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AEW: Who’s Next for new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega?

Winter has come at last. The night of champions at the aspiring wrestling promotion known as All Elite Wrestling. As the competitors each rise to the occasion of winning a shot at the AEW Championship. On May 25, 2019, Double or Nothing aired in Las Vegas, Nevada. The night would be one of the most memorable nights to influence pro-wrestling.

Kenny Omega would have his shot at the AEW Championship against the legendary wrestler Chris Jericho. Omega was defeated that night by a determined Chris Jericho. Jon Moxley appeared from the crowd shocking the hearts of all the AEW fans. Attacking The Best Bout Machine and making a statement for all the AEW roster. That Jon Moxley is not a man to be taken lightly and he is on a mission to salvage the rest of his soul, regaining the spirit of his violent tendencies.

Omega stated Jon was nothing but damaged goods. Jon would be advised by Tony Khan that his match at All Out would not count on his record. He would then face Omega at Full Gear wanting to destroy his soul in an unsanctionable match. Moxley defeated Omega and would dominate the aspiring promotion AEW. Later defeating Jericho for the belt. He would rule the division with unspeakable violence.

Kenny Omega teamed with Hangman Page winning the Tag Team Championships. Omega and Hangman would go their separate ways, battling their differences with each other. The Best Bout Machine stated focusing on his singles career. Dominating the ring and powering through the tournament to lead to a title shot.

Omega Stated on Twitter…

Winter is coming…

Moxley faced Omega in a brutal brawl. Hitting his finisher over and over on Mox. Kenny Omega continued to hit it with numerous V-Triggers and a few Snap Dragon Suplexes. Finally, after hitting his One-Winged Angel, Kenny Omega won the AEW Championship.

Based on All Elite Wrestling’s ranking system the upcoming opponent may just be the man who needs no introduction. He is notorious and personified as an individual. He is Maxwell Jacob Friedman or better known by his initials MJF. The man that states he is better than you. But is he better than him? Is anyone better than Kenny Omega? Or is The Best Bout Machine wanting another challenge. Is the expanding his horizons to other promotions with the AEW Championship? By heading over to Impact Wrestling with Don Callis?

The question remains who’s next to face The Best Bout Machine, along side the Golden Announcer Don Callis?


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