AEW/Impact: You are just living in Kenny Omega’s World

Kenny Omega is one of the most dominant champions in the world. Not only in AEW but around the world and the independent circuit. He is the first non-Japanese wrestler to win New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s G1 Climax. The Best Bout Machine is also the inaugural IWGP US Champion. His achievements are not only in New Japan, but they range from All Japan, Canadian promotions, DDT Pro, Jersey All-Pro, PWG, and winning several Best Bout Awards.  The awards continue to Nikkan Sports and CBS Sports.

Impact Wrestling: December 15, 2020

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are at the Impact studio. The Machine Gun Karl Anderson can enter the bus. Karl Anderson has a match with Chris Sabin from the Motor City Machine Guns. Chris Sabin states there is only room for two Machine Guns, and he is not one of them.

 Anderson speaks to Omega and The Invisible Hand, Don Callis in the bus. The Best Bout Machine edges Anderson, that he wants to see the gunner. He wants to see the Machine Gun that he knows from Japan. The one that faced Kazuchika Okada in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Karl gets worked up and leaves to his match.

The Machine Gun defeats Sabin. Rich Swann attempts to talk some sense into Anderson. Tells him he does not need to cheat and that he is a better man.

During the match Kenny Omega expresses his aggravation with Swann.

The Cleaner tells Callis, that he is right the champ does what HE wants and to watch a master at work. As the chaos and anarchy continue backstage. Omega attacks and hits Swann on the head with the sign. Don brings the AEW Championship and shows Swann the belt. Advising him that this is the real champion’s belt. Bullet Club versus Swann and Motor City Machine Guns.

Don Callis uses his EVP power to make an official 6-man tag at Hard to Kill.

Alex Shelley Comments:

AEW: December 16, 2020

On December 16, 2020, The Cleaner entered AEW with his title. The title he rightfully was owed from the start of the promotion. He was scheduled to face The Bad Boy, Joey Janela, who is no stranger to speciality matches. Their match would be a No Disqualification World Title Eliminator match.

Janela struck Kenny Omega with a trash-can before the bell. This was an attempt to receive an early start on Omega. Don Callis then demanded he has a commentary space because no one can call a Kenny Omega match as he can! When Tony declined to give up his seat, The Invisible Hand retrieved a mic and proceeded with live commentary.

Omega proceeded to dominate the match. The Bad Boy was able to reverse the one-winged angel with a reverse hurricanrana. Sonny Kiss at ringside, recovered a table for Joey Janela, to use it on Omega. Janela missed The Cleaner when he attempted a leg drop from the top rope. Kenny Omega hit Janela with two V-Triggers and then his one-winged angel. The move no one can kick out of. He conducted the match with providing his own commentary halfway through the match as well.

The Invisible Hand to Kenny Omega proceed to advise all the AEW viewers, that there are no more unanswered questions for the world champion. Pac and the Death Triangle interrupted the world champion’s celebration. Omega versus Fenix would be announced for December 30, 2020.

When Hard to Kill comes. Will there be a firefight of bodies divided in the squared circle? The technical wrestling tag team, Motor City Machine Guns alongside Rich Swann will face The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega in the main event.

Omega and Don Callis continue their conquest of domination.

Don Callis Comments at Impact Press Pass:

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are family. Proving that your mind is the greatest tool. They want everyone watching around the world. To show their legendary status and becoming the future of pro-wrestling. By providing matches win or lose. The Cleaner continuously returns stronger. He avenges his losses.  He watches and listens to the reaction of the fans in every promotion. Performers evolve by time, age, and losses. Every night The Best Bout Machine is in the ring he proves that it maybe your house, but you are living in his world.

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