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D-Von Dudley Announces In-Ring Retirement

D-Von’s last match was in December 2016

D-Von Dudley have officially announced that he has retired from in-ring competition.

During the latest episode of his “Table Talk” podcast, D-von spoke about his future, saying;

“Even though I was a little frustrated about not continuing to wrestle for that one more year that I wanted, I’m extremely happy now being a producer and not wrestling. I have officially hung it up, I’m done. Except for different appearances that they may want me to do on the show, but no more wrestling. No more fighting for the titles. None of that anymore. I’m done. I’m officially done.”

“I’ve had my fifteen minutes of fame and it was a good ride. It really was. The old-timers used to tell me don’t blink, because when you do it’s over. It goes that fast. And it did feel like it went really, really fast. 

But a twenty-eight-year career, always being on top and never taking a break, regardless of the injuries or anything like that. We did it. And I think Bubba said it best during our Hall of Fame speech. We did it our way. We went out there and conquered. We became synonymous in terms of using our name when tag team wrestling comes up. We will always be put in with some of the best and arguably some people will say we were the best. 

I’m just happy that when you do mention tag teams, the Dudley Boyz names come up.”

D-Von became a WWE producer in September 2016 but he had his last match in December of that year, teaming with his tag partner Bubba Ray (also known as Bully Ray) in a four-team match against Santana and Ortiz, The Hardy Boyz and Private Party at HOG Wrestling.

He had previously stated that he was done with wrestling full-time a few years ago, but was willing to return for the right storyline or angle. In a statement to clear up the confusion to Pro Wrestling Sheet, that willingness had now passed and has called it quits in regards to in-ring physicality.

D-Von had won an astounding twenty-five tag team championships with his Dudley Boys partner Bubba Ray, as well as a reign as TNA Television Champion.

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