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Attack Pro Wrestling – Screaming For Change Results

Mike Mears runs down the results from Attack Pro Wrestling’s ‘Screaming For Change’.

Before their huge title match in Cardiff, Chris Brookes and M Shay Ultra will lead their teams into battle and both look to mould Attack in their image.

  • Chief Deputy Dunne defeated Brendan White via pinfall.
  • Before the next match, ELIJAH appeared and announced he will replace “Fat Cat” Lloyd Katt in the next match.
  • Mike Bird defeated ELIJAH via pinfall.
  • Wild Boar defeated Nico Angelo via pinfall.
  • Danny Jones defeated Tom Thelwell via pinfall.
  • ATTACK Pro Wrestling General Manager Kid Lykos announced that the rules to the Attack 24/7 Title will change, with the title now only being able to change hands inside the ring when an Attack official is present.
  • Attack 24/7 Title: Champion Chuck Mambo defeated Dani Luna, Man Like Dereiss & Joe Nelson via pinfall to retain the title.
  • Connor Mills defeated Lee Obstruction via pinfall.
  • Schadenfreude (Chris Brookes & Aussie Open) defeated The Kabal (ATTACK Champion M Shay Ultra, Azaroth & Asmodeus) via pinfall


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