AEW: Fantasy ‘Big Show’ Feuds for Paul Wight on Dynamite

Yet another wrestler has left the WWE and crossed over to AEW. It was announced this week that the Big Show will be joining the company as a colour commentator on the new show AEW Dark: Elevation. The contract that the Big Show, hereafter referred to by his real name Paul Wight, signed has also included an active wrestling component.

With Wight now joining the ranks of AEW it ponders the question as to which direction the company will go in with the Largest Athlete in the World. Outside of his commentary job, Wight will be stepping into the ring on a fairly regular basis. What wrestlers on the current roster will be the juiciest feuds to throw Wight into? Let’s take a look at the top five below.


This is probably the easiest one to predict based on their history. In the WWE anytime that Shaq was on television he would automatically be put with Paul Wight. It was the logical thing to do considering the size of both athletes and the WWE was smart to book this.

Fast forward to AEW and in the past few weeks, Cody Rhodes has been engaged in a feud with Shaq. Shaq has called out Rhodes on ‘Inside the NBA’ and this has led to a mixed tag team match with the two on March 3rd edition of Dynamite.

So it looks like both Paul Wight and Shaq are going to be a part of AEW. It will only be a matter of time before the two are put in the ring together. Both men are still huge draws and it has been a confrontation years in the making. If AEW were to book an actual match between the two they would be capitalizing on a money feud that the WWE laid the groundwork for.


Austin Matelson floundered in WWE and other independent federations for years until he found success with his Luchasaurus gimmick. After debuting with AEW he quickly became one of the more popular wrestlers in the company. His partnership in the Jurassic Express, with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, has been great for the man and has helped keep him relevant in the company.

With Paul Wight making his debut in AEW soon it would be a great idea to have the two men face off in the ring. Luchasaurus is one of the best big men in AEW and having him go over in a feud with Paul Wight would be a huge rub for the wrestler. It could be a win that pushes him to another level in the company and could make him a world title contender.

Orange Cassidy

Cassidy could easily be one of the most popular and entertaining wrestlers on the roster. The ‘King of Sloth Style’ has developed a character that is original and the fans have responded greatly to it. His lack of caring for anything going on in and outside of the ring is unique in wrestling and has led to some truly hilarious moments. The chants from the fans alone are enough to make any Orange Cassidy match a must-see.

Paul Wight has been involved in many a comedy angle in his career. Some of these angles have flopped but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that the man has been responsible for some truly hilarious moments. A match between him and Cassidy would not be the greatest technical masterpiece in the world but the comedy they could pull off would be superb.

Cody Rhodes

If we are going based on history alone it would make sense to have Cody Rhodes and Paul Wight face off against each other at some point.

Leading up to Wrestlemania 28 Rhodes and Wight were engaged in a feud over the Intercontinental Championship. The big selling point of the feud was Rhodes ripping into Wight for his inability to perform on the big stage. It was a fairly good feud and one that brought some prominence back to the Intercontinental Championship.

Rhodes is involved in a feud with Shaq at the moment and it looks like Wight will be getting involved with Shaq at some point during his AEW debut. Why not have Rhodes be the speed bump on Wight’s eventual showdown with Shaq?

Brock Lesnar

If we are talking about dream feuds with Paul Wight being in AEW, Brock Lesnar has to be at the top of the list. Lesnar is currently not under contract with WWE and it would be a great coup by Khan to steal the Beast away from Vince and company.

The two have a tremendous amount of history from their battles in WWE. Wight and Lesnar were always paired together and it made for good television. They are both huge human beings and the visual presentation alone sold the matches.

Wight is also in the best shape of his career so he would be able to pull off a better match than any they had WWE. Lesnar loves to suplex people around the ring and this would be an easier feat considering the weight loss that Wight has accomplished.

It is wishful thinking for this feud to happen, as there are a lot of speed bumps in the way, but it would be money and act as a great selling point for AEW.

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