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    AEW Revolution Predictions

    All eyes will be on All Elite Wrestling this Saturday night, as AEW Revolution airs live from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

    Wrestling fans are sure in for a treat, with eight matches officially announced on the stacked card. Champions will put their titles on the line, bitter enemies will settle their grudges, and new rivalries will establish themselves.

    You guys like reading predictions and I like making predictions, so let’s get into it!

    PAC vs. Orange Cassidy

    Kicking things off is a match between two men who are total opposites.

    This was the most recent addition to the card, with it being announced on this week’s edition of Dynamite. Following PAC’s loss to Kenny Omega, Cassidy came out and confronted him on the ramp. The two engaged in a stare down and the match was made official shortly after.

    Right away, this seems like a completely one-sided affair; PAC is an absolutely ruthless competitor, while Cassidy is the definition of cool, calm, and collected. However, I think Freshly Squeezed could give PAC a run for his money.

    Do I think he’s going to pull off the upset? Absolutely not, but I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people on Saturday night. Having PAC lose two big matches in a row isn’t the wisest decision, so I think he’s going to pick up the victory here.

    Prediction: PAC

    SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

    Up next is a tag team bout that has built up over the last several weeks.

    Dark Order has continued their mission of recruiting people to join their cause. But one man has topped their list for quite a while: Christopher Daniels. They have repeatedly tried to lure The Fallen Angel away from SCU, but to no avail.

    The Exalted One’s grand entrance into AEW is imminent, and Dark Order will do whatever it takes to make sure their leader isn’t disappointed.

    I have to admit, they’ve done a much better job with Dark Order as of late. At first, there was absolutely nothing about them that kept fans interested. However, the weekly propaganda videos and hints about The Exalted One’s identity has given them a sense of mystery and intrigue.

    I believe we’re going to see who their leader is at Revolution. Will it be the long-rumored Matt Hardy? Or quite possibly Daniels himself? We’ll have to wait and see, but I think this is going to end up costing SCU. They’re going to lose focus and Dark Order will take full advantage and sneak away with the victory.

    Prediction: Dark Order

    Jake Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes

    Then we come to a match-up that has become very personal.

    Hager debuted with AEW back on October 2nd, joining Chris Jericho’s faction, The Inner Circle. Since then, he has laid waste to anyone who opposes Jericho, including Rhodes. Four weeks after his debut, Hager attacked Rhodes in the back parking lot of the arena and broke his wrist in a car door.

    The Natural has wanted retribution ever since, and has even gone so far as to call Hager “Jericho’s bitch” and a failure in both MMA and wrestling. This certainly didn’t sit well with the big man, and a match between the two was announced several weeks ago.

    This will mark Hager’s official in-ring debut with AEW. While Rhodes will certainly do whatever he can to beat the snot out of The Big Hurt, I don’t see him winning. Having Hager lose his first match would kill his career with the company before it even starts. But if he had to have any opponent, a veteran like Rhodes is it.

    Prediction: Jake Hager

    Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

    Next is a match involving another competitor who has a bone to pick with The Inner Circle.

    Allin was the victim of another attack at the hands of the vicious faction. Guevara dealt the final blow by smashing Allin’s throat with his own skateboard. This rendered him unable to speak for the last several weeks, only being able to communicate through messages on poster boards.

    One of those messages was directed to Guevara, challenging him to a match at Revolution. Allin returned to Dynamite last week to help Jon Moxley even the odds against The Inner Circle. This past Monday, his match with Guevara was made official.

    I think this is going to be pretty solid; both are up-and-coming stars with the company and have the potential to make this one of the top matches on the card. While it could go either way, I’m going with Allin. He has quite a bit of momentum going into Revolution and is showing no signs of slowing down.

    Prediction: Darby Allin

    Cody vs. MJF

    Then comes the most personal feud going into Saturday, by far.

    MJF and Cody were the best of friends, with the latter taking the former under his wing. But everything changed back in November at Full Gear, where MJF was in Cody’s corner for his AEW World Heavyweight Championship match against Chris Jericho.

    He ended up throwing in the towel for his friend, ensuring that Cody would never challenge for the title again. As the two stood in the ring afterwards, MJF turned on his mentor by dropping him with a low blow. He then claimed that Cody was trying to keep him under his thumb, knowing that he was the true face of AEW.

