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    TWM: The Lucia Lee is CANCELLED Podcast – Episode 1

    It's finally happened. Lucia Lee has her own podcast on TWM. How will she cancel herself this time? Joined by friends from the Wrestling...

    Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street Ranking – Worst to Best

    Ranking the “A Nightmare On Elm Street'' Franchise from Worst to Best A Nightmare on Elm Street is arguably the most well-known Slasher franchise of...

    Great Slot Machine Games with a Wrestling Theme

    Wrestling fans have been treated with attractive games that offer unique features, fan favourite WWE heroes and massive prizes. Here are the top five wrestling themed slot machines currently found on the Internet.

    Special: KISS goodbye to 2020 in style with FITE Tv from your home!

    US rockers KISS are playing a huge show in Dubai on NYE and they’ve got AED3.5 million worth of pyrotechnics to blow up on...

    Feature: How Las Vegas Adapted to a Changing Scene of Combat Sports

    Forever trying to stand as the entertainment capital of the United States, Las Vegas has historically struggled to bring in the most popular form...

    WWE/Boxing: Tyson Fury Set for a Return to the Ring In 2021

    Tyson Fury has announced that his return to the ring will now come in 2021 and not in December of this year. The WBC...

    Football: Icon and World Cup Winner Diego Maradona dead at 44

    Diego Maradona has died of a heart attack just two weeks after being released from hospital after treatment for a bleed on his brain. According...

    TWM’S New Japan Rugby XV

    To celebrate the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Mike Mears creates a New Japan Rugby XV.

    My Top Five Japanese Wrestlers (2013)

    Matthew Roberts takes part in our favourite five series by choosing his Top Five Japanese Wrestlers

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