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AEW Fyter Fest Predictions

Josh Bannister gives his predictions for AEWs Fyter Fest.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, then you’ll know all about All Elite Wrestling.

At Double or Nothing last month, they put on one of the shows of the year, mainly due to the last three matches, although the rest of the card was very good too. They now need to keep up the momentum with Fyter Fest and prove that Double or Nothing wasn’t just a fluke. Here are my predictions for AEW Fyter Fest

Hardcore match – Michael Nakazawa vs Alex Jebailey

Considering only one of these people is an actual wrestler, this can only go one way. The stipulation will lend itself to some comedic situations, but at the end of the day, there’s only gonna be one winner.

Alex Jebailey is the man who runs the CEO Gaming festival that Fyter Fest are running alongside with. He is a close friend of Kenny Omega, who is a huge gamer. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about gaming or CEO, but I know that he’s not a wrestler, so the omens don’t look good.

Nakazawa is a veteran of the Japanese wrestling scene, having wrestled in nearly every major Japanese promotion. He is mainly known for his work in DDT, where he is a former tag team champion with Kenny Omega. He was one of the participants in the Casino Battle Royale, where he used a bottle of baby oil to his advantage before being the first man eliminated.

As said above, seeing as Nakazawa is the only wrestler in this match, he should win here. There’ll no doubt be some comedy involved, but in the end, Nakazawa should pick up the win.

Prediction: Michael Nakazawa

Kylie Rae vs Leva Bates

This match hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but thanks to ITV Box Office tweeting a picture, this’ll be confirmed at some point in the next 48 hours.

Kylie Rae was one of the standouts of the women’s match at Double or Nothing. Her smiley demeanour and likeability drew comparisons to Bayley, which is somewhat inevitable and somewhat unfair on Kylie, who’s very good in her own right.

Leva is currently one of The Librarians of AEW, along with Peter Avalon which means…something. I have no idea why AEW needs librarians, but I imagine that Peter will inadvertently (or even advertently) cost Leva the match, allowing Kylie Rae to pick up the victory here.

Prediction: Kylie Rae

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta vs SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) vs Private Party ( Isiah Kassidy and Marq Queen)

(Winners advance to All Out for a shot at a first round bye in the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament)

The stipulation is complex to say the least. The winners will have to win two matches to avoid having one match. They could have avoided all this by saying the winners will get a bye instead of competing for a bye. Regardless of the convoluted stipulation, this should still be a good match.

All three teams are great. Everyone already knows how good SCU and the Best Friends are, but AEW are showcasing Private Party as a big deal. This is something AEW needs to do more often. We all know how good the established stars are but giving us a reason to support the lesser knowns will be a huge positive step in AEW’s future.

To be honest, any one of these three teams could win this. All three have good reasons as to why they should win this, but I’m gonna go for Taylor and Beretta to win here. They probably need it slightly more than SCU and although Private Party are the unknown team, they’ll get their chance to shine eventually.

Prediction: Best Friends

Christopher Daniels vs CIMA

Amazingly, given the 47 years of experience between the two, this will be the first time these two have faced each other in singles competition. They’ve been on the opposite sides of the ring 3 times before Fyter Fest, but never one-on-one.

These two are smart in-ring veterans who will put on a wrestling clinic to wow the audience. In an ideal world, these two will open up Fyter Fest, allowing the world to see how good these two can be and to set the tone.

It will be interesting to see what sort of match these two will have. They’ll know their limitations better than anyone else, so will work a good, respectable match.

You could flip a coin for this one, it really is that close between the two combatants. It’s difficult to tell who benefits more from a win here, but I’m going for CIMA. He lost at Double or Nothing in that 6-man tag match, so will pick up the win here to regain momentum.

Prediction: CIMA

Rhio vs Nyla Rose vs Yuka Sakazaki

Nyla Rose had her thunder stolen from her at Double or Nothing. It was supposed to be built around her and her powerful offence. Instead, it was the return of Awesome Kong that had everyone talking. This was fine for a one-off of course, but it hurt Nyla Rose’s star power a little that she wasn’t the main attraction of that match.