    Cody wanted nothing more than to get his hands on his former friend, but MJF made him accept several stipulations before that could happen. First, Cody couldn’t lay a finger on him before Revolution. Second, he would have to endure ten lashes live on Dynamite. Finally, he had to outlast Wardlow inside a steel cage.

    MJF was certain that Cody wouldn’t make it through all three conditions, but he was dead wrong. The American Nightmare was like a man possessed, doing whatever he had to get to his rival. The stage is now set and the two will clash this Saturday.

    Having Wardlow in his corner would normally help MJF in this situation. However, Cody has evened the odds by adding Arn Anderson as his personal coach.

    I feel like this match is going to be full of shenanigans; MJF is going to try to do whatever he can to weasel his way out of the mess he’s created. But as Cody has shown time and time again, he will not stop until he gets his revenge.

    So, I’m going with him this time around. While a win for MJF could help solidify him as one of the company’s top heels, Cody has gone through too much to not come out victorious.

    Prediction: Cody

    AEW Women’s Championship: Nyla Rose (c.) vs. Kris Statlander

    Now we look at one of the three title matches on the card.

    Rose became the champion on the February 12th episode of Dynamite, defeating Riho and ending her reign at 133 days. This was met with generally positive reactions, especially considering that Riho was barely on AEW TV as champion.

    Just last week, Rose claimed that no one could stack up to her and she would never lose the title. Statlander didn’t agree with what the champion had to say, and a title match between the two was made.

    Having Statlander as Rose’s first challenger is a great idea; she’s quickly become a fan-favorite, while her strength and size will certainly push The Native Beast to her limit.

    However, it’s not going to be enough to bring the gold home to the Andromeda Galaxy. While I definitely believe she’s going to be AEW Women’s Champion at some point, The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien won’t do it at Rose’s expense.

    Prediction: Nyla Rose

    AEW Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page (c.) vs. The Young Bucks

    Up next is a battle for tag team supremacy in AEW.

    Omega & Page defeated SCU last month on Dynamite to capture the titles, while The Young Bucks won a tag team battle royal last week to earn a title shot at Revolution. But tensions have been running high between both teams, especially between Page and The Young Bucks.

    Hangman wanted to distance himself from The Elite, while The Bucks see him as ungrateful for everything they’ve done for him. Omega has tried to play peacekeeper between his friends, but even he seems fed up with all the bickering.

    They’ll come to blows on Saturday, and there’s a possibility neither team will walk out of Chicago the same.

    I can’t see Omega & Page losing so soon, only having held the titles for a little over a month. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if The Young Bucks win, since them winning the titles seems inevitable. For the sake of predicting, I’m going with Omega & Page retaining the titles for now.

    Regardless of the outcome, however, I believe Revolution is going to mark the end of The Elite.

    Prediction: Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page

    AEW World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho (c.) vs. Jon Moxley

    Finally, we come to the title match that determines the top dog in AEW.

    After Moxley defeated Kenny Omega at Full Gear, he set his sights on the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. But Jericho had other plans, inviting Moxley to join The Inner Circle.

    At first, it looked like he was going to take the champion up on his offer. But, as we all know when it comes to Moxley, things are never that easy. He ended up double-crossing The Inner Circle, capping it all off by smashing a bottle of champagne over Jericho’s head.

    Le Champion and The Inner Circle took umbrage to the betrayal, and stabbed Moxley in the eye as revenge. Since then, there have been numerous brawls between Mox and The Inner Circle, with the challenger refusing to back down.

    I honestly think this was a pretty easy pick to make; it seems almost inevitable that Moxley will dethrone Jericho for the championship. Much like Cody with MJF, Moxley has been through so much that him losing wouldn’t really make sense. Add that to the fact that Jericho’s band, Fozzy, is going to start touring soon, and him walking out as champion seems unlikely.

    But for all we know, Jericho might find a way to retain the title. We’ll just have to wait and see, but this time around I think we’re going to see a new champion. Moxley’s reign starts at Revolution.

    Prediction: Jon Moxley

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    “We prefer to be the freaks, we prefer to be the geeks, we prefer to be the weirdos, the misfits, the oddballs. And most of all, we prefer being the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves.” - Paige
    Shalene Hixon
    “We prefer to be the freaks, we prefer to be the geeks, we prefer to be the weirdos, the misfits, the oddballs. And most of all, we prefer being the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves.” - Paige

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