AEW: Revolution 2022 Results | March 6, 2021

AEW has been on a roll recently with their weekly Dynamite and Rampage broadcasts along with a whole host of new signings and a strong homegrown contingent of talent. Revolution marks their largest show since the well-received Full Gear and if anything, this card looks even more stacked. There is also the added frisson of excitement now that Tony Khan has purchased Ring of Honor and the potential for a crossover. Let’s not waste any time and get started. This is AEW Revolution 2022!

The AEW Revolution 2022 Buy In: Leyla Hirsch vs Kris Statlander

Two women have had plenty of issues with each other since their brief team disintegrated. Both are very talented and have grown into their respective roles in the growing women’s division in AEW. Plenty of intensity on the show right from the get-go with Statlander having the size and power advantage over the more ground-based Hirsch. Things got heated pretty quickly with Hirsch focusing on the arm of Statlander. That focus was the story of the match, Statlander trying to fight one-handed against Hirsch, who showed a wide vicious streak. There were a couple of slight miscommunications but nothing that threw the match off as they told a good story. Hirsch at one point hit a surprising step up hurricanrana, showing another side to her game. Both women looked close to winning at points, but it took a cheap shot by Hirsch with a spare turnbuckle to give her the victory. Either could have won and it looks like they will clash again after that disputable finish. A good kick-off to the night.

A nice surprise turned sour quickly as it looked like we were being treated to a Kenny Omega appearance before Don Callis instead made his way out, as ostentatious as usual. Callis did a great job of riling up the crowd, blaming them for Omega’s myriad of injuries. He pivoted perfectly into running down the card for the night and further bigging up the Elite, with some gaslighting of Adam Cole thrown in. This is the exact kind of segment pre-shows were made for.

The AEW Revolution 2022 Buy In: Hook vs QT Marshall

The son of Taz has been on a tear since his long-awaited debut, and this marks his biggest match so far. Since his debut Hook has been dominating a series of opponents but the sneaky veteran QT Marshall will be a test of how far he has come. The commentary team were joined by Taz for this match, which started with Marshall coming out with a microphone in hand to mock Hook before Hook joined us to a big ovation, a sign the shine has yet to come off the young man. Marshall was a great cocky foil to the relative rookie, who showed off plenty of his offensive arsenal in response to every sneak attack and dig. The veteran tested Hook but did a fantastic job of making the youngster look like a star as Hook picked up another victory with the ‘redrum’ submission. The Hook train continues on its upward trajectory.

The AEW Revolution 2022 Buy In
House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews)
vs PAC, Penta Oscuro & Erick Redbeard

A late addition to the pre-show is this physically massive six-man that not only features another chapter in the ongoing saga of the House of Black, but also the added x-factor of the (in-ring) debuts for both Erick Redbeard and Buddy Matthews. Their presence makes this an even more interesting match than the previous tag match these two teams had. The theatrical, foreboding, entrance of the House of Black received a great reception from the reliably hot AEW Crowd. Both teams went fully into the theatrical, as Penta takes on his darker Oscuro character. There was a nice touch during Redbeard’s entrance as his graphic mentioned his past alliance with Brodie Lee. Matthews was the first debutant into the match and quickly looked every inch the top class in-ring worker he was in WWE. We then got a real hoss showdown as Brody King and Erick Redbeard collided as things started to break down on the outside. This was a very well-paced match, with some slow sections at the beginning building into a series of crescendos as everyone got a chance to shine. Lots of physicality and athleticism on show from all six men, they went all out to show what they can do. The real purpose of these preshow matches is to make a final push for undecided viewers to buy the show and this was a great example of the form, a match that easily could have fit on the main show or been a solid TV main event. In the end, the House of Black picked up the win after another use of the black mist. A strong end to the preshow.

AEW Revolution 2022 | Main show

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston: This is a battle of wrestling philosophies, two veterans with very different paths through their respective long careers. Their face-offs have been a great example of both men’s skill on the microphone and this match feels like a real moment, especially for Kingston to define how far he has solidified himself as a major player in modern wrestling. Jericho’s entrance continues to inspire arena-filling singalongs, but Kingston got a huge ovation of his own as he came out to a great reaction. Immediately Kingston hit Jericho with a half and half suplex and looked to have the first-ever AEW World Champion shaken. No semblance of a traditional wrestling match here as these two went straight into a proper brawl, no let-up in the action as they went for each other with some intense strikes. Jericho’s positive reaction during his entrance dissipated quickly as it became clear quite how over Kingston is. Jericho lasered focused on the eye of Kingston, doing a lot of damage, before digging deep into his prickish ways by removing a turnbuckle pad and suplexing Kingston from the apron to the floor. Just a battle, Jericho rolling back the years and Eddie showing all of his heart and fighting spirit. Jericho even put his hands on referee Aubrey Edwards to further underline quite how far he was willing to go in the pursuit of victory. It was a brilliant fight of an opening contest from two brilliant wrestlers. Two consecutive spinning back fists and the stretch plum submission gave Kingston the victory after one hell of a match. Kingston’s emotional reaction to his victory felt huge and the post-match refusal of a handshake by Jericho further underlined the differences between these two men and the journey Kingston has taken to this point.

