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AEW: Official Full Gear 2020 Preview | TWM Previews

On November 7, AEW is going full gear. This will be the second edition of Full Gear where all rivalries reach their boiling point. This year AEW boasts a stacked card and the stakes are higher than ever. All the championships are being defended, even one which doesn’t even belong to AEW. There are several dream matches on this pay-per-view which has the potential of being the show of the year. So without further ado, let’s get into the matches.

Serena Deeb (c) vs Allysin Kay – NWA Women’s World Championship (BUY-IN)

Serena Deeb won the NWA Women’s championship from Thunder Rosa on 27 October and even defended it on Dynamite a week later. This title is arguably the most prestigious women’s title in all of professional wrestling with its origin being in 1935. Deeb had a strong showing against Big Swole on her dynamite debut a few weeks ago and she proved herself worthy to dance with the upper card players. In the other corner will be Allysin Kay who will be getting her first shot at the title since January when she lost the title to Thunder Rosa. The more intriguing aspect of this match is the door between AEW and NWA opening even further with NWA allowing an AEW contracted wrestler to hold their championship and even defend it on pay-per-view. What does this mean for the relation between NWA and AEW? Will we see more wrestlers making the jump to AEW?

Orange Cassidy vs John Silver

This is a match that many wrestling fans are excited to see. This is a clash of two completely contrasting yet majorly over wrestlers. Orange Cassidy got over by showing as little personality as possible while on the other hand, John Silver exudes so much character that the fans had no other choice but to love him. Both of these competitors are extremely versatile. They can portray both serious and comedic roles in the ring so it will be a treat to watch them wrestle it out. The rivalry between these two started on Dynamite when Mr Brodie Lee went head to head against Orange Cassidy for the TNT Championship. Before the match began, Cassidy placed his glasses over Anna Jay’s eyes much to the dismay of Silver. He released his anger by interfering and constantly getting a shot or two in at Orange. The match ended with Mr Brodie Lee standing victorious but that didn’t settle the rivalry between Silver and Cassidy. In a match between Cody and Cassidy for the TNT title, Cassidy was about to go for the final blow but Silver interfered and pump-kicked Orange in the face as Reynolds distracted the referee costing Cassidy the title. This enraged Cassidy and a match were set between the two at Full Gear. This will be Silver’s first AEW pay-per-view match and it will definitely be exciting to see Johnny Hungee get such exposure.

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara – Elite Deletion

This is the first AEW deletion match of Matt Hardy and, interestingly, we’ll be getting a cinematic match between these two. The previous clashes between these two have proven that this feud is cursed with Matt sustaining a concussion and Sammy getting his head brutally busted open. This blood feud between the two started months ago when Matt Hardy ran Sammy over with a golf cart. Hardy wanted to “help” Sammy but he refused his help and they had a series of matches with Matt coming out on the top at All Out. After their violent encounter, it was thought that the rivalry was over but it was revealed soon that Sammy was the mysterious attacker who smacked Hardy in the back of the head backstage on an episode of Dynamite. A match was quickly set between the two for Full Gear which was later announced to be Elite Deletion match, a cinematic match, which is, to be fair, the best choice for a rivalry that has been so unfortunate for both parties.

MJF vs Chris Jericho

On September 16, MJF defeated Shawn Dean before grabbing the mic and hinting that he was looking to join a stable because that was the only thing that he was lacking. A group. It was revealed that the faction that MJF had his eyes on was The Inner Circle when he started showering them with gifts and compliments but not being able to admit that he wanted to join the group. That, however, was until he met with Jericho in the ring to talk where Le Champion invited MJF to a Dinner Debonair to help him decide whether or not to let MJF in. Tensions were slowly building between the two and you could feel that something was about to happen. After a steak dinner, a memorable duet and a town hall discussion, Jericho cut the games and went straight to the point and gave MJF a challenge: If MJF won in a match against Chris Jericho, he could join the Inner Circle but if Jericho beat MJF, he will never be allowed to enter their group. Max agreed and added one important bit of information, he said that he would do anything to beat Jericho. Thus the match was decided but MJF faced an obstacle on his way to Full Gear in the form of Sammy Guevara and Ortiz. With the help of big muscle tits: Wardlow, MJF was able to overcome these two before attacking Jericho to prove that he wasn’t “soft”. This rivalry had quickly become serious as MJF’s ego was mocked. Will MJF be able to beat Jericho and join the Inner Circle? Or will he have to look for another faction after this Saturday?

