Best Of The Super Juniors, Dominion Preview and Impact Wrestling – That Wrestling Podcast #8

Who won Best Of The Super Juniors? Who were the BOSJ M.V.P’s? What wrestler has gone a bit dick-kick happy? Is it bantz to grind on Low-Ki? Find out in That Other Podcast!

Join Matty Deller and Mike Mears  as they talk about this past week in independent wrestling.

They talk about:

  • The final few days of The Best of The Super Juniors.
  • Who the two thought were the big stars of the tournament.
  • Run through Impact Wrestling’s Under Pressure event.
  • Talk about the latest Ring Of Honor Television episode.
  • They run though results from Fight Club Pro, Riptide and preview upcoming events from PROGRESS and Combat Zone Wrestling.
  • And they declare their love for ‘Escaping The Midcard’ with TK and Mambo.


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