AEW: What If?… The “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson is All Elite

Daniel Bryan has let his WWE contract to an end, leaving the world wondering where the leader of the Yes movement will step into the ring next. All Elite Wrestling has become the new home to several of WWE’s most talented former talent, with the likes of Jon Moxley, FTR and Matt Hardy all finding the grass greener on the other side. Perhaps it’s time for the American Dragon to return?

Bryan hasn’t been shy in talking about talent outside of the WWE, even naming some of the stars of AEW in his list of dream matches – but who do we want to see the American Dragon square off within AEW?


Maxwell Jacob Friedman is one of the biggest stars in AEW and is widely considered as one of the greatest heels in business today, putting him face to face with one of the most over faces of all time would create magic.


Bryan has continually promoted his desire to work with the younger talents in the business and help to get them over, and although MJF does not need any help getting over, the incredible promo work and build for this match would be exceptional television.

But it’s not just out of the ring that would make this feud incredible, with both men possessing some of the best technical wrestling in the world today that could make absolute magic. MJF could be the man to make the Dragon, rise again?

Rey Fenix

Daniel Bryan has shared his appreciation for Lucha Libre, putting over Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado in the media, discussing his dream to have a hair vs mask match and, his desire to wrestle in CMLL.

Rey Fenix vs Bryan, is sure to be a high flyer

Bryan had very few chances to work with luchadores in WWE, so why not go straight to the best luchador in wrestling today?

Fenix has been one of the most consistent in-ring stars of AEW, continually putting in the best matches on whatever card he is on and innovating the Lucha libre style even further than many could imagine.

Bryan’s appreciation of the style along with his incredible wrestling ability would not only tick off a goal of his but would also create some amazing matches. Also, why not make it Hair vs Mask? “American Dragon” Vs. “El Hijo Del Fuego”?


Being somewhat of a smaller wrestler, Daniel Bryan works incredibly well with big wrestlers and there aren’t much more exciting in wrestling today than Wardlow. I was torn between Brian Cage and Wardlow for this possession, but Bryan could give Wardlow that much-needed rub to help push him one step closer towards the world title picture.

Wardlow, Could he Face Bryan?

One of Bryan’s best matches of recent came at Survivor Series 2019 against Brock Lesnar, selling the F5’s incredibly but also terrifyingly. If he can do that with an F5, imagine what he would do for an F10.

Wardlow looked like an absolute star in defeat to Cody in their Steel Cage match over a year ago, but a win against “American Dragon” Bryan could cement his place at the top of the card.

Kenny Omega

You knew Kenny Omega would be on here, right? On this list I have tried to avoid any rematches, despite thinking a match in AEW against the likes of Jon Moxley, Miro and Cody Rhodes would all be excellent.

Kenny Omega Vs Bryan Danielson....maybe?

Yes, Omega and Bryan Danielson have wrestled before, but this was a comedy match – the world deserves to see Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson face off for real.

Both men have rightfully been hailed as the world’s greatest wrestler at one time or another and you can only begin to imagine the magic and chemistry between these two men. Just the thought of Bryan ducking a V-Trigger and reversing it into a Heel Hook gets me unreasonably excited. If AEW wants to smash their pay-per-view sales record, “Belt Collector” Kenny Omega vs “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson for the AEW Championship would most certainly put butts in seats.

Jungle Boy

Daniel Bryan’s peak in WWE came as a shaggy-haired, undersized incredible wrestler who you couldn’t help but cheer – I can’t help but draw comparisons between Bryan and Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy AEW

If Daniel Bryan is to join AEW it’s not just about him putting on the incredible matches – although he will most certainly deliver them – it’s about passing the torch, and Jungle Boy should be the recipient.

Bryan will see someone like Jungle Boy and rub his hands together, knowing exactly how to help get him over whilst delivering great matches with exceptional young talent.

Although Daniel Bryan will be remembered as one of the most beloved faces of all time, his heelwork cannot be forgotten, not just in WWE but Ring of Honor too. Jungle Boy is set to be a star in AEW for years to come and receiving the rub from Daniel Bryan would go a long way to getting him towards the top… But maybe the American Dragon has different ideas?

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