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    Attack Pro Wrestling – Thank God It’s Not Winterslam 4 Results

    Chris Brookes returns to Attack after his time in Japan to try and wrestle the championship from the hated Kabal. Can Attack’s finest finally make M Shay Ultra see sense?

    • Aussie Open defeated The Lost Boys (Rufio & Fraser Thomas) via pinfall.
    • ATTACK Pro 24/7 Title: Cara Noir defeated ELIJAH, LK Mesinger, Connor Mills, Mike Bird & Champion Musmortus via pinfall to win the title.
    • Chuck Mambo then rolled Cara Noir up on the ramp to win the 24/7 Title, and ran out of the building!
    • Dani Luna defeated Jinny via pinfall.
    • “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Nico Angelo via pinfall.
    • Chief Deputy Dunne defeated Rory Gulak via pinfall.
    • ATTACK Pro Tag Team Champion The 0121 (Dan Moloney & Man Like Dereiss) & Millie McKenzie defeated More Than Hype via pinfall.
    • ATTACK Championship: Champion M Shay Ultra defeated Chris Brookes via pinfall after referee James Greenwood refused to count for Brookes and revealed he joined The Kabal!

    Thanks to @DeathByGraps for the results.

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