Hikaru Shida (c) vs Nyla Rose – AEW Women’s Championship

Over a month ago, Nyla Rose aligned herself with Vickie Guerrero and hasn’t suffered a single’s loss since. Even though Nyla is a monster and Shida is a great wrestler overall and such a clash doesn’t need a big build, it can be argued that less than two weeks of the build for a pay-per-view match is unfair to the women’s division. AEW has been facing some issues with their women’s division and they need to up their game. Women’s wrestling hasn’t been getting enough screen time and they need to build better and engaging storylines rather than the champion naming her challenger only ten days before the event. Anyway, these two are undoubtedly talented and entertaining wrestlers and there is a very strong question raised regarding the title reign. Is Shida going to continue her undefeated run, or is Nyla going to become the tyrant monster champion on top of the women’s division?

Cody (c) vs Darby Allin – TNT Championship

Cody won back the title from Mr Brodie Lee on Dynamite on Oct 7 and since then Cody has found himself facing problems in defending the title. When he drew against Orange Cassidy on an episode of Dynamite, he realized that to prove himself as the true champion he must defeat Cassidy because his ego wasn’t going to let it slide. So a rematch was set and a week before that, it was announced that Darby Allin would take on the winner of that match for the title at Full Gear who had wound up in this position by beating Ricky Starks. Cody defeated Cassidy, and now it’s time to beat Darby. Cody went as far as to say that he was the one who is responsible for Darby being there and Darby doesn’t have it in him to become the face of AEW or get the “ace” belt.
Another aspect that should be mentioned going into this match is that Cody has been displaying a lot of heel tendencies in his matches recently such as relying on Arn to help him cheat to win and not letting go of his opponent even when they have reached the ropes. Moreover, Cody enters from neither the face tunnel nor the heel tunnel, he has a special entrance from the middle to maybe hint at his possible incoming complete heel turn. He’s facing yet another babyface at Full Gear and let’s see how this turns out for Cody.

Hangman Adam Page vs Kenny Omega – World Title Eliminator Tournament Final

Now we’re entering dream match territory. Kenny Omega vs Adam Page. Ever since Hangman Adam Page joined the Elite, it was noted by many critics that his wrestling wasn’t up to par with the rest of the members. It was best summed up by Jay White of NJPW who once said during a press conference while addressing Hangman: “You haven’t had any singles matches recently and why is that? Because you’re constantly in the Bullet Club’s shadow. More specifically the Young Bucks’ shadow”. Adam Page has always been insecure of his peers and that built some tension between him and the rest of the Elite. Moreover, his partnership with former Elite member and tag champ Kenny Omega had been an odd one where they didn’t get along well to the point that they even made their entrances separately and for the longest time AEW had been teasing a break between the two. At Revolution, after Young Bucks vs Omega and Page, we saw Hangman subtly preparing himself to hit the Buckshot Lariat on Kenny, and Kenny and the Young Bucks slowly getting ready to triple superkick Hangman but both parties thought better as Kenny walked off with Adam Page to the back.

Due to the pandemic, many storylines were postponed and paused and we didn’t see any more tensions rising between the two for a while until in an episode of Being The Elite Hangman explicitly said, “I’m afraid I’ll never reach the fame and achievements of my peers and I’ll be a disappointment to my friends and family!” and then FTR arrived to add fuel to the fire. Over the next few weeks, Hangman grew closer with FTR and drifted even further away from The Elite because of the Young Bucks’ direct competition with FTR. The Young Bucks began to slowly get tired of Hangman because of his newfound friendship with FTR.