Jurassic Express vs reDRagon vs the Young Bucks
Triple Threat Tag Team Match | Tag Team Championship

A three-way that features two teams ostensibly representing the Elite, the Young Bucks and reDRagon both played a part in the other team ending up in this match against the team of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. It’s rare that champions head into a match as underdogs but against the four men opposite them they probably did tonight. Three teams enter but only two men are legal at any one time, meaning that the Bucks and reDRagon could avoid each other for a while and in fact they worked almost as a four-man team in the early going, isolating Jungle Boy away from his teammate. This was essentially a four on two for periods, The Elite representatives showing they can work together if they need to, although that alliance started to fray pretty quickly once the first near falls happened.

The action was as nonstop as one would expect with six men involved (and some suitably lax refereeing). Luchasaurus got to show off his size and athletic prowess as the largest man in the match with the Bucks and reDRagon both bouncing off him at points to really sell that size disparity. After a long stretch without the two Elite duos facing off directly, they finally ended up as the two legal teams, something that cost them as they took their respective eyes off Jurassic Express. Lots of interesting and innovative double team moves on show from each team as the match reached crescendo after crescendo. Copious near falls as we reached a breathless finale before a great closing stretch. Matt Jackson almost used the cold spray but had it kicked from his hand by Jungle Boy who managed to hit the ‘Thoracic Express’ for the victory and the retention. In the end, the inability of the Young Bucks and reDRagon to coexist in this match ultimately cost them both. It was a great win for Jurassic Express to cement their status as champions.

AEW Revolution 2022
Keith Lee vs Orange Cassidy vs Powerhouse Hobbs vs Ricky Starks vs Wardlow vs Christian Cage | Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

A Revolution staple as the ladder match for a future TNT Championship match returns, packed this time with plenty of sizeable men, veterans, and plenty of x-factors. The ladder match experience of Christian Cage will surely come into play, it was in matches like this that he made his name twenty years ago, but the presence of so many huge men gives this a different feel. The brass ring imagery is a bit silly but it’s somehow less egregious this time around. We got the big hoss showdown almost straight away before Lee, Hobbs and Wardlow were interrupted by Orange Cassidy as this became chaos right away. No dead spots in the action to be found here with even the big men getting to show off their athleticism. There were innumerable fun little moments from everyone involved, including some great examples of Orange Cassidy’s always surprising speed, some clever moments of interplay between the two Team Taz members and great veteran instincts by Cage. This was as action-packed, as action-packed can be, a super-hot match. We even got an appearance from Danhausen, who put a curse on Ricky Starks and stopped him from winning at one point. Keith Lee and Powerhouse Hobbs were taken out by Wardlow on the stage, who then made his way to the ring, where he folded Starks in half with a powerbomb on a ladder and claimed the brass ring to win the match and the biggest win of his career so far. Some might be disappointed that Lee didn’t win but Wardlow has been a breakout star recently, and it’s not as if Lee actively ‘lost’ given that this was a ladder match.

After this match, we got our first chance to breathe with Tony Schiavone coming to the stage to announce a new signee. It’s Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland. A great reception for him here as AEW add yet another brilliant wrestler to their roster.

AEW Revolution 2022
Jade Cargill vs Tay Conti – TBS Championship

The biggest challenge of Cargill’s young career as she puts her title and undefeated streak on the line against the always improving Tay Conti. Another pair of special entrances, Tay Conti with Negative One and some special war paint, Jade Cargill with a live performance of her entrance theme by Kingfish Ingram and some great gear of her own. These two kept up the theme of rapid starts to matches with Cargill showing her cocky streak by mocking Conti’s martial arts background, who fired back by showing why it’s a bad idea to mock someone’s martial arts background. Lots of trash talking by Cargill but that meant she took her eye off the ball at times, taking out Anna Jay and getting a chair shot in receipt. For someone with a few matches as Cargill has had, she has improved hugely, even pulling out a frog splash at one point. A spirited fight from Conti but one mistake let Cargill hit the ‘Jaded’ for the win and the retention. Conti is brilliant but it’s not the right time for Cargill to lose just yet as she goes 29-0.

