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AEW Dynamite Results – November 13th, 2019

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

After Full Gear we find out where everyone stands. How will Cody react to his loss and MJF’s betrayal?

A video recap of the Lights Out match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley is shown. We then see Omega being checked out by the trainer, he has a prominent black eye and a ton of scarring on his back. Omega is informed he needs to take the week off, as he isn’t medically cleared.

Jon Moxley defeated Michael Nakazawa via Pinfall (Paradigm Shift)

Unlike his opponent at Full Gear, Moxley was able to be medically cleared and have this quick match with Nakazawa. Honestly not too much to say about this one, it was quick and a tad lame.

After the match, Moxley gets the mic and asks if this win counts. Goes on to say he isn’t a liar, said he would beat Omega and he did just that at Full Gear. Besides Omega, Moxley goes on to say that no one in the locker room has the balls to step into the ring with him. Until Moxley is the last one standing, he will continue to take everyone in AEW down.

Dark Order defeated Jurassic Express via Pinfall (Fatality)

The match started off with a lot of quick tags for Jurassic Express, but it definitely didn’t stay quick paced the whole match. Marko Stunt took most of the beating in this match and unfortunately for Jurassic Express, they never really could recover.

After their victory, Evil Uno tries to get Marko Stunt to join the Dark Order, he has a creeper mask for him and everything. Uno says that Stunt would benefit from joining, but Jungle Boy puts a stop to any recruitment.

Uno sticks the creepers and Greyson on Jungle Boy and Stunt to “take them down”, but Luchasaurus makes his return! He single handedly takes out all the creepers, eventually leaving him to reunite with Stunt and Jungle Boy.

Darby Allin defeated Peter Avalon and Shawn Spears via Pinfall (Coffin Drop)

The pop Darby got when he came out was insane and so deserved. I wish this had been a singles match with Allin and Spears, but with Joey Janela interfering halfway through as Spears was getting the upper hand, the three way match made sense. After Spears was taking out of the match, Darby really got to shine.

After the match, Darby accepted Moxley’s challenge from earlier in the night.

Nyla Rose defeated Dani Jordan via Pinfall (Sit-Out Powerbomb)

A quick match that gets Nyla back on track towards the Women’s Championship picture.

Tony Schiavone was interviewing Allie, but the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes came out. Allie tried her best, but really stood no chance against Kong. Once Allie was taken out, Kong and Brandi cut a piece of her hair off.

After a commercial, Chris Jericho comes out to the ring. Jericho takes the time to gloat to the crowd about retaining his title at Full Gear and how he proved he is the greatest of all time. He wants a “thank you” from everyone involved in AEW, the people that matter.

Before Jericho can continue, Cody’s music hits, only it isn’t Cody. MJF has stolen Cody’s entrance. While the fans are booing him and calling him names, MJF says if he didn’t throw in the towel Cody’s career would be over. He goes on to tell the fans that “their precious” Cody doesn’t care about them, that he is a liar, a user and abuser. Cody saw MJF as a puppet he could use and never actually cared about him. After everything that has happened, MJF says he is the face of AEW.

Jericho and MJF have a back and forth about MJF joining the Inner Circle, it was odd. After much back and forth, they both say that the biggest jackass in AEW is Cody. Of course after that Cody rushes his way to the ring, even though there are people trying to stop him. Cody was holding his own against both of them, but unfortunately for him Wardlow decided to make his debut and take Cody out.

PAC defeated Hangman Adam Page via Submission (Brutalizer)

With this victory, PAC won the series over Hangman. There was lots of near falls in this one and for a bit I did think Hangman had the victory secured, but The Bastard was a few steps ahead. It did seem like the ref was going to call for a stoppage during the match, as PAC was stomping Hangman’s head in pretty good, but it never happened.

A brawl between the Young Bucks and Proud N Powerful breaks out backstage. Matt Jackson put Ortiz through a table, but Santana then jumped off a fork lift onto Nick Jackson and security.

The brawl spills out to the stage area, where unfortunately for the Bucks it doesn’t end well. Matt is put through the stage and Nick’s leg is targeted. Once Private Party comes out, officials are able to gain order.

SCU defeated Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara via Pinfall to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships

Of course I was prepared for the Inner Circle to walk away with all the gold tonight, but was pleasantly surprised it didn’t happen. The match was filled with a bit of trickery and interference from Jake Hager, but SCU stuck through it. Scorpio Sky is such a star, seeing him roll up Le Champion was satisfying.


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