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AEW: Ruby Soho, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole debut at AEW All Out

Bryan Danielson? Adam Cole? Ruby Soho? Why pick one when you can have all 3? It was a night of high drama at All Elite Wrestling, as the former WWE Stars all showed up.

Ruby Soho was the first, not just being the Joker in the Pack in the Casino Battle Royale but WINNING the match to go on and face Britt Baker at a future date.

Speaking of Britt Baker, who hit her own version of the Panama Sunrise earlier in the night, Adam Cole came out during the post-match to confront Kenny Omega and the Elite… Only to Superkick poor Jungle Boy who had run down to help Christian.

As Kenny Omega would wrap up the show, he said he’d leave the fans happy… And that they did, as the lights would go down once again and the Ride of the Valkyries would ring out around Chicago as Bryan Danielson (No longer Daniel Bryan) would make his long-awaited and long-rumoured debut in the promotion, giving the Young Bucks a piece of his mind during the attack!

It was a wild night on AEW All Out 2021, and with the likes of Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho and Adam Cole joining the All Elite roster. Who knows what’s going to happen next!

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