AEW Revolution 2022
CM Punk vs MJF – Dog Collar Match

Trying to break down the road that has led us to this point could fill articles themselves, a brilliantly told story of hatred and passion that has led us to one of the most brutal matches in wrestling, a dog collar match. The blurring of lines between character and reality has been epic and their story has deserved what will surely be a bloody and violent conclusion. MJF continuing to troll the audience by coming out to a hint of Punk’s music is another example of why he is so brilliant in this role. Punk though returned the favour with his epic entrance, coming out to darkness, smoke, his old ROH theme and attire. A true epic.

MJF trying to run away after a tug of war underscored not only his chickenshit nature but the physically dangerous nature of this match type. Unlike the earlier matches on this show, this had a slow pace, rightly so for the stipulation and the intensity of this feud. It wasn’t long before the stitches in Punk’s head were opened back up and he started bleeding like a stuck pig. MJF getting on the mic during the match further ramped up the emotional strength of this match. Punk was a bloody mess even as he beat MJF with the chain, somehow even bloodier than he was on Wednesday. There was even blood on the ringside camera lens. Punk had damaged the hand of MJF early on and this hampered MJF at points, particularly as he tried to lock in submissions. This was ugly, in a brilliant way, a throwback in more ways than just the dog collar. A war of attrition, started to peak as MJF brought in a bag of thumbtacks and both men fought over the pile of pain. Punk teased a ‘Pepsi Plunge’ onto the tacks but was hit by a superplex, a nasty landing mostly on his legs. MJF still couldn’t get it done and called out Wardlow for the Dynamite Diamond Ring, but the big man feigned not having the ring, letting Punk hit a GTS, before finding the ring, placing it on the apron for Punk to find, and leaving. A final defiant spit in the face by MJF before Punk hit him with the diamond ring to finally pick up the win. A hell of a match.

AEW Revolution 2022
Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs Thunder Rosa – AEW Women’s Title

A hell of a spot for these two to follow that bloodbath but these two have the history, the charisma, and the in-ring chemistry to step to that. Their last one on one match was a match of the year candidate and this title match has been long coming. Rosa with an Aztec inspired ring entrance before Baker came out in some great gold gear, sporting the new title belt and accompanied by her usual backup of Jamie Hayter and Rebel. Luckily the crowd didn’t seem burned out by the preceding match even as they sounded split between the two wrestlers. This was a much more conventional match but one with plenty of heat to it, trading some chain wrestling and rough strikes. The ringside presence of Hayter and Rebel didn’t go unused as Hayter, in particular, got involved whenever the referee’s back was turned, choking Rosa in the ropes, both of them also added to the match with their jaw jacking and trash talk. Rosa fought against the odds though with her usual fighting spirit and hard strikes. There were points where it sounded like they had lost the crowd but it’s testament to Rosa and Baker’s abilities that they never did. Both women pulled out some of their biggest moves, including some we hadn’t seen before, including a tombstone piledriver from Rosa that got her a visual pinfall, only blocked by Rebel distracting the referee. With the referee still distracted by Rebel, Jamie Hayter was able to feed the belt to Baker, who hit Rosa with it but couldn’t get the three count. Another Rebel distraction stopped the referee from spotting a Baker tap out before Rosa definitively took both Rebel and Hayter out. This didn’t help her though as she walked back into the ring straight into a curb stomp from Baker, who pinned and retained. It was a bit of a surprise result but a great match, nonetheless. A quick transition away from this match, once it finished, was an odd moment to finish on.

AEW Revolution 2022
Jon Moxley vs Bryan Danielson

A battle between two men who are in contention for the best wrestler in the world, a battle over a decade in the making, and possibly a battle for the future of the company. Danielson has been trying to team with Moxley for weeks, but this match was Moxley’s condition before he gave his answer. These two are very different competitors but both have an incredibly well-rounded arsenal, Danielson with the technical advantage but Moxley with the size and brawling advantage. Some lovely slick grappling in the early feeling out process before Moxley slapped Danielson to ramp things up a bit. That was the cue for both men to start throwing strikes, and throw them they did., big chops and kicks aplenty. Danielson pulling out his shithouse tactics and mocking star jumps gives him a sadistic air when mixed in with his strikes. After some early strength from Moxley, the control was largely Danielson’s, but Moxley kept fighting back with his brand of vaguely unhinged viciousness. A very even contest until both men fell to the outside and we were again treated to gushing blood, primarily from Moxley, who quickly looked gruesome. More brawling and some big high impact moves as the physical toll of the match became clear on the faces of both men. The match made its way back to the mat as both men started to trade vicious-looking submission attempts, this ended with both men clasping the hands of the other and simply kicking each other in the chest. An innovative escape from a submission attempt by Danielson turned into a roll-up pinfall from Moxley, who got a flash victory. Neither man was done though, and they continued to brawl after the bell, being pulled apart by security before a big surprise.

