AEW: Who Should Be In The Danielson Dojo?!

Bryan Danielson has made an interesting offer to Jon Moxley, that offer being to join him and recruit young wrestlers like Daniel Garcia, Lee Moriarty and Wheeler Yuta and raise them and train them under their wing, a Danielson Dojo if you will.

I’ve decided to look at Five people, not called those three, and give my thoughts on those under a Danielson / Moxley Learning tree!

#1: Tay Conti: Tay Conti would make some sense I feel, under Bryan’s tutelage in technical ability mixed with her legit Judo background could make her a very legitimate threat in the AEW’s women’s division. Maybe she would be able to take the title off Britt Baker and there would be nothing Britt could do as Tay throws her around then ties her in knots as the final statement to the rest of the women.

#2: Jungle Boy: One thing Bryan mentioned was how insulting it is that a Dinosaur is the tag team champion, that dinosaur is Jungle boys tag team partner, imagine the HEAT there would be if Bryan was able to poach Jungle boy from Luchasaurus and Christian Cage. There’s another reason too, Jungle boy already has a submission finisher, imagine Bryan being able to show him a few more moves in his repertoire, things that can ensure he be the real high flying submission master.

#3: John Silver: John Silver is an incredible wrestler, if you’ve seen him wrestle the way he fires up is incredible, the storyline is obvious, Bryan can state that John silver is being wasted in the Dark Order, then goes on a tangent about how much more successful John will be under the wings of a dragon. The Hungie dragon.

#4: Ricky Starks: The televised revolution is incredible on the mic, unfortunately, he’s part of the bloated roster which means he rarely gets to show it. In the storyline, Bryan recognises this and offers to bring him in, train him and give him all the tv time he wants. Ricky starks agrees then, with encouragement starts working harder and stiffer than anyone in the company. While cutting promo after promo, highlighting his wrestling and promo skills to the world.

#5: Hook: Yes, another member from Team Taz HOOK, This man needs to be guided to the ways of The Dragon, would It make much sense, who cares because HOOK is destined for greatness, imagine how much knowledge he could sap from the genius known as Bryan Danielson. Simple storyline again, One way, lure HOOK away from Taz and the crew by leaving stray potato chips on the ground before getting stretched by Bryan, who could then go on a speech about how bad chips are for you, about how your gluttony for processed potatoes led him to get beat, HOOK… fascinated, decides to follow Bryans ways in technical and submission wrestling.

There you have it, five wrestlers who could join Danielson’ Dojo and benefit massively. Bryan and Mox could be stable to be reckoned with, lets’s see what happens in the coming weeks, as Danielson & Moxley will face off at AEW Revolution 2022!

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