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AEW: Miro Is TNT, He’s Dynamite! Miro’s Next Challengers

Miro proclaimed to the AEW roster that if you’ve got a belt, you’ve got a problem – well Darby Allin found that out the hard way as the Best Man became the TNT Champion. But with a new champion comes a new list of challenges and AEW is certainly not sure of people who can give Miro a challenger for his newly gained title.

As we head towards Double or Nothing, here’s who we want to see face Miro for the TNT Championship in the future!

Kip Sabian

This may be low hanging fruit, with Kip Sabian last seen being assaulted by Miro backstage before he was sent to get surgery. Sabian recently went under the knife, but no one is particularly sure how long Super Bad will be out, so Miro may not even be TNT Champion by the time he returns.

AEW does not like leaving stories untold and a match between Sabian and Miro is a storyline thread that is still untold. The roster in AEW is full of young stars who are almost certainly going to be the future of the industry, with the likes of MJF, Sammy Guevara, and Jungle Boy all receiving critical acclaim.

Sabian also has the potential to reach this level, but hasn’t had his stand out moment, but a win over an established monster like Miro could strap a rocket to the Englishman – with a subsequent TNT title run also helping to raise his stock.

Christian Cage

Christian Cage vowed to outwork everyone upon his arrival in AEW – but can he outwork the Best Man? Both Cage and Miro have been huge fan favourites throughout their careers but have never had the opportunity to face off in the squared circle.

The star power and love from the fanbase for both of these men could be absolute money for AEW, with an extended feud between the two culminating on pay-per-view being a hell of a draw for them.

Miro’s in ring abilities have become some what underrated, with many focusing on the charisma and character work of the TNT Champion, but a match with one of the best in ring technicians ever would allow him to further establish his wrestling abilities to the fans.

John Silver

John Silver quickly stole the hearts of the AEW fanbase with his larger-than-life character and hilarious antics on Being The Elite. Being a smaller competitor, Miro can look like an absolute monster as he throws him around, whilst also building up Silver as he tries to chop down the beast.

The TNT Championship holds a special place for Silver, with the late Brodie Lee having held the belt, so to see Silver compete for, and potentially win, the championship would be a fantastic moment.

Seeing Silver fight from underneath and show the heart that he has whilst Miro brutalises him could develop the fans love for him even further and he deserves a moment like this for well he’s got himself over.

Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian will now be looking to find his feet in AEW after the breakup of SCU following a defeat to the Young Bucks. Kazarian is a five-time X Division Champion in TNA/Impact, being an exceptional midcard representative for the company.

With the breakup of SCU, Kazarian may find himself in a position of soul searching and a crushing loss to Miro could push the story along further as he tries to find himself. On top of this, Kazarian is an established star both in and out of the company and would go a long way to legitimising the TNT Championship reign of Miro.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is the AEW World Champion, the Impact World Champion and the AAA Mega Champion, why would he not want to lock down the TNT Championship too? People speculated that the self-proclaimed belt collector would challenge the TNT Champion as he looks to develop his collection.

Miro continually called out Omega at the same time as Darby Allin in his pursuit for gold, so why not give the Best Man his chance at the Best Bout Machine? This would be a tricky booking situation for AEW, with the conundrum of putting both belts on Omega or making your champion lose, but Tony Khan has proven that he is more than capable with the pencil.

When Miro first spoke about joining AEW, Kenny Omega was one of the first names he mentioned in regard to dream opponents, and this would be a great opportunity to make this happen…

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