Daniel Bryan, Ultimate Deletion & 5* Wrestling Is No More – That Wrestling Podcast #85

‘The American Dragon’ roars again, Bray Wyatt gets deleted and a Brit makes history – It’s That Wrestling Podcast!

     Live action shot of TWM Towers this                                      week….

Join Matty Deller and Lola Bradbury as they cover an absolutely phenomenal week in the world of wrestling. The duo talk about the madness that was ‘The Ultimate Deletion‘ on Raw as well as rejoice at the return of Daniel Bryan to the ring, talking about the potential dream matches he could have in the not-to-distant future. They also cannot not find the noises Shane McMahon makes hilarious even in replay form on SmackDown Live and discuss why exactly Undisputed Era do all their interviews from the same space on NXT.

Also, they talk about the rise and rise of Mustafa Ali and another incredible tournament match from 205 Live, the addition of Mark Henry to the Hall Of Fame and the latest news regarding the WWE United Kingdom brand. Away from WWE, the two discuss the demise of 5* Wrestling and the act of thievery they did to TWM on their way out, celebrate the tremendous success of Zack Sabre Jr winning the New Japan Cup, talk about some amazing work going on in Insane Championship Wrestling and bring you news from PROGRESS Wrestling, DEFIANT Wrestling and IPW:UK.

Alongside that; Hideo Itami becoming the new JBL, Matty getting very aware of his overuse of the word ‘erm’ and Lola getting completely distracted by a puppy.



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