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    NJPW: Sengoku Lord Results & Review | July 25th 2020

    As Los Ingobernables de Japon come to terms with the betrayal of EVIL, the mantle of challenger for the King of Darkness’ IWGP Heavyweight...

    NJPW New Japan Road Review | July 20th 2020

    After a quite frankly astonishing turn of events last week at NJPW’s Dominion event whereby the brakes were ignominiously slammed on Tetsuya Naito’s run...

    NJPW Dominion Results & Review | June 12th 2020

    Art imitates life, and that is certainly the case in New Japan Pro Wrestling at the moment. As a cloud of darkness descended over the...

    NJPW of America – Lion’s Break Collision 1 | July 3rd, 2020

    Lion’s Break Collision 1 (Friday 3rd July) - New Japan of America review It’s been two and a half years since New Japan Pro Wrestling...

    NJPW: Looking At El Phantasmo

    Ciaran Hayward takes a look at the debut year of Bullet Club's El Phantasmo.

    NJPW: Together Project Special | June 15th 2020

    Matty Deller runs down the results from NJPW's return, Together Project Special 2020.

    NJPW: Rey Mysterio In NJPW – What Went Wrong?

    Ciaran Hayward looks at Rey Mysterio's brief time in NJPW and looks and why it didn't pan out.

    NJPW: Return on June 15 | New Japan Cup Announced

    New Japan Pro Wrestling announces it's return on June 15th.

    NJPW: A Year Of Violence – Jon Moxley In Japan

    Ciaran Hayward looks at Jon Moxley's first year in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

    NJPW: Manabu Nakanishi Retirement Show Results | 22nd February 2020

    Mike Mears runs down the results from Manabu Nakanishi's Retirement Show.

    NJPW: New Japan Road 2020 Preview

    Ciaran Hayward previews the three-day event, NJPW New Japan Road

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