Arisa Hoshiki Forced To Retire Due To Injury


Wonder of Stardom title has been vacated

STARDOM have announced that Arisa Hoshiki has been forced to retire at the age of 24.

The reason given for her retirement is due to head and neck injuries that have left her unable to compete. The Wonder of Stardom title that she held has now been vacated.

This is the second time Hoshiki has left wrestling, departing in 2012 after only just a year in the business. She returned in 2018, becoming one of STARDOM’s brightest talents. Hoshiki won the Cinderella Tournament in 2019 and then ended Momo Wanatabe’s record-breaking reign as Wonder of Stardom Champion.

Hoshiki tweeted about her retirement, saying;

Fans Long time no see. I am always grateful for your help. I was finally able to announce it after saying “Please wait”. I had been absent from the Korakuen show on 9th March due to a head and brain disorder, but I was retired as a result of discussions with doctors, Mr. Harada and Mr. Ogawa.

TWM would like to wish Hoshiki the best in whatever she decides to do next.