AEW: Very Good, Very Evil, Dream Matches for Danhausen

Danhausen made his very good and very evil debut for All Elite Wrestling last Wednesday as he got involved in the Light’s Out Match between Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole at Beach Break. The former Ring of Honor star has become an internet fan favourite with his excellent comedic work and continued commitment to his character, enough to become one of the biggest merchandise sellers on Pro Wrestling Tees.

Tony Khan has brought in the wrestler that may not be familiar to the audience at large, but the die-hard fans know exactly what to expect from Danhausen. Although less known for his in-ring work, Danhausen will soon be mixing it in the ring with the All Elite Wrestling roster, and this is who we want to see his face.

The Gunn Club

Although it isn’t the most exciting feud, it is certainly the obvious first feud for Danhausen to face off against the Gunn Club. Christening the Sons of Billy Gunn ‘the Ass Boys’ Austin and Colten Gunn have been continually annoyed online by Danhausen, spilling over into AEW programming. The Gunn Club are set to face off against the tag team champions Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, but following on from this, a programme with Danhausen would be a great showcase for all parties as the Ass Boys look to take their anger out on him.

Austin, Colten and Billy have all shown that they have great comedic timing within their wrestling and mixing with Danhausen could provide some hilarious matches.

Tony Khan has not been afraid to go for the obvious booking decision when it feels right, and this matchup will almost certainly happen.

Adam Cole

After helping Orange Cassidy in last weeks Light’s Out match, a feud between Danhausen and Adam Cole seems somewhat obvious. Cole currently sits top of the AEW rankings but has been saddled with facing Orange Cassidy in more comedic matches than the usual main event level matches we are used to from him, but this may well be for a reason.

Cole has been annoyed by the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy continually tugging at his coattails, and now with Danhausen pulling him away from the title too, he is likely to get even more annoyed.

Although people want to see the main event Adam Cole back, saving it for the big matches and big events may well be an intentional move by Tony Khan. On top of this, part of Danhausen’s act is to collect teeth, so the boyfriend of AEW’s resident dentist is a definite target for him.

Cody Rhodes

Although not the clearest opponent for Danhausen, I feel that the clash between the two characters would make for an excellent feud. With Cody continually on the brink of a heel turn, Danhausen would be an excellent target for the American Nightmare’s anger to boil over.

With Danhausen getting a strong reaction from the fans, seeing Cody take it too far against him, much like he did hitting Fuego Del Sol with a Tiger Driver, would get huge boos targeted towards him. I envision Cody hitting Danhausen over and over and over with the Cross Rhodes before finally hitting a Tiger Driver, brutalising a character that simply doesn’t deserve it.

Tony Khan successfully booked Orange Cassidy to a position where he could realistically challenge for the AEW World Championship, so getting Danhausen into this position with Cody doesn’t seem too far of a stretch.

 Shawn Spears

Many may not see Shawn Spears as a go-to dream match for incoming talent to AEW, but the Chairman would be an excellent foil to Danhausen. Spears has been doing some excellent work recent alongside MJF and Wardlow, both excellent in-ring work and character work, continually having the urge to bludgeon Wardlow’s opponent after his matches.

Spears has shown he is an excellent worker who has one of the best comedic timings in wrestling today and could help the character side of Danhausen thrive even further.

With Spears coming into the match underestimating Danhausen, he would sell the shock of Danhausen’s offence better than anyone can. Alongside all of this, Danhausen has been linked with MJF following their hilarious interactions on Twitter and at conventions and this could be ignited on AEW television.


Danhausen not only represents an incredibly entertaining comedic wrestler but will also be excellent in helping to elevate talent within the roster. As Miro makes his return to the ring in AEW, he will need opponents that will make him look like the monster he is as they bump around from him and take the pin.

Danhausen will be someone who will be very rarely harmed by suffering defeats and will be of great use to heat up any talent that AEW are looking to push. Miro would be a perfect example, weighing 120 pounds more than Danhausen and being able to throw him around before killing him with the Game Over.

If AEW wants to push this feud further, this could well replicate the excellent match between Pac and Orange Cassidy, with Orange Cassidy continually annoying Pac before shocking him with his excellent in-ring talent before eventually suffering defeat. Miro was excellent throughout his TNT title run and his return is much awaited, crushing poor Danhausen under his boot would be an excellent return for the Bulgarian.

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