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AEW Dynamite Results | July 22nd 2020

AEW Dynamite opens with Cody coming to the ring with Arn Anderson ahead of his TNT Championship match.

NWA star Eddie Kingston makes then makes his way to the ring, revealing himself as Cody’s mystery opponent. Kingston says that Cody had everything handed to him from a young age whilst he was surrounded by alcoholics. Kingston then reveals that he paid him to show up and take the title from Cody, before challenging him to a no DQ match.

Cody retains the TNT Championship against Eddie Kingston with a Figure Four

Kingston jumps Cody during the ring announcements and the two men brawl to the outside. The challenger lights up Cody with a number of heavy chops and whips him with his own belt.

The King of Diamonds then pulls the pads up from ringside but is backdropped onto the concrete himself by Cody.

Kingston continues to lay in a number of heavy strikes in the ring but his knee is clearly hurt following the fall onto the concrete as he limps around the ring.

Cody gets back into the match with a chop block to the injured knee, but before he can capitalise Kingston hits him with a low blow.

This allows Kingston to go ringside and empty a bag of thumb tacs in the ring, power bombing the American Nightmare onto the tacs.

Cody fights back, hitting a huge clothesline to Kingston before locking in a figure four to the injured knee for the win.

MJF then makes his way to the ring with Griff Garrison waiting for him in the ring. MJF jokes that he is facing “Jungle Man” before bragging about being undefeated in AEW. Garrison then points out that he lost in a tag team match, before being jumped by MJF.

MJF beats Griff Garrison with the Heat Seeker

As MJF dominates Garrison, he takes to the microphone and demands that Garrison tell the people at home that he is undefeated. Garrison initially resist, but then says that MJF is undefeated as MJF has a hold of his throat.

MJF begins to gloat to the crowd, but is rolled up by Garrison for a two. MJF hits a clothesline straight after before hitting the Heat Seeker for the win.

We then go backstage where Tony Schiavone is prepared to interview Rebel. She reveals that Britt Baker has undergone nose surgery before she is interrupted by the Role Model.

Baker then reveals rule number four of being a role model – not underestimating a role model – before comparing herself to Michael Jordan.

Tazz and Brian Cage come to the ring and we are shown a recap of Darby Allin attacking Cage after the main event last week and Ricky Starks joining Tazz and Cage on this week’s Dark to attack Allin.

The Suplex Machine explains that his decision to throw in the towel was a business decision, with Cage having previously had two bicep tears.

Tazz begins to tell us that Cage will never tap before they are interrupted by Allin. Before Allin can get to the ring, he is attacked by Starks.

Starks and Cage look to attack Allin with his own skateboard, but they are chased off by Jon Moxley and his barbed wire baseball bat.

AEW then announces the Deadly Draw, an eight team women’s tag team tournament that is coming this summer.

Young Bucks defeat Butcher and the Blade with a senton through a table

As we return, we go backstage to the Young Bucks who find the Butcher and the Blade cutting meat before beginning their Falls Count Anywhere match.

The two teams brawl into the car park, with Blade throwing Nick Jackson into the back of a production truck, before Butcher and the Blade throws Matt Jackson into an image of himself on the back of the truck.

After the Young Bucks gain control the Butcher is thrown through the plexiglass on a bar before super kicking Blade onto a moving escalator as we head into the break.

The Young Bucks are dragging the Butcher to ringside, but before they can take advantage, Blade returns to hit the Bucks with a steel chair.

Two tables are set up against the barriers at ringside. Blade looks to hit a top rope dive onto the Bucks through the table, missing them and the table in a terrifying looking crash, before Butcher hits a cross body to Matt through the other table.

Butcher and the Blade regain control as they hit Matt with a Powerbomb – Neckbreaker combination on the ramp before setting two tables up near the tunnel.

The Young Bucks hit super kicks to the Butcher and the Blade onto the tables.

Matt and Nick then climb the staging before hitting terrifying Sentons to them through the tables to win a hard-hitting affair.

We then go backstage to Lance Archer and Jake Roberts who are asked about missing Fyter Fest last week. Archer attacks three men in the dressing room whilst Jake the Snake explains his frustrations to Alex Marvez

Diamante defeats Ivelisse with a roll-up

Former TNA and Lucha Underground star makes her AEW Dynamite debut against Diamante.

Before the match, Excalibur explains that these two have history both tagging with each other and against each other.

Ivelisse takes advantage early on with an excellent springboard arm drag and some hard chops before the two brawl to the outside.

Diamante controls the brawl at ringside, rolling in and out of the ring to maintain her control. But Ivelisse gets control with a kick to the ankle and the head on the apron.

As they re-enter the ring, Ivelisse hits a Suplex for a two. Ivelisse looks to run the ropes before she is rolled up by Diamante for the win.

Hangman Adam Page defeats Five with a Power Bomb

Hangman Adam Page opens the match with some excellent strikes, a huge forearm and a thunderous chop that knocks Five to the mat. Five showcases his excellent agility but his hit with an excellent Big Boot before dusting his boot off in the corner.

Page throws Five into the barricade on the outside, but as he throws him back into the ring, the Dark Order walk out and stand at the top of the ramp.

This helps Five gain control, hitting a senton to Page, but the Hangman is able to get his knees up as Five looks for a Moonsault.

Hangman hits a rolling elbow for a two before a variant of a pop up powerbomb gets him the win.

After the match Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana join the Dark Order on the ramp before Lee enters the ring.

Brodie Lee tells Hangman that he is impressed by him, but he isn’t impressed by his lack of friends at ringside despite the immediate danger. He then tells Page that the Dark Order are willing protect him, unlike his friends.

Page tells Lee that he isn’t ready to join a cult, Lee responds by saying that Page has made is bed and he hopes he enjoys his sleep.

Lee and Cabana go backstage before the rest of the Dark Order enter the ring and start to beat down Page.

FTR run down and chase off the Dark Order before Kenny Omega comes down to help Page, standing between him and FTR. FTR give Page a handshake and a beer, which he accepts, as Omega looks on concerned.

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho and Jake Hager) defeat Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) with a Code Breaker

Chris Jericho comes to the ring still wearing the jacket he did last week when he was drenched covered in orange juice by Orange Cassidy, the Inner Circle checking for oranges above the ring before the match.

Jericho dominates Jungle Boy in the early stages, but two arm drags and a drop kick sees Y2J backing off into the corner and tagging in Jake Hager.

Hager does some excellent work in this match, targeting the legs of Luchasaurus, whose offence is predominantly kicks, and the arm of Jungle Boy.

Marko Stunt continually got involved in this match behind the referee’s back, attacking Jericho with a drop kick before he was punched by the demogod.

Jericho and Hager dominate Jungle Boy later in the match, continually cutting off the hot tag to Luchasaurus. But Jungle Boy regains control with and excellent double DDT before getting the tag.

Luchasaurus hits a beautiful double tail whip and is controlling proceedings before Serpentico gets on the apron and hits him with Jericho’s baseball bat Floyd, allowing Le Champion to hit a Code Breaker for the win.

Serpentico then enters the ring and hits a shooting star press to Luchasaurus before revealing it was in fact a returning Sammy Guevara under the mask.

The Inner Circle beat down Jurassic Express before they are chased off by the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy, setting up a 10 man tag team match next week.

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