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Content Creators Corner | Pride Special | Part 3 – QueerWrestling

TWMs Jade-Louise sat down with Davey aka QueerWrestling, to talk all things content and real life, from home life to future goals

Davey is an active Twitter Personality and Retired Drag Queen currently working in digital marketing, with his page QueerWrestling he talks all things LGBTQIA+, sports, pro wrestling & Eurovision.

If you aren’t following him, you are missing out.

Not to make this too much like a Tinder date, tell me a little about yourselves and your story?

I am Davey (QueerWrestling on Twitter) and for 10 years I slayed the DJ Booths as Ms Lucy Wisdom.

I was born and bred in the North East of England before moving to Ireland in 2013. In my every day job, I work in digital marketing.

What inspired you to get into Writing?

Initially, It all stemmed from a personal blog back in 2010 as a tool to highlight everyday issues facing the LGBTQ community. I’ve always had a keen interest in a community that I am very proud to be a part of and at that time I was volunteering for a small, community-led support service for the LGBTQ people.

This was during a period when I learned about the experiences of trans and non binary people and the specific issues they face. 

Over time, I dabbled into giving my hot takes on pro wrestling.  The great part about Twitter is I am able to combine everything! Be it LGBT material, pro wrestling and yes… Eurovision! Haha

Has the Pandemic affected the way you present content in any way?

Initially, myself and a colleague had the idea to put together a roadshow type show for YouTube focusing on Pro Wrestling. This went out of the window when the world locked down and we shifted to podcasting.

Unfortunately, personal relationships collapsed and the podcast died a death in its infancy. But podcasting is certainly something I’m really interested in getting back to. It’s finding the time, the right team and the platform.

Selfie via QueerWrestling on Twitter | Wearing Merch by Alexxis Falcon
What’s favourite food?

Coming from the North East, it has to be a Parmo! Which is basically a deep-fried chicken covered in breadcrumbs and bechamel sauce and cheese.

Favourite Book Genre? And why?

I certainly enjoy a good autobiography. Be it a political memoir or the life story of a footballer or wrestler.

Favourite music genre? And why?

I genuinely enjoy a wide variety of music. Be it cheesy pop, rock or country. 

Favourite band/singer?

Right now? The Mamas..

Do you like video games?

I do as in I own a PS4.  I very rarely wind down to play. The last game I completed was Red Dead Redemption II, which was up there!

Favourite Twitch streamer/content creator?

Emily Hayden on Twitch

What’s your favourite thing about your content?

Be it Drag, podcasting, Twitter or whatever…it is just to have fun and entertain. I understand my style of poking fun at my own sexuality and living up to stereotypes is not to everyone’s taste. At the same time, I’ve received my positive reviews than I have negative comments.

Davey truly does make the world a better place to be, and is very active in doing so – via QueerWrestling Twitter
What are your goals for this year?

Launch a podcast!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hosting Blind Date!

But seriously, in an ideal world, it would be involved in the pro wrestling industry in some way.

Do you have any other interests?

I’m a big sports fan  – I enjoy watching Footy, rugby union, cricket and MMA.

Where can people find you?

People can follow me on Twitter for all the crazy takes via QueerWrestling

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