Marching his way to ringside, it’s William Regal. Big surprise. A mentor to both these men he pulled them apart, slapped some sense into the two of them and forced them to shake hands like misbehaving children. This could be one of a hell of a trio if they work together.

Tony Schiavone is back for another breather (and to let the ring crew change the canvas again). He runs through the upcoming matches for Dynamite.

AEW Revolution 2022
AHFO (Andrade El Idolo, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy)
vs Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara & Sting – Tornado Tag

The fact that a match featuring this many talents, champions and legends is probably the least anticipated match of this card says a lot about how stacked it is. But something must be in that role, and it serves as a palette cleanser before the main event. Another cool little vignette from Darby Allin before his entrance, featuring a funeral, a flying car and Sting with a flamethrower. No messing around here, just a classic tornado tag match, everyone legal all the time and a quick progression straight to the plunder. Jose the assistant took a remarkable amount of punishment in the early going (he is a former wrestler luckily). Perpetual motion from all involved. Sting and Matt Hardy not taking a back seat with the brawling either-even if it might have been forgiven. Marq Quen got involved as well as this went all out to just be a fun slice of chaos. The Butcher & The Blade came out as well just after we heard a reference to Jeff Hardy on commentary. The cameras struggled to keep up with the action as Isiah Kassidy looked to have Sammy Guevara set up on a table on the stage before being cut off and hit by a ‘Spanish Fly’ off the entrance set through the tables by Guevara. Butcher & Blade had been taking the chance to set up four tables in a stack out in the crowd as the numbers game came into play. Matt Hardy dragged Sting into a precarious position in the crowd, above the tables below but Sting fought him off and dived onto Andrade and straight through all four tables. Sting is 62 (in two weeks he will be 63). We go back to the ring and Darby Allin manages to bring an end to the chaos with a coffin drop on Matt Hardy for the pin and the win. Overdelivered gave its placement.

AEW Revolution 2022
“Hangman” Adam Page vs Adam Cole – AEW World Championship

A match that has been coming for many years, these two have been intertwined from their days in Ring of Honor and Bullet Club together. The page has found his first defining rivalry as champion with Cole, who is undefeated in sanctioned matches in AEW so far. This is a battle between two men with very contrasting personalities, Page has been open with his anxiety and his battles, Cole is nothing but self-assured, arrogant even. Both men with the big-time entrance attire as well, Cole with a Halo theme, Page with some great new fringed tights and jacket.

The crowd seemed to enjoy their own ‘let’s go Adam’ etc chants in the early going but generally, the crowd seemed more behind Page. After an opening feeling out process things got big-time quickly as Cole took charge on the outside, with a focus on Page’s right arm, aiming to neutralise the lariat of the champion. Cole’s trash talk was on point as he took control in the ring with some impressive shows of power, Page fighting back with his slight size and power advantage. The athleticism of Page is always remarkable, something he showed with his moonsault to the outside. These two know each other so well from their years together and showed that with plenty of counters and evasions of the other’s offence. Adam Cole showed his cocky side by ‘tuning up the band’ a la Shawn Michaels before a superkick attempt that he then missed. Lots of big moves and big kick-outs from both men, Cole survived both a ‘dead eye’ and a tombstone piledriver. A great back and forth main event match even as more and more moving parts joined in. Just when it looked like Page would hit the Buckshot Lariat, reDRagon ran down to distract him and allow Cole to hit a ‘Panama Sunrise’ on the floor. Further distraction from Fish and O’Reilly allowed Cole to hit a low blow and a running knee strike for a very close near fall. More counters on top of counters before Page collapsed to the mat to block another knee strike attempt. Fish and O’Reilly put a table at ringside but it was Cole who ended up being put through it with a ‘Dead Eye’ before Dark Order came down to check on Page, ending up brawling to the back with reDRagon. That let Page finally hit the ‘Buckshot’ lariat before a heartstoppingly close reach to the ropes from Cole kept him in the match.

Page seemed to snap after this as he tied Cole to the top rope with his belt before hitting multiple superkicks, one of Cole’s knee strikes, and a further ‘buckshot’ lariat. Page pins and wins to retain the AEW World Championship.

Overall, boy, this was a good show. From top to bottom every match was delivered (or over-delivered) and there were some great surprises along the way. Seeing William Regal again was something no one had predicted and even though Shane Strickland had been rumoured seeing him make it official was a great moment. Wardlow came out the night looking like a superstar, as did Jade Cargill. The only result that might not be universally appreciated is Thunder Rosa losing to Britt Baker but even that had a great match behind it and a good reason Rosa didn’t win. All in all a brilliant show.

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