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AEW/Impact: Kenny Omega and Don Callis are making “wrestling history”

The Invisible Hand & The Cleaner at Impact (8/12/20)

On the last episode of Impact Wrestling. Kenny Omega, The Best Bout Machine, appeared on a bus with The Invisible Hand, Don Callis. Josh Matthews would conduct the first interview at Impact regarding the situation at hand. When Matthews asked Don, “When all this happened?”

Don Callis discuss the history of him and Kenny Omega. That he has always been there in Omega’s life, taking care of him since the age of 10. Just like his trainer the legendary Golden Sheik. Don speaks of changing history. How they will continue to change history. Callis stated this is what sets the course of history right!

Matthews continues his questions. Asking about his gentleman’s agreement and speaks of Omega using the mic as a weapon. The Cleaner responds to Josh’s question with a question. Asking Matthews, what would he do if someone struck his father or father figure? When it comes to family and laying hands-on family, of course, he would be a little irate. Kenny continues to speak of all his top matches around the world and Matthews should treat him appropriately. Omega states he loves wrestling and the lifestyle it has provided him.

The Best Bout Machine compares all the titles to rarities and reminiscences of being a collector. That he will continue to collect a few titles here or there in his spare time. Don advises Kenny, as he always has for years, that Impact has a few titles.

The Next Night at AEW (9/12/20)

The two arrived in fashion via helicopter. Don states they are all upset and that they feel duped. Callis replies with, “Tony you are welcome and welcome to the wrestling business kid!” The Invisible Hand states all the paradigms are being broken. Hell froze over because Kenny Omega was at Impact Wrestling as the AEW Champion. They both said they created AEW and he is the AEW World Champion, Omega cannot steal what he created. Kenny Omega speaks of his match being beyond fine art and inspiring. He does not care and could care less what their opinions are. Jon Moxley fell for it and there is more to come. That he lacks intelligence, and no one kicks out of the one-winged angel.

“Some people make matches. Other people make money. Kenny Omega makes history!”- Don Callis

The Impact fans and AEW fans either are for the Omega Champion going back and forth in hopes that their favourites, would have the golden opportunity to face each other at either promotion. Dreaming of a super show between all the promotions. Others are sceptical of the two promotions and this action is taken.

 Response from a few fans:

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Don Callis and Kenny My God Omega make history! Wherever they go and whoever gets in their way. The two will dominate anyone that is in their way. They are not just history makers in Canada but in the world. The road will continue on to AAA, Impact Wrestling, AEW, and whatever promotion. They will continue to break the mould and pattern in pro-wrestling.

Photos courtesy of AEW

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