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AEW: Rampage Results | Friday 13th, August 2021 – Omega Vs. Christian!

Welcome to the first-ever episode of AEW Rampage! We’re kicking off with Taz, Mark Henry, Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho on commentary, with Mark Henry doing some interviews at times. Dasha Gonzalez is the ring announcer, giving Justin Roberts a well-deserved night off to soothe his monumental voice, and we kick off with Kenny Omega (C) vs Christian Cage for the IMPACT World Championship!

Impact World Championship: Kenny Omega Vs. Christian Cage:

Brian Hebner officiating, start with a lock-up, clean break. Christian getting the early advantage. Kenny teases a lock-up, before kicking and chopping Christian, Omega tries the One-Winged Angel early but Christian counters into a kill switch, but Kenny escapes and leaves the ring. A sign of things to come…

Back in the ring, back and forth chopping. More chops, fierce heat from this crowd, it’s impressive considering it’s 10 pm eastern. Christian goes up top but Kenny knocks him off to the outside, then we go to the commercial. Heat spots last a while, but nothing major happens during the picture in the picture.

Teasing a superplex from Kenny, but Christian counters into a sunset powerbomb. Corner turnbuckle punches all the way up to 20!~ with Christian really firing up.

Kenny hits the YOU CAN’T ESCAPE Moonsault combination, after countering a kill switch for a near fall. Christian counters a suplex into a reverse DDT tries a spear, but Kenny counters to hit a powerbomb and the V Trigger for another near fall. One-Winged Angel countered again, Christian then escapes a German suplex.

Commentary really putting over how Kenny hasn’t lost since winning the title. Jericho puts himself over, very excitedly, as Kenny hit two snapdragons, prepares for a V Trigger. But Christian rollouts, doing a reverse guillotine on the ropes, and gets the Frog Splash for a close 2 count!

Interference from the Young Bucks, followed by a chair thrown in the ring, as Omega goes for the One-Winged Angel onto the chair, but Christian slips in behind, hits a successful Killswitch / Unprettier, onto the chair for the pin, as Christian becomes the NEW IMPACT WRESTLING CHAMPION ON AEW RAMPAGE!


Jurassic Express come out and celebrate with Christian, Don Callis looks horrified! A fantastic opening match and a great precursor to the big match at ALL OUT. I personally greatly look forward to seeing how much better it could be.

We cut to Mark Henry backstage with Christian Cage and Jurassic Express. Christian says he feels great, looks forward, puts over Kenny as being as great as everyone (barring a few) says, says it will be tough, but he knows he is Kenny’s head, as Kenny now knows he can beat him…

Miro (C) vs Fuego del Sol AEW TNT Title Match.

If Fuego wins, he gets a full-time contract as well as the title. Jericho puts over Miro Fierce. Fuego surprises Miro with several Tornado DDTs teases a count-out, gets in at nine, and a 3rd DDT leads to a pin attempt. Fuego tries a crossbody, Miro catches him and hits a Bulgarian (Samoan) drop, hits his machka-kick, then the GAME OVER {Camel Clucth} for the Submission victory!

STILL TNT CHAMPION | God’s Favourite Champion, Le Redemer, MIRO

Overall, this was fine, no one believed Fuego would win, but they gave him a hope spot, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to beat him. Upon winning, Miro also tears up the AEW contract to rub it in Fuego’s face. After the commercial, Fuego is still in the ring, but he gets an ovation from the fans, Sammy Guevara appears with Tony Khan, Tony hands him a contract. Sammy talks about him coming here in 2020, how great he is, he then states that Fuego is ALL ELITE. Fuego is now signed, congratulations to him. The fans seem happy for him as well.

Commercial for next week’s Rampage in the United Centre, while playing Darby’s Best in the World promo… Tell you what, if CM Punk doesn’t appear, there might be a riot…

Backstage with Mark Henry, who is interviewing champion Baker and Challenger Velvet Via Satellite. Velvet cuts a promo, which was totally fine. Talks about stirring her ass up. Baker cuts a promo, Talks about how Brittsberg is her city with her people. People are going crazy for her.

AEW Women’s World Championship Match
The Main Event Britt Baker (C) vs Red Velvet

Red Velvet comes out, she is booed heavily, but that’s expected. Britts music hits, and the crowd cheer like the greatest hero of all time arrived in their town.

Lock up to start, eventually, break. These fans are booing every ounce of Red Velvets Offence. Velvet getting the early advantage, Baker trying an Irish Whip and charge, but Velvet counters starts working over Britts lockjaw arm. Britt is getting the heat like a heel but the crowd is cheering all of her heat spots.

“Beat her up Baker” Chants by the fans with Rebel choking her on the bottom rope to huge cheers. Fans are chanting Reba too, as Reba chokes Velvet in the corner with a crutch.

Back from the commercial, Red Velvet makes her comeback, feeding on the crowds Boos. She keeps attacking the arm [Britt Baker actually has a broken wrist]. Baker hits a Neckbreaker, attempts a Lockjaw, but Velvet counters into a roll-up, then take off bakers wrist strap, Rebel interferes, Velvet throws Bakers glove at her. Rebel is ejected for trying to give Baker the belt, Fans boo that, they want Baker to win.

Eventually, Velvet gets her own Lockjaw, but Baker gets out of it, but she can’t get the lockjaw with her injured hand, so she floats over and changes places. Beating Red Velvet via submission!


The match was fine, the crowd made the match 10 times better, the funny thing is, Britt worked Heel, but she was absolutely 100% babyface to this crowd, no matter what she did. Overall, it was the right result, we know what would happen on the other promotion, I won’t say, but you know.

After the match Britt hits another neckbreaker on Velvet, Kris Statlander runs in and attacks Britt to stop her attacking Velvet, the fans booed. Then a mystery woman ran in, which turned out to be Jamie Hayter! She has a new look, sporting blonde-ish ginger hair now. She aligned with Britt, who finally hit a curb stomp on the Belt on Velvet.

A fantastic first show, the fans were HOT, Baker was a Superhero, Fuego got signed because he’d put in a ton of hard work (Kinda wish they didn’t do the contract stip, but in this instance, the fans really wanted Fuego to be signed.) Jamie Hayter made a surprise return, which might not be the big debut everyone expected BUT it brings more flavour to the AEW Women’s Division!

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