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    AEW: We Are One | Honoring Jon Huber’s AEW Career (Brodie Lee)

    On December 26, 2020, the world was saddened to hear the news of pro wrestling’s Dark Order leader Jon Huber, known as Brodie Lee at All Elite Wrestling passing. Jon Huber’s passing impacted the whole world of pro-wrestling. Passing at the age of 41, it shook the wrestling world down to the centre of every promotion’s heart. His recognition the previous few days further concrete his inheritance of knowledge of the business and permanently secure his career as a legend for future generations.

    December 30, 2020, All Elite Wrestling will pay tribute to the man known as The Exalted One. Huber joined the promotion earlier this year with the presence of determination in his character development. In honour of his contributions to the wrestling industry and his legacy, we will share some highlights at AEW.

    Here are a few highlights of his career at AEW:

    The Arrival:

    March 18, 2020, Brodie Lee revealed himself as the Exalted One. The leader of the Dark Order. He would attack SoCal Uncensored with his loyal members. Evil Uno would introduce him as the one to breathing new life into the promotion.


    Lee would stay undefeated for a few weeks before making plans to take over and lead All Elite Wrestling. Seizing every opportunity that he came across! He challenged the AEW Champion, Jon Moxley.

    He would face Moxley at Double or Nothing. However, Brodie would be defeated by Moxley. This would be The Exalted One’s first loss at the promotion.

    Capturing of the TNT Title:

    Capturing the TNT Title would be the breakthrough that the Dark Order would need. On August 22, 2020, Mr Brodie Lee would change the course of the faction. Starting the main event with a powerful dropkick to The American Nightmare. Lee displaying unbelievable strength and control over Cody! Tossing him around the ring then executing with a powerbomb. Then a second powerbomb! Finally hitting Cody with his signature clothesline. The Dark Order would come out to the ring to share the moment with their leader.

    Fans, Promotions, and Talent Pay Respect:

    Jon Huber will be remembered as a man that loved what he did in the squared circle. An honourable man who provided knowledge to current generations of in-ring performers and a family man. The man that could make you laugh, smile, and show amazing power in the ring. He will be beloved, respected, and displayed through all pro-wrestling. Not matter if it was on your weekly television program on TNT or on Youtube with Being the Elite. He will greatly be missed but will continue to live on in the hearts of all pro-wrestling fans.

    For his WWE career please read:

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