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ATTACK Pro Wrestling – Just A Day By Feeder Results

Mike Mears runs down the results from ATTACK Pro Wrestling’s ‘Just A Day By Feeder’

ATTACK heads into Misteltour with The Kabal still at large. Can anyone stop them?

  • ATTACK Tag Team Champions The 0121 (Dan Moloney & Man Like Dereiss) defeated Dani Luna & Wild Boar via pinfall after Moloney hit Luna with a piledriver.
  • Danny Jones defeated Kyle Fletcher via submission with a sleeper hold.
  • Suspected Contract In A Briefcase Match; Ring Crew Express (Sid Oakley, Clay McLeod & August Jackson) defeated The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr), More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) and Lost Boys (Joe Nelson, Rufio & Fraser Thomas) when they caught the briefcase after Darren Kearney & Joe Nelson fumbled it at the top of the ladder!
  • Nico Angelo defeated Mark Haskins via pinfall with a rolling cradle.
  • ELIJAH defeated Kurtis Chapman, Juba, Akira, Jay Joshua & Gene Munny via pinfall.
  • During the match, Kurtis Chapman paid for his mouthing off on Twitter and Moloney & Dereiss ‘pulled up’ on Chapman and dropped him with a Drilla.
  • Cara Noir and F.S.U (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis, replacing Flash Morgan Webster) defeated The Kabal via pinfall with the package piledriver.
  • Mark Andrews then announces that Cara Noir will face Shay Purser for the ATTACK Title at Misteltour Day Three in Cardiff!


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