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AEW Wrestlers We’d Like To See More Of

Victoria Tezangi looks at some AEW stars that we’d like to see more of.

AEW has very quickly risen to the top of the wrestling world and become one of the most talked-about and consistent promotions in the industry becoming one of the biggest rivals WWE has ever endured.

There is an endless list of stars making an impact and leading the roster and the show to something very special. However, there are, of course, a select few who still have a lot to show and who AEW need to work on putting on our screens more and giving a push to. With such a stacked roster it can be difficult to showcase everyone to their best, but the names below most certainly need and deserve stronger booking and more consistent showings.

Standing side by side with Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford is most certainly getting a decent amount of TV time and her character is coming across strongly whenever she on our screens. However, in terms of in-ring competition fans, are not seeing enough of Ford in the slightest. Very athletic and full of charisma, Ford is someone who could seriously go on to play a key role within the women’s division of AEW. While I personally really like the pairing of Penelope and Kip I would love to see more of her in the ring and on her own and I’m sure that’s something we will bear witness to later down the line. Fans have had a glimpse of what she is capable of during a mixed tag-team match against Riho and Kenny Omega. With the right booking and storylines, Ford could truly dominate the AEW women’s division, rise as a top heel character and take part in memorable bouts and angles that give the women’s division a spotlight we haven’t seen as of yet.

One of my personal favourite wrestlers at the moment has got to be Sonny Kiss. However, he also stands as one of the most underrated on the scene today. A former Lucha Underground star it was there that I first came across Kiss’ work and was hooked from the get-go. An important figure in pro wrestling today and a representative of the LGBT community he really is someone I’m rooting for and cannot wait to see more of.

Now, at the moment we are not seeing all too much of Sonny Kiss but he has been a part of tag team competition particularly on AEW Dark that is most certainly worth checking out for they showcase his athleticism and incredible talent. There really is no one like Sonny in the men’s division and he has an edge and a uniqueness that could really allow him to stand out, be a part of something special and go on to achieve amazing things.

Bea Priestley really is someone to take inspiration from. She has an incredible story to tell and in recent years has become a key figure in women’s wrestling. Despite being so young Priestley has already been apart of some many incredible matches and travelled the world and AEW truly has something very special here with Bea. So far we’ve only seen little from her but once AEW begin to work that little bit hard with the women’s division and give them more attention time Bea is a woman to really keep your eyes on! In my eyes, Bea is a future world champion who could very well be apart of some of the best women’s matches in AEW and take part in storylines that put a great focus on the division. The company hasn’t even scratched the surface with Priestley and her future looks very bright and very exciting.

As you can see, we have mentioned quite a few female stars in this list today. It’s clear AEW really does need to work on the women’s division more in the coming months and as the division grows in numbers and varying talents and characters things are looking more positive. Now, one thing AEW is doing a lot of is working on factions/stables one being the Butcher, the Blade and of course, The Bunny.

Otherwise known as Allie, The Bunny is a woman being held back a lot. Since adopting this new role on the roster we haven’t seen her step in the ring and she’s a name that the AEW Women’s division could really benefit from. Now, I do believe that once she is given the chance to start working in the ring and competing within the women’s division properly she could standout massively and further down the line. She is a very experienced talent with a lot to offer and the role she is currently in has the potential to open her up to some amazing and exciting angles.

One of my personal favourite wrestlers on the scene today is without a doubt Jimmy Havoc. I’ve always been a huge fan of hardcore wrestling and Havoc has been a key name if not the face of hardcore wrestling for several years now. He is such an important figure on the AEW roster bringing something different and very exciting but there is still the best to come from Havoc. Experienced, charismatic and an incredibly entertaining performer we have a man here could very well change the idea of a world champion and indeed go on to become champion. What’s important for Havoc is AEW give him the time in the ring and the chance to show what he is about, do that and fans are sure to be hooked on him and his journey. There is no doubt in my mind he will be apart of some epic rivalries and matches that go down as AEW classics. Also, we all deserve to see that dream rivalry between him and Jon Moxley, don’t we?

There is no denying the incredible talent, diversity, and depth of the AEW roster and we are yet to see the best of so many talents and I really do hope that the names above and more we didn’t mention today get their time on the spotlight soon!

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