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AEW Revolution from Chicago featuring Young Bucks Vs Omega & Hangman, Cody Rhodes Vs. MJF and Chris Jericho Vs. Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship.

LIVE From Chicago, AEWs second home, it’s REVOLUTION featuring Chris Jericho Vs. Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship.

Preshow Match: Dark Order beat SCU without Christopher Daniels. The numbers game caught up to the inaugural tag champs, but they were saved from the post match beatdown by the Fallen Angel and… the debuting Colt Cabana.

MAIN SHOW. Starting with America the Beautiful before heading into

Dustin Rhodes Vs. Jake Hager. Jake makes out with his apparent Wife at ringside a couple of times. Dustin eventually does the same for a big pop. Hager eventually takes over the match towards the end, but couldn’t get the win with an ankle lock, he delivered a low blow behind the ref’s back and followed up locking in a standing arm triangle choke as Dustin passes out. Hager wins via Submission.

We get an advertisment for “AEW Blood & Guts”. Everything in this advert pointed towards it being ‘War Games’

Darby Allin Vs. Sammy Guevara.

Before the match even starts, Darby dives through the ropes and the two start brawling all around the ring. The match does eventually start, after an insane 630 from Sammy… Towards the end of the match Darby goes to the top rope but Sammy climbs up with him and they fight back and forth until Guevara hits a Spanish Fly for another near-fall. Guevara gets frustrated and removes the top turnbuckle and then tries to throw Allin into it but Allin blocks it. Darby monkey flips Guevara into it! Allin hits a Sliced Bread followed by the Coffin Drop for the pin! Darby Allin Wins via Pinfall

AEW Tag Team Championships; Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page Vs. The Young Bucks.

Match goes just over 30 minutes. Bucks hit an IndieTaker to Hangman on the ramp and the fans boo. Now the Bucks are alone with Omega and they’re very confident. They hit superkicks to Kenny each, then a stereo one, before grabbing an arm each and drilling him with the GOLDEN V-TRIGGER.

The fans go nuts and Omega gets to his feet but Nick hits another knee for a two-count this time. Matt tags in and he stomps the shoulder of Kenny – the same one PAC targeted in the Iron Man match this past week. Matt takes the medical strap from Kenny’s shoulder, before lifting for the Meltzer Driver but Page grabs Nick from the apron and powerbombs him through the table that Sammy Guevara set-up. Page and Kenny hit the Buckshot/V-Trigger combo but Matt kicks out!

Omega hits a V-Trigger against the ropes, then grabs Matt for the One-Winged Angel but Matt escapes and hits a superkick. Page tags himself in and he lifts Matt up for a One-Winged Angel but Nick breaks it up! Hangman is furious and tosses Nick from the ring to the ramp, where he hits a Buckshot Lariat. Page then hits one to Matt and scores the pinfall as Hangman & Omega retain the Championships.

AEW Womens Championship: Nyla Rose Vs. Kris Statlander. Nyla retains after an impressive showing from Statlander. Good athletic womens contest. Towards the end Nyla goes up top but Statlander punches her, climbs up, and hits a superplex. Statlander puts Rose on the top rope and looks for a hurricanrana but Rose holds on. Nyla then tries to lift her up for a Beast Bomb but can’t get her up, so ends up jumping anyway and hitting a pretty rough powerbomb for the win. Nyla retains the AEW Womens Championship.

Cody (Rhodes) Vs. MJF.

The grudge match. We’ve gone through Whippings, Cage Matches and Low Blows but we finally made it. Cody got another elabroate entrance with Downstrait singing him to the ring.

MJF takes Cody’s weightlifting belt off and intends to use it but the referee takes it from him. Cody then kicks MJF in the gonads and hits a Vertebreaker for a near-fall. Cody grabs the weightlifting belt and whips MJF with it. The referee tries to take it from him but Cody asks for one more, so the referee agrees for some reason. After the second shot Cody throws the belt into the crowd and MJF cowers in the corner like a child.

MJF crawls over to Cody and grabs his ankle. He cries and crawls up Cody and hugs him. He then spits in Cody’s face and swings a punch but Cody hits Cross Rhodes, lifts him and hits it again. Cody is fired-up and he lifts MJF to hit a third but MJF hits him with the Dynamite Diamond ring that was tucked in his pants and MJF beats Cody! The less said about this, the better. The tattoo speculation was way more interesting than the entire match…

PAC Vs. Orange Cassidy.

This was, no joke, absolutely brilliant. If you know anything about Freshly Squeezed, you know how good he is. PAC keeps trying to go for the Black Arrow but Cassidy keeps rolling to the other side and PAC starts walking there but Cassidy kips-up and hits a suicide dive! Orange puts PAC back in the ring and hits a top-rope crossbody, followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two-count. PAC then drops Cassidy and both men are down. They get up and Cassidy delivers sloth shots but PAC drills him with a forearm.

Cassidy again puts his hands in his pockets, then ducks a clothesline and hits a big Superman punch! Cassidy gets fired-up and hits Slumdog Millionaire, then heads up-top but PAC crotches him, then climbs up and puts him on his shoulder, but Cassidy counters with a DDT from up top, then leaps off with a diving DDT and goes to cover but PAC rolls from the ring. Lucha Bros come out for some reason and fight ‘the Best Frinds’ and whilst Orange was distracted, Pac took advantage and locked in a Brutliser and didn’t release the hold… but won regardless. PAC Via Submission.

AEW World Championship Chris Jericho Vs Jon Moxley.

Starts with a acapella version of Judas which was amazing, Moxley walts right off she streets of Chicago and the match starts as a brawl all around the ringside area. After a pretty regular Chris Jericho match in 2020, Chris gets in the face of Aubrey Edwards and even shoves her but it was just to get disqualified. Moxley drops Jericho but then Jake Hager punches him through the ropes. Aubrey saw it and she ejects all of The Inner Circle from ringside! While Edwards is sending them from the ring, Sammy Guevara runs in from behind and hits Moxley with the AEW Championship and high-tails it through the crowd. Aubrey Edwards comes back and Jericho crawls over and pins…but Jon kicks out!

Moxley is bleeding again as the two of them trade shots. Moxley builds a head of steam but Jericho gouges his good eye! Jericho kicks Moxley down, then taunts him because he can’t see. Jon swings wild punches but Jericho drills him with a punch. Jericho climbs to the middle rope and pulls his knee pad down to hit a knee drop to the face. Jericho lines-up the Judas Effect but Moxley ducks it and hits a Paradigm Shift but he can’t see to make the pinfall. Moxley removes the eye patch and reveals that he can see just fine! Moxley points at Jericho and hits an elevated Paradigm Shift for the win. JON MOXLEY IS YOUR NEW ALL ELITE WRESTLING CHAMPION.


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