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AEW Dynamite Results – June 3, 2020

The Open Challenge for the TNT Title and a preview of the monster match at Fyter Fest between Brian Cage and Jon Moxley.

AEW began the show with a tribute to Black Lives Matter. In action tonight Cody Rhodes put his recently earned TNT title on the line against Jungle Boy from Jacksonville, Florida. Brian Cage looks to continue his path of destruction through AEW as he prepares for a title shot against Jon Moxley at Fyter Fest next month.

AEW Tag Team Titles: Champions Kenny Omega and Adam Hangman Page defeat Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc via pinfall (The Last Call) to retain the titles

The 6-0 tag team of Kenny Omega and Hangman Page put their AEW World Tag Team titles on the line against the 3-1 team of Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc. Havoc and Omega got the action started for this match which had a 60 minute time limit.

Havoc took early control as he dominated Omega before a tag to Sabian to keep the pressure on Omega. Kenny Omega was able to reverse a suplex to tag Hangman Page. Omega and Page worked on Havoc alternating chops to the chest before Penelope Ford attempted to interfere and was subsequently ejected and sent to the locker room. A wrench to the head of Page by Havoc resulted in a two count against the tag team champions. A dropkick by Sabian sent Page out of the ring.

. Havoc and Sabian regained control with a DDT by Havoc to Omega. Page delivered The Last Call delivered to Havoc resulted in a pinfall and a victory for the champions.

Brian Cage with Taz defeated Shawn Dean via pinfall (Drillclaw)

Cage did not even wait for the bell to ring to attack Shawn Dean. This match was nothing more than an offensive showcase of Brian Cage’s arsenal. Suplex after suplex followed by a powerbomb to the turnbuckle and the match was mercifully over after a vicous drillclaw by Cage.

Taz directly addressed the current AEW champion, Jon Moxley, after the match regarding Cage’s upcoming title shot against at Fyter Fest. Taz issued a warning to Moxley, and as you would expect, Jon Moxley wasted no time in responding in person making a point that he will not be intimidated.

Chris Jericho defeated Colt Cabana via pinfall (Judas Effect)

Le Champion had a score to settle with Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana from last week’s altercation with Mike Tyson. Jericho blames Cabana for interfering and costing him a chance to knock out Iron Mike Tyson. Jericho was escorted to the ring by Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager from the Inner Circle.

Early on the match resembled a boxing match as Jericho and Cabana traded blows before Jericho was thrown out of the ring. Cabana performed a moonsault from the top ring landing on Jericho and the interfering Hager.

While the referee, Aubrey Edwards, was checking on Jericho, upon being thrown back into the ring, Hager once again interfered giving Jericho an advantage. After a commercial break we see Jericho in control of the match thanks apparently to more interference from Jake Hager.

Cabana was able to regain control of the match and was able to get a two count on Jericho as the Inner Circle members watched from a safe distance just outside the ring. Jericho applied the Lion Tamer and though he had won by submission but Cabana was able to grab the lower rope.

A series of two counts from Cabana on Jericho appeared to give Cabana the edge when disaster struck for him. Cabana charged out of the corner directly into the Judas Effect ending the match. Jericho took the microphone and challenged “The baddest man on the planet” to a fight “right here, right now”. Orange Cassidy showed up to answer the call. Cassidy was able to avoid any physical contact as the entire Inner Circle entered the ring.

Nyla Rose defeated Big Swole by pinfall (spine buster)

Big Swole went on the offensive immediately using her quickness and athleticism to take control early. Nyla Rose went over the top rope and was able to gain control of the match outside the ring. After a commercial break, we see Rose firmly in control as she punishes Big Swole.

Swole was able to fight her way out and regain some momentum by using her quickness to frustrate Nyla Rose. A kick to the back of Rose’s head seemed to enrage Rose. Swole was able to battle her way out of a Beast Bomb only to get caught and fall victim to a spine buster.

After the match Tony Schiavone attempts to interview Big Swole as Dr. Britt Baker challenges Big Swole to a fight. Swole grabs a chair from under the ring and charges Baker. The good doctor wisely retreats in her wheel chair to avoid an altercation with Big Swole.

Cody Rhodes defeats Jungle Boy via pinfall (Cross Rhodes)

Jungle Boy fresh off his battle royale victory made his way to the ring with the help of the Jurassic Express. Cody Rhodes was escorted to the ring with his coach Arn Anderson to defend the TNT championship.

Rhodes tried to use his size and weight advantage as Jungle Boy relied on his quickness and athleticism to try to level the playing field. Rhodes applied the figure but Jungle Boy was able to reach the ropes forcing a break from the figure four.

Jungle Boy is able to get successive two counts on Rhodes before launching himself through the ropes at Rhodes. Jungle Boy tries the launch through the ropes a second time only to be caught in mid-air by the champion. After a commercial break, we see Cody Rhodes attempt to headbutt Jungle Boy only to miss and hit the wall and open a gash on Cody’s forehead.

Jungle Boy attacks the bloodied head of Rhodes and gains another series of two counts before Rhodes counters with a kick to the face of Jungle Boy. A vicious close line by Jungle Boy results in Rhodes flipping over and another two count.

Rhodes is able to recover and deliver a suplex from the top rope to get a two count of his own. Rhodes and Jungle Boy battle from the top rope and both fall outside the ring through a precariously placed table. Both men battle back into the ring and Cody Rhodes delivers a Cross Rhodes for the victory.

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