The turning point in the story came during a gauntlet match to declare the challengers for Kenny and Page’s tag titles at All Out where Hangman, driven by his insecurities, cost The Young Bucks the match which was eventually won by FTR. In the aftermath of the match, The Young Bucks kicked Hangman from The Elite as he began to regret his decision. It was at All Out where the tensions had reached a boiling point and Kenny, the last link of Hangman with the Elite, finally decided that he was done with Hangman and he left him lying alone, helpless in the ring after they lost the belts.
A few weeks later an eliminator tournament for a shot at the World Title was announced and to Hangman’s surprise, Kenny was participating. It hit Hangman hard that Kenny had moved on so fast while he was still hoping that the team would get back together so as a result Hangman also got into the tournament and the wheels were set in motion. During the tournament, we saw Hangman struggle with his opponents but he was able to overcome Colt Cabana and Wardlow. However, on the other branch of the tournament we saw glimpses of The Cleaner, showing brutal and ruthless hostility towards his opponents. We even saw those V-Triggers he used in Japan which yeeted his opponents halfway across the ring. As expected Hangman and Omega have reached the finals. This is going to be an emotionally intense match. The anxious millennial cowboy has a chance to prove that he is worthy of a world title shot but The Cleaner stands in his way.

FTR (c) vs The Young Bucks – AEW Tag Team Championship

  • “One day we’ll wrestle The Revival & everyone will rejoice. Remember this tweet.” – Matt Jackson December 4, 2018
  • “One day we’ll wrestle The Young Bucks & everyone will rejoice. Remember this tweet.” – Cash Wheeler December 4, 2018

It is on this Saturday, November 7, 2020, that The Young Bucks will face FTR and everyone is going to rejoice. It is happening guys. Almost five years of build for this match. FTR claim that they are the best tag team in the world but The Young Bucks are in disagreement. The Young Bucks believe that they are the best tag team in the world and thus the whole wrestling world is split. Is FTR better or are The Young Bucks better? Everyone from fans to critics is divided and has a difference in opinion, but for the first time ever, we will see The Young Bucks face FTR in what has the seeds to be the greatest tag team wrestling match ever and I’m not exaggerating. Two of the best tag teams in the world will finally meet in the squared circle. The possibility of this match taking place has been in doubt for many years because the Bucks were settled in Japan while The Revival was having a solid run in NXT. Even Matt Jackson responded to the question “When will we see the Young Bucks vs. The Revival?” on a fan Q & A in 2017 with “I don’t know, probably never.” However, the match started to take form with the arrival of FTR in AEW and from there on it was only a matter of time.

FTR captured gold at All Out as The Young Bucks went on a superkick rampage after the jealousy and hatred for FTR grew. The Young Bucks finally made their way through by winning a four-way tag team match but were attacked by FTR instantly after the bout injuring Matt’s ankle. When asked why FTR would ruin a dream match like this, they justified their actions by saying that they’re surely heading into a dream match, but the championships are also on the line which means much more. The Bucks raised the stakes even further by adding the stipulation that if they lose, they won’t challenge for the AEW Tag Team Titles ever again. There is so much on the line here: a chance to be seen as the best tag team, championships and most importantly, the pride of all four men.

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston “I Quit” Match – AEW World Championship

These last few months have been quite triumphant for Eddie Kingston to say the least. Kingston went from selling his boots to fighting for the World Championship in the main event of a pay-per-view in a matter of months. These both have history. Kingston and Moxley were close friends and they met a lot on the independent circuit. However, Moxley got quickly picked up by WWE and Kingston was left on his own. He didn’t get any major contracts nor was he earning millions. Moxley had abandoned Kingston and had gone to “land of the entertainers” where he met his wife and was living a happy life. But what happened to Kingston? Well, Kingston, according to himself, got screwed by professional wrestling. Living paycheck to paycheck, Kingston struggled to get opportunities while Moxley was winning World Championships over in WWE. Kingston waited for his chance and finally got one when he arrived in AEW. Nothing was stopping him as he formed a faction quick enough and soon got a title shot on Dynamite. However, Kingston passed out to a bulldog submission manoeuvre from Mox but he never tapped out. Kingston built on this and kept attacking Mox week after week until Mox finally asked for an “I Quit” match to be booked between himself and Kingston and here we are. These are two tough brutes who will fight tooth and nail for the title and will never stop until they win and I’m all for it. This will be violent. This will be bloody

These are the matches that have been announced so far for Full Gear, which takes place on November 7, 2020, at 8 P.M Eastern. The pre-show starts at 7 P.M. Be sure to enjoy the show.

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