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Wrestling: The Best & Worse Modern Championship Unification Matches

Title lineage has always had a suspect history in wrestling.  Championships are said to be used to elevate talents, but they are sometimes only...

Wrestling’s Halloween Nightmare – The Warrior In WCW

Adam Van Winkle looks back twenty-one years to one of WCW's most infamous times, The Warrior's arrival in WCW.

British Bulldog In WCW, Part 2

Adam Van Winkle takes a look at the second stint of 'British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith in WCW.

Wrestling: “Razor Ramon” Scott Hall, 63, Passes Away

One of the most iconic figures of the Attitude Era, 4 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 7 Time WCW Tag Team Champion and WWE Hall...

Tv and Film: WWE Films That Aren’t Made By ‘WWE Films’

Since the boom of the Rock n' Wrestling Connection, WWE has forever been linked to pop culture. It seemed a natural fit at the...

WCW: Retro Review | Nitro 26/03/01 | McMahon Showdown: The Fall Of WCW

And so, after five and a half years we’re here. The last ever WCW Monday Nitro.  The final nail in the coffin was confirmed by...

Retro Review – Raw Vs Nitro February 14th, 2000

With Valentines day upon us, Matthew Roberts takes another trip in the TWM Time Machine™ for a romantic trip back to February 14 2000...

WWE: Justice for Russo | Why Russo Deserves More Credit In Wrestling

Wrestling, like any other sport with a large fanbase, garners A LOT of different opinions; Who is the greatest ever? Which match is the...

WCW: Memorable WCW Television Matches Under 5 Minutes

Iain Oliver takes a look at some memorable matches from WCW that go under five minutes.