Boricuas and Kings

AAW has been outright disrespecting one of its top-tier tag team talents since day 1, and it’s time to finally speak up. 

The poster AAW didn’t want you to see.

AAW is coming off a hot PPV called Boricuas and Kings, and once again the talent of Axel Rico and Rico De La Vega was utterly disrespected.  AAW seems to think these guys are a joke.  Rico and Vega are top-tier professional talents with fantastic abilities. They do so much to support AAW, while the commentators shit on them and call them “Boricuas and Dipshits” among others not-so-kind names.  It’s sickening how AAW treats these guys.  Clearly, La Sociedad Boricua are too good for AEW, too good for WWE, and way too good for NJPW.  Instead, while they could have their pick of anywhere, any fed they wanted, any title they wanted, they chose to stay in AAW, even going so far as buying front row tickets to the last two pay per views, front row mind you, at $50 a pop.  That’s $100 of THEIR salary they’re giving back to AAW, and AAW continually shits all over them.  

credit to @cameraguygimmik on twitter

These two men are at the top of the AAW Tag Division, and the continued disrespect by wrestlers like Skye Blue needs to stop.  These two men are undefeated* in all of professional wrestling, and the sheer talent they exude should be put on display for all to see.  Have you ever seen Rico and Vega team up?  They have fantastic chemistry and real skills in the ring.  The chemistry they have together reminds me of some of the great tag teams, the Freebirds, Rock and Roll Express, Hart Foundation, Midnight Express, The Rockers, Roadwarriors, just to name a few.  They put talent like inFAMy (Fuck Infamy!) to shame, though ill cut short of saying they’re better than SGC.  Either way, Rico and Vega have chemistry in the ring not often seen.  

Just a couple fans trying to enjoy the show!

Sadly when I started to look into the career of Rico and Vega, the first listing I could find was a disgusting 2v1 handicapped match against Russ Jones.  That is essentially 20 vs 2, as Russ Jones is an unstoppable freight train.  But that being said, Rico and Vega deserve a shot at inFAMY (Fuck Infamy!) and should stop being buried as under-card talent.  Any federation would be lucky to have these two men in their roster, and it’s about time they get treated as so.  Yeah, I used to joke and shit on them, but after seeing their undefeated* streak in AAW, I’ve changed my tune a bit.  I’m all for La Boricuas, and Boricuas and Kings was a fantastic PPV until Rico and Vega were no longer featured.

*Undefeated does not necessarily mean undefeated record-wise.  It means undefeated as they should be, not the cards AAW’s crappy referee’s dealt them out of favoritism for the other team.

All kayfabe aside, Rico and Vega are two of the most entertaining wrestlers on the AAW roster and present a great balance to the more “monster” talent such as Jones.  Their comedic routines are so well done, from the expressions when Skye rips up signs, to the sells from them being beaten up by all the women.  These guys are going places, fast.  They’re my favorite AAW Twitter account, and I always screenshot Rico’s replies and show them to friends and family (My mom said if I move home she will not give me Mt Dew, Rico.)  Hopefully, it makes some new fans for AAW as a whole.  Keep up the great job guys!

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