Best Of The Super Juniors Finals, Atsushi Aoki, Bully Ray and Jim Cornette Controversy – That Other Podcast #58

Can Will Ospreay be bigger than Fergal Devitt? Was Jim Cornette out of line for his comments? Was Bully Ray out of line? Did we get any enjoyment from all the ECW legends on Impact? Find out in That Wrestling Podcast!

Join Matty Deller, Mike Mears & Rhys Thomas as they talk about this past week in independent wrestling.

On this weeks show:

  • They discuss the finals of Best of The Super Juniors and the impact Will Ospreay will have on New Japan going forward.
  • They look at the controversial actions of Jim Cornette and Bully Ray.
  • Round-up the weeks episodes of Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor and MLW’s Fury Road special.
  • Also, news from PWG and the sad passing of Atsushi Aoki.

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