AEW: Kenny Omega “No Mercy was a larger than life version of wrestling”

During an interview with Wrestling Observer, Kenny Omega heaped praise onto the iconic Nintendo 64 wrestling game WWF No Mercy.

“I am but one of the masses that have cried for a No Mercy style of game for quite some time, about 20 years, believe it or not. There hasn’t been any sort of wrestling game that has captured that magic. I know of a lot of wrestlers, wrestling fans, even guys that are just video game fans that don’t even watch wrestling anymore but they play those games still. Generally speaking, we have the epitome of what a wrestling simulator can be, which is sort of the 2K style, and that’s what WWE is featuring and I always felt that No Mercy was sort of a larger than life version of what wrestling is.”

He continued.

“But still when you would perform the movements, you know, the wrestling moves and the way that guys would run the ropes, the way the guys would bump, the way that guys would sell, that actually always felt more real to me than what a wrestling simulator looked like. That was always sort of my favourite engine and style. Do I think it works 100% in the year 2020? No. Nowadays, people probably want something that’s a little faster, but they want something that feels kind of similar to that experience, and they want something that’s easy to pick up and play.”

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