WWE: Why Not Cheer John Cena? (2013)

We are four days into our week of wrestling at The Wrestling Mania. We attended RAW out of our own pocket and managed to procure tickets to SmackDown and live events in Leeds and Nottingham. We still have three British shows to attend but we have probably already had the highlight of the tour because…

We cheered for John Cena in Nottingham.

Now before I ruffle any hardcore wrestling feathers, let me preface this by saying that we did it as a joke. We decided as a group to not waste our opportunity to have a great free night of wrestling courtesy of WWE and 2K Sports. We met our fellow one night only Cena supporters earlier in the day at a meet and greet organized by 2K and as luck would have it we were all seated together.

This all started as a joke as I have already stated (your honour), then something weird happened; it started to feel good to cheer Cena. After taking part in the self-examined experiment I would even go as far as to say that chanting for Cena makes you twenty percent happier.

Alberto Del Rio was Cena’s nemesis for their battle in Nottingham so we took to booing the Mexican Superstar from the outset. We jeered all of Del Rio’s offense and cheered our unlikely hero Cena. I cannot confirm or deny if our cheering in any way helped Cena to an eventual victory but I can tell you that we had a great night in the process. We even managed to get a ‘Lets Go Cena’ chant going, which was quickly overshadowed by a dueling ‘Cena Sucks’ chant.

The biggest positive I take from the experiment was that we were sat just in front of a small child and his dad. The child seemed nervous and was deadly silent for most of the night, well until he heard our ‘Lets Go Cena’ chant and then he came alive. Next time you go to a WWE Live event, why not try chanting for someone you wouldn’t normally.

You never know – You might enjoy it.

 – By Michael Owen

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