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Attack Pro Wrestling – Perfection Through Silence Results

Kyle James runs down the results from Attack Pro Wrestling’s ‘Perfection Through Silence’.

After the shocking actions of Wednesday night in London, what will happen next in the battle between Attack Pro Wrestling and The Kabal?

  • Chief Deputy Dunne defeated Nico Angelo via pinfall.
  • Joe Nelson defeated Warren Banks via pinfall.
  • Before the next match started, Cara Noir rolled up Chuck Mambo mid-entrance to win back his Attack 24/7 Title! This was then followed by Mambo rolling Noir up himself to win it back!
  • Attack 24/7 Title: Cara Noir defeated Champion Chuck Mambo via submission to win the title.
  • Sid Oakley then rolled up Cara Noir to win the 24/7 Title himself. But, Mambo then hits Oakley with a superkick and pins him which means Chuck Mambo has escaped as 24/7 Champion.
  • LK Mezinger defeated Man Like Rufio, Dani Luna and Man Like Dereiss via pinfall.
  • However, post-match the Bowl-A-Rama theme played, continuing Mezinger’s struggles with his former self.
  • Brendan White defeated Rory Gulak via pinfall.
  • Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) defeat CCBLAHH (Chris Brookes & Lucky Kid) via pinfall.
  • The Kabal then arrive, attacking both teams. Chris Brookes then announces he will face Attack Champion M Shay Ultra for the title again on September 29th.


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