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AEW: What If?… NXT Standout Adam Cole is All Elite

With Adam Cole’s name once again making waves as his contract seemingly expired in July and with him only (at this moment) agreeing to work until Summerslam weekend later this month, it got me and many other wrestling fans wondering and/or salivating over the potential matches he could have in AEW (All Elite Wrestling), so I have decided to do a list of five wrestlers Adam Cole should face in AEW, giving a brief bio of each wrestler and why Cole would want to face them.

Before I start, only wrestlers that have been confirmed by the company as “All Elite” are eligible, so there will be no mention of CM Punk or Bryan Danielson on this list.

DARBY ALLIN on Twitter: "… "

#5. Darby Allin:

The former TNT Champion has lost some stream since losing the Championship to Miro, and a feud that didn’t go anywhere with Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky. He’s still best friends with Sting, which is good for him.

Darby and Cole have only faced once (according to cagematch.net) and that match was EVOLVE 122 which Cole won.

The match itself between these two would be undoubtedly incredible, it’s Darby and Cole, how could it not be, the reason for facing should be simply that Cole wants to prove that he is the new megastar in the company or Darby wants to prove that he can beat ‘All Elite’ Adam Cole.

#4. Miro:

AEW: TNT Championship Match Set For AEW Dynamite: Homecoming

Born Miroslav Barnyashev on Christmas Day. He is probably best known by his old name Rusev in the WWE, he had a long career in the WWE. Winning the WWE US Title twice, marrying his girlfriend Lana while in the company. Before being cut in 2020’s Black Wednesday as part of “Budget cuts”.

He then got signed by AEW and after a rocky start as Kip Sabian’s best man, he broke off away from and eventually won the AEW TNT Title and branded himself as God’s Favourite Champion.

The setup for Cole wanting this Match is simple, ‘All Elite’ Adam Cole wants the TNT title, pretty good reason really, the match would be excellent, Miro as the unstoppable bulldozing heel and Cole as the Plucky underdog, clawing from underneath.

#3. Rey Fenix:

Rey Fenix Reportedly Out Of Double Or Nothing Due To Injury

A luchador born in Mexico on 30 December 1990 and who started wrestling in 2005. Is part of Death Triangle a trios Faction with PAC and Penta El Zero M and is also one-half of the AAA tag team champions with the latter? Having started wrestling in 2011, he is arguably one of the best pure wrestlers in AEW. Even more reason for Cole and Fenix to meet in a ring, wanting to prove that he is the better wrestler.

The match itself would be incredibly fast-paced. Fenix moves at an inhuman pace in the ring and Cole is no slouch either. So, these two would have an undoubtedly fantastic match.

Heya! — Club Confusion Pt. 27 (Page's Ending Pt. 2)

#2. Hangman Adam Page:

Born in Virginia as Stephen Woltz, Page was trained by Jimmy Valiant, eventually debuting in 2008, he joined ROH in 2011 winning the ROH 6 man tag titles with the Young bucks, He is set to be the biggest star in AEW and seems destined to win the AEW World Title off omega in the near future.

The setup for this matchup is that Adam feels that Page only got popular because Cole went somewhere else, feeling that Page couldn’t hold a candle to him now that he is there. Considering how much Page has improved and how great Cole is, this could be another fantastic match.

#1. Kenny Omega:

Kenny Omega (Wrestling) - TV Tropes

Born Tyson Smith, Omega is a Canadian wrestler, who has accomplished a ton in his 20+ year career, having twice headlined the Tokyo Dome, breaking the Meltzer star scale 9 times, making him arguably the best wrestler in the world and winning numerous world titles several of which he’s still holding now.

The setup to this match is obvious, Kenny was the one who orchestrated everything to oust Cole from the Bullet club back in 2017, Cole would obviously want revenge and taking the AEW world title around Omega’s waste would be pretty great revenge. It would be possible for these two to have the greatest match of the year and as much as Tony Khan doesn’t believe in rematches, I would make an exception for these two, as they could feud for easily most of the year.

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