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AEW: Thunder Rosa – Just what the Doctor ordered?

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa are currently embroiled in a very heated feud within AEW. It all started last month on Twitter, where the two traded jabs before Rosa’s NWA Women’s World Championship rematch against Serena Deeb.

Then, Baker decided to take the action off social media and into the real world. During the title match on Dynamite the following week, her sidekick, Reba Rebel, showed up and began distracting the referee. Baker took the opportunity to hit Rosa with a neck breaker on the outside of the ring before running backstage.

This eventually led to Deeb winning and successfully retaining the belt. An understandably angry Rosa found Baker at ringside and the two engaged in an all-out brawl. Several referees had to restrain the two, but this would not be the last time they exchanged blows.

Rosa returned the favor during AEW Dynamite’s Winter is Coming special several weeks ago. Immediately following Baker’s victory over Leyla Hirsch, the former NWA Women’s World Champion showed up and the two brawled yet again.

While they haven’t had an official match yet, this feud is already a lot more gripping than what we’re used to seeing. A recurring sore spot for AEW has been its women’s division; the talent is certainly there, but the storytelling leaves a lot to be desired.

However, both women have the potential to make this feud one of the best the AEW women’s division has seen. It could also be the final stepping stone that Britt Baker needs to get herself into the title picture.

During the early stages of her AEW career, Baker struggled to find her place in the company. Even though she started off as a popular babyface, fans quickly turned on her. Many grew tired of the constant mention of her being a real-life dentist week in and week out.

Then came that fateful night, January 22, 2020: Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea Part Deux. After defeating Priscilla Kelly, Baker turned heel by berating Tony Schiavone during a post match interview. This kick started her evolution into AEW’s Role Model.

Since then, Baker has done some of her best work in and out of the ring. When she injured her knee back in May, many wondered if that would stop her momentum dead in its tracks. However, she still found ways to stay on TV. From creating the Role’s Royce to chronicling her trials and tribulations during her comeback, people couldn’t wait to see what she and Reba Rebel did next.

This also included her feud with Big Swole. The two managed to create one of the most entertaining storylines of the summer, and they didn’t even wrestle each other until September at All Out. I mean really, who could forget Swole kidnapping the good doctor and throwing her in a dumpster? Baker and Reba’s Rebel’s antics were a masterclass in staying relevant in the face of adversity.

After that, it felt like it was only a matter of time before Baker got a shot at Hikaru Shida and the AEW Women’s Championship. However, she has only had three matches since losing to Swole. Granted, she won them all, but it felt like she needed a little extra something before going after Shida.

Lo and behold, Rosa fit the bill perfectly and the timing was just right. The two already showed how physical and intense they can get, so their inevitable match shouldn’t be any different. Rosa is a legit badass, and brings the best out of whoever she steps in the ring with. A win over her certainly moves Baker directly to the front of the line for a title opportunity.

The next AEW pay-per-view, Revolution, isn’t until February 2021, so that is plenty of time for Baker and Shida to build an entertaining feud of their own. The Role Model can boast about how if she can beat Rosa, then she can certainly beat Shida for the title. On the other hand, the champ can state that Baker has never beaten her one-on-one and it won’t happen this time around either.

Until then, we’ll have to watch and see how Baker and Rosa’s feud continues to unfold. A match between the two is certainly going to happen sooner rather than later. Things could get even more interesting if Rosa signs with AEW. Another thing to watch is Shida’s impending title match against Abadon.

Soon enough, Britt Baker is going to stake her claim as the next challenger for the AEW Women’s Championship. This has been a long time coming for her, and she certainly won’t let the opportunity go to waste.

It doesn’t matter who is holding the gold, because they’ll still hear the same thing: The Doctor will see you now.

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