Breed Pro Wrestling – Starrcave Review

Last Saturday, way out in the middle nowhere (okay it was still Sheffield), Breed Pro Wrestling put on a show in quite possibly the most unique venue ever.

Being at Peak’s Cavern was surreal, I mean how many people get to say they’ve watched wrestling in a cave? This show was special from the day Breed announced the idea, but seeing it all come together was something else. From the walk up to the cave to actually being inside near the ring, it was a sight to behold really.

The atmosphere, while slightly chilly (I mean it is a cave after all), was filled with tons of intrigued and excited wrestling fans. With the scene set and fans filling the cave, it was time to see some wrestling. Graps in a cave, lets get to talking about some of the matches right?

Scramble Match: Simon Miller defeated Ethan Allen, Fraser Thomas,
Henry Faust, Shaun Jackson, Tate Mayfairs and Tom Thelwell

Of course the show would kick off with a scramble match, right? Honestly it was a great match to start the show with and get the crowd going. I’ll be honest, this match introduced me to many new wrestlers as I was only familiar with a few of them. Getting to see Henry Faust and Ethan Allen wrestle for the first time live was a pretty cool experience.

Everyone in the match got to get a decent amount of moves in to show off to the crowd. Although the crowd seemed to be pulling for Henry or Tom the most, Simon Miller pulled off the victory by pinning Tom Thelwell. It was a fun contest and its nice to see a match with seven competitors where they all get their moment to shine.

Anti Fun Police defeated Club Tropicana

Pulling off a comedy match isn’t always easy, but this one was certainly fun and my favourite of the night. As we all know, Chief Deputy Dunne and Santos hate fun which means Club Tropicana were in for trouble at the cave.

Going into this match Club Tropicana had an undefeated record at Breed, unfortunately for them that didn’t last. While the comedy of this match was brilliant, Club Tropicana lost so much more than their undefeated record. The beloved Captain Cuddles saw his demise after Santos had tried to kick Captain Cuddles off the side of the cave, but it was eventually Chief Deputy Dunne who threw Cuddles to his untimely end.

Dan Maloney defeated Luke Jacobs

As I anticipated, this contest was hard hitting. At the beginning of the match, I think Dan got Luke a little frustrated, but that worked in Luke’s favor for a bit. As two of the most hard hitting wrestlers from the North, Luke had to be even better than he normally is against Drilla.

My favorite part of this match is towards the middle. Jacobs and Drilla trade to see who has the most hard hitting chops. It was really fun to watch. These two worked really well together and it was a fun back and forth contest. If you like kicks, chops, and just super hard hitting moves this is the match for you.

Chuck Mambo defeated Speedball Mike Bailey

For most fans this was most anticipated match of the night and they weren’t disappointed. Mambo has been killing it lately all over the UK and to have this opportunity to face Speedball had to be amazing.

This match fit the venue so perfectly, upon walking in you could see there was part of the cave that you just hoped someone didn’t fall into. A logical person like me, knew someone was going to use that side in some way during a match. Mambo and Speedball were the right people for it; they kept it safe, but super entertaining. It was a match I didn’t know for sure who I wanted to win, but when Mambo got his hand raised it just was perfect.

More Than Hype defeated Chris Brookes, Dani Luna, and Kurtis Chapman

Breed meets Bread. The poor boys of More Than Hype probably never want
to see a loaf of bread again in their lives. When Brookes told fans to throw bread while at the cave, he definitely wasn’t disappointed and used it to his team’s advantage. Poor Nathan Martin received a lot of bread to the face, it was disgusting yet entertaining at the same time.

Kurtis Chapman shined in his Breed debut, he’s excellent and I want to see him wrestling everywhere. This match was filled with talent and just brought a lot of fun to the show.

Leader of the New Breed Championship Match: Joe Nelson defeated JJ
Barker to retain

A match of once friends now enemies and a rematch of a tournament match for the New Breed title, Nelson and Barker put on a fast paced contest. You could tell Barker felt like he was out there to prove to everyone that the title Nelson holds, always should have been his. While Barker did get a lot of offence in, holding control of most of the match, it was not enough to put an end to Joe Nelson’s title reign. What’s next for JJ Barker remains to be seen, but Joe Nelson seems to be on an unstoppable run.

Women of Steel Championship Match: Ivy defeated Gia, Veda Scott, and
Ruby Radley to retain

Unfortunately for Breed, Ivy’s reign over the women’s division will continue. The odds were stacked against Ivy, at least everyone thought. With three opponents and elimination rules, things didn’t look good for Ivy, but against all odds she prevailed.

As the match was elimination rules, Veda Scott was eliminated rather quickly after Ivy and Ruby double teamed her. Gia being out numbered had to work hard to not be eliminated and she did. Gia evened up the odds by eliminating Ruby, but unfortunately for her that wouldn’t be enough. Ruby still helped Ivy retain by distracting the ref so Ivy could hit Gia with the belt.

While she may terrorize Breed management, at least to me, Ivy is really entertaining. There’s a lot of stories to be told with her and Breed management can give her opponents with a chance to get the belt back to the “good side.”

A-Kid defeated Carlos Romo

A match up of tag team partners which should have been match of the night, unfortunately ended in controversy. White Wolf is an excellent tag team, so this match between the two started off really amazing. It was the technical contest we were all hoping to witness. When A-Kid went for his finish, he wound up hitting the ref after Romo ducked out of the way. With the ref down, A-Kid gave a low blow to Romo and locked in a submission to score the victory in his Breed debut.

Breed Pro Championship: Big Guns Joe defeated TK Cooper and Brady Phillips

In the main event, Joe had the crowd’s support which helped him out a lot in this match. Joe wound up getting an injury during the match that seemed to end his dream of becoming the new Breed Champion. Against the ref’s orders, Joe did eventually make his way back to the ring much to the crowd’s pleasure.

Joe’s journey to becoming the new Breed Champion has been a joy to watch. TK Cooper was a great first champion for this company, but now with Joe at the top who knows where the company will go now. It will be a fun journey to continue to watch.

Starrcave was filled with a lot of fun matches and a wonderful atmosphere. While the soundboard was a little off to start, Breed truly did overcome the obstacles to put on this wonderful show. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we see graps in a cave! Breed continues to shine in the world of wrestling, so don’t miss out!

Starrcave will be released in full on their Patreon and Vimeo Friday October 18th, so check it out!

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