This should be the match that signifies how much of a monster she is. Let the match be built around her and let the other two do their best to try and contain her, but ultimately fail to do so.

AEW clearly want Nyla to be a huge star, so giving her the win here would solidify her as a threat going forward. Here’s hoping they actually let her shine, because she will do wonders for AEW’s women’s division.

Prediction: Nyla Rose

Adam Page vs Jimmy Havoc vs Jungle Boy vs MJF

This all came about after Double or Nothing. Page won the Casino Battle Royale, giving him a shot at the AEW World Heavyweight title at All Out in August. MJF, who was the last man eliminated in the Battle Royale, then came out as Bret Hart was unveiling the belt, and cut a promo on Page, who had just been introduced by Hart. Jungle Boy and Havoc came out, and all three faces battered MJF.

Then, on Being the Elite, Page then rang Nick Jackson, asking him for a match against MJF at Fyter Fest. Thanks to a dodgy phone signal, Jackson booked Page against MJF, Havoc and Jungle Boy in a 4-way match. It was funnier than it sounds, trust me.

This is a fairly easy one. They won’t want Page to lose momentum before All Out in August, so he should pick up the win here. However, MJF is not to be discounted here. One of wrestling’s top heels at the moment, there are big plans for MJF in AEW. He won’t pick up the win here, but will come close several times, coming in and attempting to steal the pin from someone – like the bad guy he is. Ultimately he will get battered by all three faces, and Hangman Page is the likely victor when the dust settles.

Prediction: Adam Page

Cody Rhodes vs Darby Allin

Darby Allin might just be AEW’s most underrated signing. A guy who makes Dolph Ziggler’ s bumps look tame in comparison, he is the sort of underdog, vulnerable babyface AEW could easily build their brand around in the very near future. However, his time is not now, and he isn’t winning here.

Cody is coming off a hugely emotional battle with his brother Dustin Rhodes at Double or Nothing. The Rhodes brothers will be teaming up to face the Young Bucks at Fight for the Fallen in July, so Cody needs to have as much momentum as possible going into the event.

This match should make a huge star out of Allin. A lesser known talent, he’ll fly around the ring like crazy and earn at least one ‘Holy S**t’ chant out of the audience. He’ll come close top pulling off an upset but will ultimately fall to Cody Rhodes.

Prediction: Cody

Non-Sanctioned match – Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela

These two are going to try and kill each other, aren’t they? Both men aren’t exactly known for 45-minute classics, both preferring to try and murder their opponents. Janela with objects, and Moxley with his fists. One thing’s for sure, this isn’t going to be for the faint of heart.

The non-sanction stipulation guarantees some craziness is going to happen. Janela will look to prove that Moxley is the past, and he is the future, whereas Moxley will want to prove that even after all those years in WWE, he’s still capable of creating absolute violence when the mood takes him.

Moxley will win here. He’s got a huge match against Kenny Omega at All Out in August. Plus, it’s Jon Moxley. He’s one of the biggest stars in the world. He isn’t going to lose his debut match in AEW, least of all a match in which he can get violent. There’ll be blood, barbed wire, thumbtacks and god knows what else used during the match, but in the end, Moxley will emerge victorious.

Prediction: Jon Moxley

The Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) vs The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr and Fenix) and Laredo Kid

If you listen carefully during this match, you’ll hear Jim Cornette spontaneously combust during this match as these 6 men do all sorts of flips and tricks that get Jim all riled up on Twitter. However, for everyone else, this match will be a delight as these men steal the show with some death-defying stunts.

If you’ve never heard of Laredo Kid, be prepared to be amazed. The guy has been a star in Mexico for years now but just hasn’t got the chance to break out in the USA yet. However, much like All in last year showed the world how good Bandido was, this match will do the same for Laredo Kid.

This will help push the Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros feud that has spanned across AEW and AAA. They’ll no doubt settle that feud at some point soon, possibly at All Out in August. Kenny of course, has Jon Moxley at All Out, so will need to look strong with a victory here. I’m expecting The Elite to win here.

Prediction: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks


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