Bucks. “Business is business but best friends are forever,” Callis says. The Bucks are shown shaking their heads backstage.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, DOC Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. Varsity Blondes & Danny Limelight

Anderson hits a Flying Mafia Kick but Garrison kicks out two. Anderson attempts the Gun Stun but Garrison blocks it and tags Limelight. Limelight hits a Double Spring but Anderson catches him in midair and connects with a Spinebuster. Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer for the pin.

Winners: The Elite via pinfall (Magic Killer)

Jon Moxley walks down to the ring and goes after Omega but The Good Brothers pull him off and the numbers get the better of him. The Lucha Brothers run out and even up the odds! A bunch of other wrestlers run out to try break up the fight but Moxley Paradigm Shifts one of the guys and hits a Tope onto a bunch of goes. The Bucks run out to calm Moxley down. The Lucha Brothers come in and kick The Bucks’ heads off!

The fight ensues as Omega and Callis retreat.

The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt) w/Luchasaurus vs. FTR w/Tully Blanchard

FTR distracts the referee allowing Tully to slam Marko into the ring post. Jungle Boy chases Tully but eats a Lariat from Cash and then gets sent into the barricade. In the ring, FTR hits the Big Rig for the pin.

Winners: FTR via pinfall (Big Rig)

NWA World Women’s Championship
Serena Deeb (c) vs. Tay Conti w/The Dark Order

Deeb lifts Conti up to the top rope and Deeb locks her in a Hanging Gory Special on the top rope. Conti kicks her away after she releases it and then dives over the top of her and hits a Pump Kick. Conti goes for the TayKO but Deeb blocks it and counters into the Detox for the pin.

Winner & STILL NWA Champ: Deeb via pinfall (Detox)

Darby Allin (c) vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage w/Team Taz

Taz joins commentary and reveals that Tony Khan has ordered that only two members of Team Taz – Ricky Starks and Hook for this match – can be at ringside.

Allin hits a Shotgun Dropkick sending Cage into the corner but only gets two but Allin leaps up to the middle rope and hits a Ghetto Stomp! Allin goes to the top as Hook distracts the referee and Starks trips Allin. The lights go out and Sting hits Starks with the bat! Cage kicks Allin but looks over at Sting who stares back. Cage lifts Allin up but Allin catches him with a Super Crucifix Bomb for the pin!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Allin via pinfall (Super Crucifix Bomb)

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