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AEW: Hook Hype | Five Future Opponents To Continue Hook’s Hype!

HOOK recently made his TV Wrestling debut on the 10th December 2021 episode of AEW Rampage, his debut got the internet buzzing (HOOK HYPE SQUAD).

Looking back, he will still need more than one match to show and highlight how great he can be. While this list doesn’t need to happen now, I feel they need to happen one day. These are 5 future opponents for HOOK.

5: Darby Allin: Darby Allin has accomplished a lot in his tenure, though he has spent the majority of this year feuding with Men of the Year, then had an excellent match with MJF at Full Gear. The match between these two could be excellent in the ring together, Darby being the human missile and HOOK suplexing him 6 ways from Sunday. Hopefully, this is a match we see sooner rather than later.

4: Sammy Guevara: The Current TNT Champion, has been up to plenty since beating Miro, first beating Bobby Fish, then teaming with the Inner Circle to beat Men of the Year and American Top Team in a Minneapolis Streetfight, a match against HOOK and the Spanish God would be Fantastic, maybe HOOK will be the man to take the TNT title off Sammy.

3. Cody Rhodes: Cody is still featured on AEW television, although the man who was once adored by all the fans, though is now being booed out of the building every time he appears. The background of the feud is simple, Cody did antagonise Taz regarding Training HOOK, So HOOK could throw the first stone and attack Cody. No doubt Cody would do everything he could to put HOOK over as the next Pillar of AEW.

2: Dante Martin: Dante’s brother being injured has been a boon for Dante, regularly highlighting his incredible athleticism against the likes of Kenny Omega and others. Dante is only 20 and will be another next-generation Pillar alongside HOOK. The feud for this one is obvious, Dante took HOOKS chips when he joined team Taz briefly before Dante betrayed them by throwing out Ricky Starks during the Dynamite Battle Royal. This match would be a highlight of the Youth of AEW.

1: CM Punk: Punk has been having the time of his life since coming out of his seven-year retirement, and has been having great matches with Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston… Punk was the man who ordered Taz to SEND HOOK, so the feud has a foundation already.

I can imagine how great the match would be, Punk taking bumps and going up like a champ. And HOOK while maybe not winning will be highlighted and get the chance to display his incredible Judo throws and Suplexing style adopted from his father.

There we are. Five future Opponents, hopefully, HOOK will be the next HUGE star of AEW’s next generation. Who do you want to see HOOK face, I have no doubt that HOOK will have plenty of opportunities to solidify himself as a Pillar of AEW. HOOK HYPE.

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